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    What is Katana Inu? A 2023 Guide to this Play to Earn Game

    Katana Inu Home Page

    When we think about the metaverse and blockchain gaming, we’re usually reminded of the superhit titles like The Sandbox and Decentraland. These games have a distinct Minecraft vibe to them that involves blocky voxel-based high graphics and user-generated content. There’s a general absence of games that have high-end graphics found in standard PC games, as well as gaming that focuses on fast-paced combat.

    What is Katana Inu?

    Katana Inu is a new battle royale PC game with NFT that aims to provide a fresh take on blockchain gaming by breaking away from the mold typically associated with the titans like Decentraland. It is a true battle royale PC game like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (or PUBG) and Fortnite. Unlike its predecessors, it is designed with NFT gaming in mind.

    There is little doubt that the developers of this blockchain project are inspired by the billions raked in by the genre in recent years, and it will be interesting to see a Web3 take on a genre that has quickly become stale with several clones in the market. For Kata Inu, its blockchain-based structure makes it stand out from other games already there in the blockchain space. The PC game is being developed by German blockchain firm, Chain Vision, on the Ethereum blockchain network under the leadership of a team of blockchain technology experts.

    Battle Earn Royale Meets P2E

    The gameplay of Katana Inu is simple. Just like other battle earn royales, players will choose a fox-like character that fights other gamers in an open-world with a map guiding their location. Players will gain new skills and abilities as they level up in a match, and will earn battle points by completing matches.

    Players can also find loot chests in a world that’s constantly revealing new items. By completing matches successfully, players will be able to earn battle points, which they can then spend on customizations for their characters. Players can also use these points to buy in game skins (NFTs) and enter tournaments for a shot at higher rewards. The game also boasts other modes from the standard earn battle royale mode for those who want a completely different gameplay experience.

    What are the Main Features of Katana Inu?

    Katana Inu Description

    High-end graphics

    Katana Inu features detailed 3D graphics with animated characters. The game’s graphics are designed like traditional PC games.

    Fast-paced and Varied PvP Gameplay

    The game also features different PVP game modes including an open world play-to-earn battle royale mode, 5 vs. 5, capture the flag matches, and multiplayer races. The game also has a tournament mode that will give players access to a highly competitive experience with the potential to earn higher rewards. If we take a look at other types of blockchain gaming, this one is much closer to its PC game counterparts.

    Unique In-Game cryptocurrency

    Katana Inu Marketplace

    The game offers a unique cryptocurrency token called KATA. KATA is the main governance and utility token for an all-encompassing ecosystem. Players will be able to earn KATA by playing the game, or directly staking their funds. KATA tokens will also allow users to purchase attractive skins from NFT marketplaces, giving players a way to customize their characters and show off their digital avatars.

    A Variety of Non-fungible tokens

    Players can customize their avatars using 3 types of NFTs. The first one is a 2D avatar which serves as a display picture on their account and profile. Next, players can change the appearance of their 3D character skins, which have a variety of appearances from muscular humanoid dogs to hot anime girls. The final form of customization is presented in 3D weapons. KATA serves as the main currency for buying these in-game items which can be bought in-game or through the Katana Inu NFT marketplace.

    Smart Contracts

    Katana Inu platform is more than just a P2E PC game that relies on players grinding out matches. The game features staking mechanisms that allow players to stake KATA tokens into tournament prize pools or other DEFI options. What this means is that players can invest in KATA and earn passive income, on top of the standard P2E mechanics that may boost the price.

    Creative Collaborations For NFT Artists

    Katana Inu has an NFT marketplaceKAINU – driven by players and artists. This will allow community members to showcase their creativity. Players can, in turn, support their favorite artists by buying their NFTs in the Katana NFT marketplace. In this way, the game opens up better earning opportunities for content creators who want to sell in game items. Trading is also encouraged for those who don’t want to sell.

    AAN Experience That Drives Sustainability and PC Charity Projects

    The team envisions the game as a broader project to help people in impoverished communities in countries from Asia and Africa. Players who spend Katana Inu KATA will be contributing to the livelihoods of these communities for a better, sustainable world.

    A Focus on E-sports

    The e-sports tournament is a central concept in the Katana Inu ecosystem. The game is designed with fast-paced action and flashy graphics that are meant to put on a show. Skilled Katana Inu players will be able to benefit from an ecosystem that rewards their in-game prowess, and they will also be able to earn rare NFT skins that will fetch a high price on the NFT marketplace.

    What Blockchain Does Katana Inu Use?

