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Best Crypto Cards in UK You Should Use in 2024

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Luis Clark
Luis is a personal finance expert who has been passionate and writing about crypto for more than five years.

Overall Best Crypto Card UK

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Best for Multi-Currency Management

Free Card for UK Residents

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Best Crypto Debit Card For Direct Spending

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Best Crypto Debit Card With No Requirement

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Best Crypto Debit Card For International Transactions

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According to Chainalysis, the United Kingdom (UK) is a cryptocurrency hotspot in Europe. The country’s data for 2023 shows that there were crypto transactions worth $252.1 billion in raw value. To boost adoption, a number of UK crypto businesses are offering crypto debit cards to provide investors with a way to spend their crypto holdings online and offline. 

Best Crypto Cards UK: Our Opinion

With numerous crypto cards to choose from, we’ve researched the best in terms of cost, cashback, and rewards. The Crypto.com card is our best crypto card for UK investors because of its high staking reward and cashback. However, we highlight other good crypto debit cards in our best crypto cards UK review for crypto users to determine which best suits their needs and requirements.

The best crypto debit cards offer crypto investors in the country a viable alternative to spending their crypto holdings on everyday purchases and bill payments. The cards are also accepted in millions of online and in-store locations worldwide. Now, let’s go into more detail. 

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    Crypto.com Card - Overall Best Crypto Card UK


    The Crypto.com Card is one of the top features of the Crypto.com exchange. The crypto debit card is powered by Visa, and it offers cardholders an all-in-one place to spend their crypto holdings, stake digital assets, and earn various rewards like cashback and staking interests.

    With the Crypto.com card, users can automatically convert their crypto assets into supported fiat currencies and spend them online, in-store, or for ATM withdrawals in the denominated fiat currency. For instance, a UK cardholder can convert Bitcoin into EUR or GBP and conveniently spend on groceries, bills, and other items.

    What makes the Crypto.com debit card stand out as the best Bitcoin debit card is its high staking reward. Cardholders get an annual percentage yield (APY) between 4% to 8% when they stake the exchange’s utility token called Cronos (CRO) for a 6-month (or 180 days) period.

    The Crypto.com card comes with a card issuance fee of £4.99, but this is only for its Midnight Blue card tier. The cards are in five variants or card tiers;

    • Midnight Blue Card – with no staking requirement or CRO rewards
    • Ruby Steel Card – with a $400 (£324.52) staking requirement and 1% CRO rewards
    • Royal Indigo & Jade Green Card – with a $4,000 (£3,245.16) staking requirement and 2% CRO rewards
    • Frosted Rose Gold & Icy White Card – with a $40,000 (£32,451.60) staking requirement and 3% CRO rewards
    • Obsidian Card – with a $400,000 (£324,516) staking requirement and 5% CRO rewards

    While CRO staking is a major requirement to enjoy the staking benefits and access the cards, investors who are not interested in staking CRO can opt for the Midnight Blue with no staking requirement. This option makes the Crypto.com Visa card ideal for both crypto beginners with low trading volumes as well as experienced investors and high-volume traders.

    The crypto debit card also supports 40+ crypto assets that users can earn up to 5% cashback when they spend using the card. In addition, the card offers several other benefits, including unlimited airport lounge access and a 100% rebate on streaming services subscriptions such as Spotify, Amazon Prime, and Netflix for a 6-month period. However, Midnight Blue cardholders do not get to enjoy these benefits.

    In terms of security, Crypto.com has a mandatory multi-factor authentication (MFA) security measure, and cardholders get a unique email address or alias known by them only. There’s also a 24-hour withdrawal lock that users can activate when they feel their card is compromised, and the exchange uses anti-phishing codes to prevent cyberattacks.

    We summarised all the Crypto.com Card key features, but we also made an in-depth Crypto.com Card UK Review page that you can check out.



