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    The Complete Quint NFT Marketplace Review 2023

    quint nft

    Quint NFT Marketplace Review: Our Opinion

    Quint NFT is a boutique NFT marketplace for users in search of tailor-made NFTs designed by high-end creators. Regular NFT investors may not find the platform captivating enough as it’s geared towards luxury NFT services with prices that reflect the same.

    QUINT’s boutique NFT Marketplace will allow connoisseurs from across the globe to not just get their tailor-made NFTs designed by creative minds with an inherent eye for luxury but also get those freshly minted NFTs installed into Token Frames and delivered to their doorsteps.

    An Overview of Quint

    quint nft marketplace review

    Founded in 2022 by Mohammed Al Bulooki, Quint is an NFT marketplace that has brought a unique disruption to the NFT space. Recent NFT platforms usually try to compete with each other over user interface or type of items offered, however, most fail in captivating the real world. Quint seems to have the method for making this work.

    Every time a user purchases a bespoke NFT on its NFT marketplace, Quint installs it in a physical digital Token frame and has it delivered to the user’s doorstep. The user will also receive a complimentary membership of Quint’s Metaverse Arts Club where they get to engage other elites of society. 

    The idea of the Quint NFT marketplace is to offer luxury NFT services that bridge the digital and physical world through tokenization.



    Key Features of Quint

    Quint Token

    quint token

    The Quint token is the flagship token of the Quint ecosystem launched on the Binance Smart Chain. It is traded under the ticker symbol QUINT. The token has a maximum supply of 800,000,000 tokens.

    According to the Quint Roadmap, Quint users who hold Quint tokens will have access to real-world luxury incentives and physical asset creation potential through the power of the metaverse.

    Quint token holders will also have access to the Quint Shop where the token can be used to purchase items at a set price. Quint holders can also bid on items like rare NFTs and limited editions of Quint merchandise.

    Super Staking Pools

    staking nft pool quint

    Asides from regular staking, Quint has a Super-staking platform that offers tangible rewards in the real world. There are 2 main categories of Super-staking platform: Luxury Raffle Pools and Quintessential Pools.

    Luxury Raffle Pools yield real-world luxury prizes through Raffles. The Raffles are held at the end of each pool’s staking duration.

    Quintessential pools in the super staking platform, give stakers real-world incentives and APYs/APRs higher than what is available on the other Quint staking platforms. The minimum investment amount and the minimum lock-in period for these pools are dependent on the value of the fixed real-world incentive offered in each pool.

    Once Super staking pool stakers stake their Quint tokens in the quintessential pools, a pool-specific NFT is airdropped to the stakers Quint wallet. The reward can be redeemed in the Redemption Dashboard against pool rewards like exclusive gift vouchers, complimentary stays at luxury hotel destinations, airline tickets, supercar experiences in London or Dubai, etc.

    Asides from the first NFT, a second NFT is also airdropped into the staker’s Quint wallet. This will serve as a virtual key you can use to unlock perks exclusive to Quintessential pool stakers like massive discounts on properties, exclusive deals across hundreds of restaurants, access to limited edition Quint merchandise at the Quint Shop, and complimentary membership of the Quint metaverse Arts Club.

    Types of NFT you can Buy and Sell

    Quint NFT offers the following types of NFTs in its marketplace:

    • Art
    • Automotive
    • Horology
    • Music
    • Photography
    • Avatar 
    • Collectibles

    The minimum amount of all types of NFTs on Quint at the moment is $1,000. That said, Quint intends to launch limited edition NFTs that users can purchase via bidding on its Boutique marketplace. These collections will revolve around super and vintage cars, high-end watches, and other luxury items.

    Supported Blockchain

    As of September 2022, Quint supports the following blockchains: Ethereum, Fantom, Avalanche, and Polygon.

    Supported Wallets

    Quint currently supports Metamask, Binance Chain Wallet, Coinbase wallet, and WalletConnect.

    How to Buy NFT on Quint

    How to buy nft on quint

    To buy NFTs on Quint you need to connect your MetaMask or WalletConnect compatible wallet. To do so, go to the Quint NFT marketplace. Once there, at the upper right corner click the “Connect Wallet” button. You’ll need to authorize your wallet to allow Quint NFT marketplace to connect to it. 

    There are 2 different ways you can buy NFTs on Quint. The first way is to choose the category of the NFT you want to buy. This can be art, collectibles, music, photography, horology, avatar, or collectibles.

    Alternatively, you can choose to see all categories at once. After the list of available NFTs shows up and you see the one you want, click the “Buy” button below the item. You’ll be redirected to the Buy page of the NFT. Click the “Buy NFT” button again. Beneath the art, you’ll be able to see when the NFT was minted

    Users can also buy NFTs via auctions which are either limited-time auctions or unlimited.

    Quint Fees

    The Quint Boutique NFT marketplace charges a 6% fee for all NFT purchases. Also, when a user intends to prioritize their asset in the Metaverse Arts Club, they’ll pay an additional 4% fee for the asset to be listed as a priority.

    Quint Payment Methods

    Quint supports the following cryptocurrencies as payment methods: Ethereum, MATIC, AVAX, and FTM. To buy NFTs users must connect either their MetaMask wallet or via WalletConnect.

    Quint Security

    Before the launch of the Quint token, Quint had completed the following security checks: BSC Smart Contract Audit, Penetration Testing, Blockchain Protocol Audit, and Formal verification. The platform is also expected to undergo a second audit by Certik before its launch. The first audit was conducted by Techrate.

    Customer Service

    Quint has active handles on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Instagram, and Reddit that customers can use to submit complaints.

    Final Thoughts

    The Quint NFT marketplace is a boutique platform that seeks to enable connoisseurs from different countries to access tailor-made NFTs created by artists with an eye for luxury. But that’s not all, Quint wants users to have their freshly minted NFTs added to Token Frames and delivered to the user’s home. Quint has the vision of mingling digital luxury with physical luxury. This makes the platform perfect for high-end users looking for luxurious NFT services. However, for the regular user and beginner, Quint may be too expensive.

    Our extensive analysis of the NFT Marketplaces doesn’t stop here. You can also read about our SuperRare Review as an alternative to Quint or you can check out our list of Top NFT Marketplaces.


    Most frequent questions and answers

    Quint shop is one of the many features of the Quint ecosystem. Quint token holders can buy their choice of quint merchandise from the quint shop.

    Quint aims to develop luxury physical real estate and make Quint investors fractional owners. The share of the investor in real estate is determined by their investments in the Quint’s DeFi ecosystem.

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