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    Ledger Wallet South Africa Review: Features and where to Buy it

    ledger wallet south africa

    Ledger Wallet South Africa Review: Our Opinion

    Ledger is an excellent all-around choice if you need a cold wallet to store your crypto securely, it’s currently the most secure wallet option. Despite the lack of features, if you already have several cryptocoins, this device is a good way to protect your digital money even better.

    If you are unsure of what a Ledger Wallet is, you can start by learning how they are used. These devices are primarily used for storing and managing the cryptocurrency they hold. They are similar to a bank account, or better a vault, except they contain digital assets. A Ledger Wallet is a type of device that is used to store and manage cryptocurrency and is an excellent alternative to a paper wallet.

    Ledger Hardware Wallet Company Overview

    The Ledger Hardware Wallet Company was founded in 2014-2015 as a French start-up specializing in physical wallets for cryptocurrency. The company is an innovator in cryptocurrency security solutions and infrastructure. In addition to creating secure chip wallets, they’ve developed an operating system called BOLOS that integrates with a secure chip.

    The Ledger Company began as a group of eight individuals in 2014 with the sole purpose of designing hardware wallets for the crypto space. Since then, the company has expanded into new products and regions, employing over 300 staff members with 3 offices in the USA and Europe. Headquartered in Paris, the company’s assembly lines are based in Vierzon, France. Ledger Wallet has a global presence, and their hardware wallets can be purchased in 165 countries.



    Ledger Wallet, What is it?


    A Ledger, strictly speaking, is a hardware device that stores a private key for cryptocurrencies. The private key inside the device authorises outgoing transactions on the blockchain network, allowing any person with access to it to spend the funds linked to the device. Ledger hardware wallets store this private key in an extremely secure manner.

    A Ledger crypto wallet contains a small device screen and an accompanying app. Most of the wallet’s functions take place in the app. The screen on the device contains small buttons that are used to navigate between apps and confirm transactions. 

    For example, the screenshot below shows a course on AMP coins and it offers $3 in AMP as the reward.

    Cryptocurrencies Supported by Ledger Wallet

    A hardware wallet is the gold standard for securely storing cryptocurrency, and the Ledger device is no exception. A combination of a hardware wallet and its Ledger live application enables users of any Ledger Nano Wallet to manage thousands of crypto tokens at a time. This wallet is compatible with many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. It can also securely store a variety of other digital tokens, including NFTs

    The first Ledger Nano S is a sleek, minimalistic device that holds up to 107 cryptocurrencies. The Ledger Nano X, on the other hand, is the next-generation hardware wallet that is compatible with coin support of over 1,800 tokens. It also supports Ethereum and most ERC-20 tokens. 

    The Ledger ecosystem is a reliable way to keep your crypto safe and is compatible with more than 50 external wallets. Users can also use their Ledger Live application to stake and lend digital funds. The official Ledger website also lists down a comprehensive list of the digital tokens that Ledger supports.

    Opening an Account

    All Ledger hardware wallet products are available to purchase at Ledger’s official website as well as some third-party sellers. When you use the Ledger device, you can download a desktop version and/or the mobile application to keep track of your account balance, send and receive crypto, and view your portfolio.

    The application also lets you sell your crypto for fiat. The desktop version of the application is also available online, so you can check your account while on your computer. You can download the mobile application and use it on your Ledger hardware wallet as well.

    To download the application, go to the Ledger official website. The Ledger Nano wallet will prompt you to set up a four-digit PIN for security purposes. This PIN must be entered each time you want to access your funds. In addition, you must also enter a 24-word recovery phrase. Once you have successfully set up your wallet, you can download the Ledger Live app on your computer, iOS, or Android.

    Why Should You Use Ledger Nano Wallet?

    ledger nano key features

    A key benefit of using a Ledger device is that it’s designed to help users store their crypto funds safely. It also allows you to exchange and purchase crypto holdings through the Ledger Live interface. It even works with popular DeFi and NFT apps. As a result, you don’t have to rely on online wallets. 