    Banxe Card - Best for Multi-Currency Management

    Banxe Card Home Page - 1280x720

    Banxe is revolutionizing the way we think about banking in the UK, blending the world of cryptocurrency with traditional banking in a way that’s both smart and simple. Designed for individuals and businesses alike, Banxe is here to make managing money easier, whether it’s pounds, dollars, euros, or bitcoins. With Banxe, you get the best of both worlds in one easy-to-use account, making it a top pick for anyone in the UK looking to step into the future of finance without leaving the comfort of traditional banking behind.

    Banxe is changing the game for banking in the digital age, offering a mix of services that meet the needs of today’s businesses and individuals. With a Banxe account, you not only get a Mastercard debit card with no monthly fees but also the ability to top it up with crypto or money, in addition to managing over 350 types of cryptocurrencies, along with GBP, USD, and EUR. This means you can easily switch between spending your crypto and traditional money, making payments smooth and hassle-free.

    Banxe simplifies the way you handle international payments. With dedicated IBANs for worldwide transfers and a wide range of cryptocurrency support, Banxe helps UK businesses go global with ease. Plus, its strong commitment to regulatory compliance, where the services are regulated by top financial authorities like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) in the USA, and the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC), means you can trust Banxe to keep your money safe and secure.

    We can summarize some of Banxe key features with:

    • Easy and Flexible Banking: Banxe brings together the best of traditional banking and crypto, offering features like SWIFT, SEPA, and FPS transfers, along with modern crypto transactions. This means more freedom in how you manage your money in the UK.
    • Large selection of Cryptocurrencies: With support for over 350 cryptocurrencies, Banxe has got you covered, whether you’re a crypto newbie or a seasoned pro in the UK.
    • Designed for the UK Market: Banxe isn’t just global; it’s also local, offering GBP accounts and services tailored for those living in the UK.
    • Straightforward Pricing: Banxe stands out with its clear pricing, offering free accounts for UK residents and competitive rates for businesses, all without hidden fees.



    Uphold Card - Best Crypto Debit Card For Direct Spending

    what is uphold card uk

    The Uphold Card is available to Uphold Exchange customers in the UK and the US. The card is powered by MasterCard and functions like a conventional debit card that can be used anywhere. Like other popular crypto cards, the Uphold Card comes in virtual and physical options for UK customers. However, physical cards have a one-time shipping fee of £9.95, and delivery takes between 7-10 business days. 

    The Uphold MasterCard allows users to spend any digital asset in their Uphold digital wallets, including cryptocurrencies, precious metals, securities, commodities, and fiats. This means users don’t need to add funds to the card since they can spend directly from their Uphold trading account wallets. And every crypto payment with the Uphold Card comes with a 4% cashback paid in XRP.

    Interestingly, cardholders have the option of spending or converting the XRP rewards to other assets like Bitcoin and gold.

    The Uphold Card has no annual or activation fees, making it a good option for investors looking for affordable cryptocurrency cards. Those who are limited to the virtual card can also add it to their Apple Pay or Google Pay wallets and spend physically using their connected mobile devices. Online payments can also be completed directly from the Uphold Card mobile app available on Android and iOS devices. 

    In addition, the Uphold card supports the 250+ cryptocurrencies available on the primary exchange, offering cardholders a diverse option of spendable assets. However, in the UK, the card charges a £2.50 fee for national ATM withdrawals and £3.50 for foreign ATM withdrawals.

    Regarding security, Uphold offers industry-standard security measures, including KYC and 2FA.

    We summarised all the Uphold Card key features, but we also made an in-depth Uphold Card UK Review page that you can check out.



    Coinbase Card - Best Crypto Debit Card With No Requirement

    coinbase review card uk

    The Coinbase crypto debit card is another top crypto card that is among the best bitcoin debit cards in the market that crypto users in the UK should consider. The card is among a myriad of products and services offered by the global Coinbase exchange, and it’s available to all Coinbase customers. 

    Like traditional debit cards, the Coinbase bitcoin debit card allows users to top up their cards; only users can fund the card with cryptocurrencies and fiat like EUR and GBP. The Coinbase card is a Visa card, making it acceptable anywhere where Visa operates, including Google Pay, Apple Pay, ATM withdrawals, and other supported crypto payment channels.