    Katana Inu is built on an off-chain platform. However, Katana Inu KATA tokens are available on 2 blockchains:

    1. The Ethereum layer-2 blockchain (as erc-20 tokens)
    2. The Binance smart chain (as bep-20 tokens)

    Katana Inu developers will add a cross-chain bridge to provide interoperability between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. In this way, players can easily trade Katana Inu KATA with each other.

    How Can I buy KATA?

    Buying Katana Inu on UniSwap

    You can buy KATA tokens from the Katana Inu website. A wallet is required to purchase KATA.

    If you have an Ethereum wallet, you can buy KATA using Uniswap (ETH) and Pancake Swap (BNB). KATA is also purchasable through cryptocurrency exchanges like Bitmart, Hotbit, Gate.io, and Mexc.

    What Do I Need to Know About the Future of Katana Inu?

    Katana Inu Main Caracter

    Katana Inu has a long list of backers who are looking for stable market returns. Since the game is relatively new, we suggest exercising some caution before you invest, although multiple investors mean that there will be a good deal of steering for the project. 50 billion Katana Inu KATA coins have been issued by the team already for this purpose. 29% of KATA is available for in game rewards and staking in the circulating supply, and 12% of this supply is dedicated to maintaining liquidity and treasury funds.

    KATA will be released to all stakeholders in a linear model over the course of four years. To help keep the value of the token stable, the team has also implemented a burn mechanism that helps to offset the increase in token supply. The development team has also released a roadmap for the project, which can be found here.

    The team wants the currency to be deflationary in nature. So you can expect in game items prices to go down over time. Deflationary pressure will make in-game NFTs more accessible to new players. In the long term, this has proven to be a good marketing strategy.

    The Katana Inu team is currently touring various locations in Asia, recently showing up at Gitex Global in Dubai. The team has been receiving a positive response from gamers and blockchain community members worldwide.

    Should I Put My Money in Katana Inu?

    We’ll preface this question with the usual investment strategy advice that every crypto investment involves some market risk. You should, therefore, do your own research on any cryptocurrency project. Katana Inu is no exception to other blockchain projects in the NFT space.

    The KATA currency is currently trending with a low price in USD at the moment, making it easy to stake coins in the project. The Katana Inu price does tend to rise at times, making it an attractive investment for active traders.

    However, note that Katana Inu’s objective isn’t gaming innovation. Its main purpose is to look different from other Web3 projects in the market, with graphics and NFT mechanics designed to excite and lure players. Its listing on two major crypto exchanges, Binance and Bitmart, looks promising, along with a long list of gaming partners. Looking at other NFT projects, Katana Inu sure seems like one of the more exciting ones from a purely gameplay standpoint.

    At the end of the day, we recommend you check the game and see if you have fun playing it. And if you do, then Katana Inu KATA might be a worthy investment advice for you. Other traditional games are already teaming up with blockchains, and Katana Inu can benefit from the trend if it gains some traction. We hope our guide tells you what is Katana Inu and how it combines NFTs, DeFi, and high-end graphics into a nice GameFI experience.


    Most frequent questions and answers

    P2E NFTs are non-fungible tokens that can be sold for real money on an NFT marketplace. NFTs are visual elements like avatars and in game rewards and skins. They can gain value over time, making them a profitable investment.

    You can buy Katana Inu KATA on different exchanges like Binance, Bitmart, and Bithop. You can also buy KATA through Uniswap and PancakeSwap. Similarly, you can also buy them through the Katana Inu NFT platform, KAINU.

    Depending on your time invested and the value of the coin, you can earn from USD 200-1,000 from a P2E game. Individual results will vary.

    P2E games make money through investor funding and players staking cryptocurrency into their blockchain and through the NFT marketplace.

    KATA is the native cryptocurrency token of Katana Inu.

    P2E stands for play-to-earn.

    The play-to-earn battle is a system of earning crypto rewards by completing objectives while playing a game connected to blockchain technology.

    Play-to-earn games make money by generating extra tokens for players and by the staking of cryptocurrencies in the blockchain.

    The first game with a P2E model is Axie Infinity. This game allowed players to earn money from playing it.

    Yes, it is a PC game integrated with NFT mechanics.

    Several elements make Katana Inu stand out from other blockchain games:

    • A conventional PC game experience with high-end graphics and modern PVP gameplay.
    • A unique in-game token called KATA that can be traded as a native asset on 2 different blockchains (Ethereum and Binance).
    • Multiple gameplay modes designed for casual and hardcore players.
    • A passive burn mechanism for in-game tokens.
    • Deflationary Tokenomics.
    • NFT marketplace with player-created skins.
    • Charity projects.
    • DEFI with gaming.

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