    Ledger devices offer plenty of advantages. For instance, users don’t have to install any additional software to access their cryptocurrency assets. You can even use it offline without the need of an Internet connection. The best part about Ledger is that it’s completely secure and is resistant to scammers and attacks. That’s why Ledger is the wallet to get for your cryptocurrency investments. When you purchase a Ledger Nano Wallet, you’ll also get a free app to sync your keys, as well as a USB cable.

    A Ledger Nano S is a great option for cryptocurrency investors who want to be secure while keeping their funds close at hand. It allows you to view your crypto funds on your device, as well as on the Ledger Live app. However, the Ledger Nano S has a smaller storage capacity, which can be a problem if you want to keep track of more than three currencies. However, the Ledger Nano X is a better choice for those who wish to access their crypto funds from any Internet-connected device.

    The Ledger device is also secure against hacking. Its security protocols requires a personal pin. A user can make three attempts at the pin before it is locked out. The wallet is also protected by a timed lockout system. This gives the user enough time to recover access to their funds. However, it cannot be used as a digital wallet if it’s stolen, so you’ll have to use your backup key to access your data.

    Why Use a Cold Storage Wallet?

    Purchasing a physical wallet is a good idea for anyone with $100 or more in cryptocurrency. By using a physical device wallet, you will effectively be your own bank, avoiding the fees and sloppy regulation that comes with traditional banks. However, it is important to ensure that your cryptocurrency investments are secure and in a safe place. There are many reasons to use a cold wallet. Here are a few of them:


    While regular crypto wallets are convenient and small, cold wallets provide greater security. Every wallet has an address, which is used to store and send crypto assets. When you send crypto to someone else, they can see that address, and this address varies between networks. That’s why cold wallets are preferable for most investors. In addition to security, cold wallets can be more affordable and less conspicuous than software wallet options.


    Cold wallets allow you to keep your crypto securely in an offline storage environment. If you don’t have a physical wallet, a QR code or pin code is enough to transfer your coins. Many of these cold wallets are easy to carry. They can be bought from specialized websites or at any hardware shop. The Nano S and Nano X are among the easiest cold wallets to use and carry around. 

    ledger nano review south africa

    Ledger Wallet: Different Models Comparison

    When comparing Ledger Wallet’s different models, the key difference between them is the storage space. The Ledger Nano S has less storage space and is more like a traditional savings account. You can view your funds on your phone or tablet, or you can store your crypto funds in a safe place. 

    The Nano S has a lower storage space limit and can store only six apps depending on their size. However, it does not affect your assets. If you plan to store more than five or six blockchain applications, Ledger Nano X might be the better choice. This wallet is also compatible with all devices with an Internet connection, so you can access your funds no matter where you are.

    The Ledger Nano X supports over 1,800 cryptocurrencies. Ledger Nano X is a bit heavier than the Ledger Nano S, but offers many unique features and maximum security. It also supports multiple operating systems including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

    The Ledger Nano S is the cheapest hardware wallet, but it lacks the features of other hardware wallets like Trezor or Ledger X. It also lacks a color screen, making it difficult to read your addresses. The Ledger Nano X, in contrast, supports up to 100 apps. Both devices are compatible with multisig software, and you should be able to find one that fits your needs.

    Ledger Nano Wallet Security

    The Ledger Wallet Security boasts a list of 24 words when you first set up the hardware wallet. This master key is then used to control all of your private keys and acts as your only backup of all of your crypto holdings. This is an important security feature because a thief can steal this list and use it to control your crypto assets. To protect your funds, make sure that you buy the Ledger Wallet Security setup directly from the manufacturer.

    While transactions take place on the blockchain using the Ledger, its private keys are held offsite. This significantly reduces the risk of data breaches. The Ledger Nano S and Nano X use the ST31 and ST33 security chips, with the Nano S having slightly stronger hardware. Both hardware wallets are rated CC EAL5+ by ANSSI.