    What stands out about the Coinbase Visa card is that the card is free. With no card issuance fee or staking requirement, investors only need to create a Coinbase account and request the card in supported regions.

    In addition, the Coinbase Card is available in virtual and physical forms. Both cards have the same features and offer the same benefits, but only the physical card supports ATM withdrawals. Cardholders enjoy cashback rewards of up to 4% on their crypto purchases using the Coinbase debit card. 

    The crypto staking feature is another perk of the Coinbase card. Cardholders can stake their digital assets for an annual percentage yield (APY) of up to 4%. There is also no monthly fee, annual fee, or foreign transaction fee, but other fees apply that we’ll touch on later in this article. 

    However, the card supports only 8 cryptocurrencies; BTC, ETH, DOGE, DAI, ALGO, AMP, RLY, and XLM. Similarly, crypto rewards paid in popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, DOGE, and ETH are limited to 1%. 

    The coin support and cashback limitations are potential dealbreakers for experienced investors looking for crypto cards with more robust benefits and perks. 

    Security features include 2FA, card freezing, PIN code, and the standard Coinbase SSL encryption.

    We summarised all the Coinbase Card key features, but we also made an in-depth Coinbase Card UK Review page that you can check out.



    Wirex Card - Best Crypto Debit Card For International Transactions


    The Wirex Card is a multicurrency crypto card offered by the London-based Wirex Exchange. Like other popular crypto Visa cards, the Wirex card allows users to convert crypto and spend fiat at millions of physical and online stores worldwide. In other words, UK customers can pay in their local GBP or EUR currencies at any point of sale (POS) using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without hassles. 

    Though all crypto cards offer cashback, Wirex makes our list of the best crypto cards UK because of its perks for cardholders. The Wirex card offers up to 8% cashback on crypto spending (paid in the platform’s WRX token). However, the cashback is divided into 2% in-store and 2% online and additional bonuses for premium members.

    There are also free ATM withdrawals of up to $250 per month. The card uses the best live exchange rates with zero exchange fees when used for international payments, making it ideal for international transactions. 

    In addition, the Wirex Card comes with no issuance fee, shipping fee, or card replacement fee for physical cards, and it supports 50+ cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. With its low-cost offering, the Wirex card is ideal for people who want to save costs and easily spend money anywhere in the world. 

    However, there are fees associated with the Wirex card that investors must consider before choosing the card. In Europe and the UK, Wirex states that cardholders will be charged a “nominal monthly fee for card account maintenance.” The fee ranges from €9.99 per month to €29.99 per month.

    Similarly, crypto deposits have a 1% deposit fee, but fiat deposits are free. There are also trading fees based on the current over-the-counter (OTC) rates at the transaction time, plus an additional commission charged by Wirex. 

    The Wirex Card has three tiers;

    • Standard – €0 per month and 0.5% in-store cashback
    • Premium –  €9.99 per month, 1% crypto back (in-store), and 1% cashback (online)
    • Elite – €29.99 per month, 2% cashback (in-store), and 2% cashback (online)

    In terms of security, the Wirex Card is issued by Sutton Bank in Ohio, United States, and the bank is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Users can also safeguard their cards with 2FA and PIN codes.

    We summarised all the Wirex Card key features, but we also made an in-depth Wirex Card UK Review page that you can check out.



    Table Comparison of Cards Reviewed

    Name of CardCard TypeSupported CurrenciesPricing
    Crypto.com CardVisa Debit Card40+£4.99 Issuance Fee (for only Midnight Blue)
    Banxe CardMasterCard Debit Card350+£0 Issuance Fee (For UK Residents)
    Uphold CardMasterCard Debit Card250+£0 Issuance Fee
    Coinbase CardVisa Debit Card8£0 Issuance Fee
    Wirex CardVisa Debit Card50+£0 Issuance Fee

    What is a Crypto Card?

    Crypto cards function like regular bank cards. They allow crypto users to spend their crypto holdings like BTC, ETH, DOGE, BNB, and more to shop online and in physical stores. 

    Like conventional cards, crypto cards are also powered by payment giants like MasterCard and Visa, so users don’t need to worry about where to use them because they are accepted everywhere these card providers are accessible. 

    However, the cards are products or features of cryptocurrency exchanges that want to offer alternative and seamless ways for their customers to spend their crypto funds. As such, crypto cards are packed with rewards and perks like cashback and discounts. 

    How Does it Work?

    Crypto cards come in two variants – debit cards and credit cards. But the most popular options, and the ones reviewed in this article, are cryptocurrency debit cards. Regardless of an investor’s card option, crypto cards function the same way. They convert cryptocurrencies to supported fiat currencies denominated by the user’s location or merchant’s preference. 

    Some cryptocurrency cards convert fiat automatically, while others require users to fund their cards with fiat via bank transfers or credit/debit cards. At the same time, the cards incentivise cardholders with various rewards like cashback, discounts, rebates, and more. However, crypto cards have various fees and other terms and conditions that investors must understand before making a choice. 

    Types of Crypto Cards 

    As stated earlier, cryptocurrency cards come as credit or debit cards. They are also available in virtual forms for online transactions or physical forms for in-store payments and ATM cash withdrawals.

    In terms of functionality, crypto debit cards must be funded before transactions and require no credit checks, while crypto credit cards allow users to borrow funds from the card provider but require credit checks and can affect cardholders’ credit scores.


    How to Use a Crypto Card

    To use a crypto card, users must create an account on the cryptocurrency exchange offering the card and fund the card or exchange wallet using crypto or fiat. However, crypto credit cards require users to request a loan from the exchange or card provider. 

    Crypto cards have similar physical features to traditional debit cards, so they can be used for POS payments, online purchases, ATM cash withdrawals, and bill payments. They can also be used to buy, sell, convert, and stake cryptocurrencies

    How to Choose the Right Crypto Card

    There are many crypto cards in the UK, so choosing the best cryptocurrency card depends on the investor and their needs. However, a few things to look out for before making a choice include;

    • Issuance cost or staking requirements
    • Cost of card renewal
    • Card provider and accepted digital payment platform
    • Security features to safeguard users and their funds
    • Fees charged by the crypto card. These include annual fees, monthly maintenance fee, ATM withdrawal fees, and more  
    • Cashback and other rewards or perks
    • Card usage limits, including withdrawal and deposit limits
    • Supported currencies to know which aligns with the investor’s portfolio.
    • Supported countries and regions to verify card availability in the investor’s location
    • Customer support


    How to Get a Crypto Credit Card

    Cryptocurrency cards are usually offered by exchanges. As such, investors must create an exchange account and request a crypto card using the steps below. 

    • Download the exchange’s mobile App on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
    • Verify ID by submitting the necessary personal information, KYC documents, and photo. Generally, the documents include proof of identity and proof of address.
    • Request card by navigating the card section of the mobile app and submitting a card request after KYC. 

    Final Thoughts

    In this best crypto Cards UK review, we’ve highlighted the best card options for crypto enthusiasts in the United Kingdom. The Crypto.com card is our overall best crypto card because of its various perks, including staking rewards of up to 8% per annum. 

    However, the card may not be right for everyone, so we recommend that investors read our reviews of other cards and research before choosing a crypto card. 


    Most frequent questions and answers

    The best crypto card for UK investors is the Crypto.com Visa Card. The card offers up to 8% staking rewards and up to 5% cashback. However, investors must stake CRO to enjoy these benefits. 

    There are many cryptocurrency cards available in the UK. Some popular options include Crypto.com, Binance, Coinbase, and Uphold cards. 

    Revolut is one of the crypto-friendly banks in the UK. The bank allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies but doesn’t accept crypto deposits and withdrawals. 

    A crypto credit card allows cardholders to borrow money and pay it back with accrued interest over time. While this can be a worthy investment, the user must be sure they earn enough rewards to offset the loan cost and interest to be profitable. 

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