    Ledger Nano Wallet Customer Satisfaction

    Despite the high price tag, it’s worth it for crypto enthusiasts to consider getting a Ledger device. In addition to being secure, it supports more than 1,000 digital coins and more than 50 external wallets. You can also stake or lend digital holdings from the Ledger Live feature. And with its streamlined interface and easy-to-use features, the Ledger is the most convenient crypto wallet yet.

    In addition to its multi-currency feature, the Ledger Nano Wallet also offers a dedicated customer support page. There, you can get assistance with the Nano X and Nano S hardware wallets, the Ledger app, and external wallets. You’ll find answers to common questions about ordering and shipping on the Ledger website. The customer support page also contains FAQs about the Ledger exchange.

    A Ledger Wallet customer satisfaction survey conducted by independent websites shows that this product offers good value for money. Users have generally been satisfied with their purchases, but some have raised concerns about how much space the wallet actually offers. Ledger’s website lists its storage capacity, and if you need more space, you might want to purchase the Nano X with Bluetooth capabilities.

    customer review ledger

    Where Can I Buy Ledger Wallets in South Africa?

    Ledger hardware wallets are among the most popular crypto cold storing devices worldwide. Although finding a physical store selling Ledger products in South Africa may be a bit difficult, there are a few sellers, especially in big cities like Johannesburg.

    However, we do not recommend buying your cold wallets from these stores, as fake copies of these wallets are not something uncommon in the market. Moreover, you may also find some sellers at reputable sites, such as Amazon, eBay, OLX, etc., selling Ledger Nano S and X. But again, buying from these sites involves the risk of getting scammed. If you want to purchase a Ledger hardware wallet in South Africa, the best way is to order from Ledger’s official website. It will involve no risk of getting a fake Ledger Nano wallet and risking the security of your crypto funds.

    If you want to know more about on Luno Competitors and other crypto wallets, you can check out our list of the Best Crypto Wallet South Africa. You can also read about our Trezor South Africa as an alternative to Ledger.


    Most frequent questions and answers

    The Ledger Nano S is capable of storing up to $1 million in cryptocurrency. It can be used as a wallet and a node to receive transaction broadcasts. It can also be used with an advanced cryptocurrency server, the Electrum Personal Server. While the Ledger Nano S is a great physical wallet, the Nano X has better buttons, display, and connectivity.

    Yes, unfortunately. Thankfully, there are a number of alternatives to Ledger that don’t involve being ripped off. The hardware wallets manufactured by Ledger are designed to protect your cryptocurrency holdings. You’ll want to avoid buying a Ledger hardware device that is infected with malicious malware. If you’re worried about scammers, you can download the official Ledger software on smartphones.

    More than 1,100 coins can be stored on Ledger Nano S. It supports popular coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and Tron (TRX). It also supports many lesser-known cryptocurrencies, including IOTA, EOS, and POW. Other currencies that are supported by the Ledger Nano S are Chainlink, Cardano, Stellar, and Polkadot. 

    Buying Bitcoin in South Africa requires careful consideration, and a secure and reliable crypto exchange is the key to a successful transaction. South Africa has several exchanges for buying Bitcoin. Although buying Bitcoin in South Africa is relatively easy, finding a broker is the most difficult step. Not all brokers cater to South African clients. You should look for a broker who provides full-service Forex, ETF, and cryptocurrency trading.

    The Nano S Plus is one of the best offerings by Ledger. Its battery life lasts around 8 hours. 

    Ledger security certificates are a sign of security. These certificates identify Ledger as a legitimate company. They do not guarantee privacy, but they are a good indicator of their commitment to security.

    If you lose your Ledger Nano S device, there’s a chance you may lose your cryptocurrency. However, it’s important to note that your cryptocurrency is saved on the collective blockchain network. If you lose your hardware wallet, you can always recover your funds by using the retrieval seed phrase. It is best to copy this recovery phrase to an offline location, as well. Alternatively, you can import your recovery seed into another wallet and restore your funds.

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