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    Best Crypto Card Singapore Review 2023: Which one is the Best?

    cryptocom singapore crypto platform

    Best Over-All

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    Best Crypto Card for USD

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    Best Crypto Card for Instant Rewards

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    Best Crypto Card for International Use

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    Best Crypto Card for Bitcoin Holders

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    Crypto adoption in Singapore is at an all-time high, and crypto cards make it simple for customers to pay for goods and services with cryptocurrencies. Therefore, we’ll be looking at the best crypto card in Singapore for investors seeking easy ways to spend their funds.

    Which is the Best Crypto Card Singapore? Our Opinion:

    Following extensive research, the Visa debit card is our top pick from our list, as it offers the best of both worlds for investors to trade easily and earn cash back. We also reviewed the fees, availability, and reward structure to build our list.

    In this guide, we’ll explore what these crypto cards offer.

    List of the Top Crypto Card Singapore

    • Visa Card – Best Overall Crypto Card Singapore
    • Coinbase Visa Card – Best Crypto Card for Spending USD
    • Gemini Credit Card– Best Crypto Card for Instant Rewards
    • Wirex Visa Card – Best Crypto Card for International Use
    • BlockFi Rewards Card – Best Crypto Card for Bitcoin Holders

    The Best Crypto Card Singapore Reviewed Visa Card - Best Overall Crypto Card Singapore

    Crypto com Review Singapore Visa debit Card is one of the first cryptocurrency cards that fits consumers’ lifestyles.

    The debit card enables users to top up with fiat and crypto while spending in USD. The Visa Card can be used to make purchases in more than 40 million Points of Sale (POS) and countless online retail stores that accept Visa. Visa Card holders are also eligible to receive cashback through CRO Rewards. CRO is’s native crypto, and all rewards will be deposited into users’ crypto wallet.’s Visa card is compatible with 6 fiat currencies and 48 cryptocurrencies, making it one of the most adaptable crypto cards for everyday use. It also offers 5 different tiers, which are:

    • Midnight Blue
    • Ruby Steel
    • Royal Indigo & Jade Green
    • Frosted Rose Gold & Icy White
    • Obsidian 

    Depending on the card tier, users can earn between 1% and 5% back with their Visa Card on every purchase, including monthly Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon Prime subscriptions.

    One of the many perks of having the Visa card is access to its mobile app, which enables users to manage their accounts on the go easily. The Visa card also offers millions of point-of-sales for users to spend their funds and an extensive investment-based rewards system.

    Card holders are able to freeze or block their card from the app in case of theft or loss.



    Coinbase Visa Card - Best Crypto Card for Spending USD

    Coinbase-Visa-Card singapore

    Coinbase is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, and the Coinbase Visa card is an integrated feature. The Coinbase Card lets users spend crypto, including USDC or US dollars, anywhere Visa cards are accepted. There is no issuance charge, and Coinbase does not charge an annual fee either. However, ATM withdrawals are limited to SGD 1,372 per day.

    The exchange gives up to 4% cashback on transactions with the Visa card. Cashback rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies are deposited within a day.

    The history and expertise of the organisation have also greatly enhanced its card’s security with features like two-step verification and PIN protection. Users can also freeze their cards through the well-designed mobile application.

    The Coinbase Card continues to provide a profoundly rewarding experience for everyday spending.



    Gemini Credit Card- Best Crypto Card for Instant Rewards

    Gemini-Card singapore

    The Gemini crypto credit card makes it simple for investors to integrate crypto spending into their daily lives. Card holders will also get rewarded everytime they make a purchase.

    Gemini’s Card is a credit card that only deposits users’ rewards immediately, rather than waiting a month. Users can earn rewards in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 60+ cryptos.

    According to Gemini, users may make purchases in any cryptocurrency that can be traded on its platform and receive:

    • 3% cashback on dining (up to S$ 8143.26 in annual expenditure and subsequently 1% cashback)
    • 2% cash back on groceries 
    • 1% cashback on all other purchases
    • 10% cashback on EV charging and gas pump on up to S$ 271.44 spend per month for a year

    The Mastercard comes in three colours: black, silver, and rose gold metal. Foreign transaction fees, annual fees, and card purchase fees will not be charged to cardholders.

    In terms of security, 2FA and Mastercard ID Theft Protection are used. Users can also instantly freeze their cards on the Gemini website or mobile app in case of a breach.



    Wirex Visa Card - Best for International Use

    what is wirex card

    The Wirex Visa Card enables users to manage fiat and cryptocurrency accounts and carry out direct crypto-to-fiat exchanges. The card is accepted in over 80 million outlets worldwide and is compatible with 150 currencies.

    At the point of sale, the Wirex Visa Card immediately converts to local currency using the best live and Over-the-Counter (OTC) rates available, saving them up to 3% on international purchases. Thanks to the instant conversion, Wirex Visa Cardholders can use any of the supported cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies to pay for public transportation and other daily transactions.

    Nevertheless, to utilize their advantages, users are required to fund their Wirex crypto cards with the staked tokens, called WXT. Wirex’s new Cryptoback incentive programme offers 2% back in WXT rewards for in-store and online purchases anywhere Visa is accepted. Additionally, there is up to 1,000 WXT reward for referrals.

    We discovered Wirex card fees to be very transparent. There are no annual fees deducted and withdrawal limits are pegged at S$400 monthly. However, users are charged 2% on withdrawals.

    Wirex card is supported by its web and mobile apps, which enable users to set notifications, manage their budgets, and keep track of their spending on the go. This also helps secure the card aside from the PIN and 3-D security system, as it can be used to freeze the card in case of compromise.



    BlockFi Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card - Best for Bitcoin Holders

    BlockFi-Card singapore

    The BlockFi Visa Rewards Signature Card’s cashback programme is built around a point-based reward scheme. Every purchase generates points, which are then converted into the cardholder’s preferred cryptocurrency at the end of the month.

    Users can withdraw fiat currency in the form of cryptocurrencies from any VISA store, outlet, or ATM using the card. Stablecoins saved on the credit cards can also be used to make payments.

    BlockFi Card users can earn rewards in a variety of ways:


    • 1.5% unlimited crypto cashback on every purchase for Cardholders with stablecoin assets in a BlockFi Interest Account, such as GUSD, BUSD, PAX, or USDC. After making a S$40,716 purchase, the cashback increases to 2%.
    • 2% additional annual percentage yield (APY) in Bitcoin on stablecoin holdings.
    • 2% of all annual spending over S$40,716 will be given back in cryptocurrency.
    • 0.25% back on all crypto asset purchases and eligible trades, up to a total of S$678.61 in crypto monthly. This excludes automated clearing house (ACH) network to stablecoin purchases and stablecoin to stablecoin trades
    • S$40.72 crypto reward for each client referral 
    • One free Bitcoin withdrawal monthly for spending S$135.72 each month

    There are no yearly or foreign transaction fees with the BlockFi Card. Apart from the rewards, the BlockFi Rewards Card also provides access to Norton LifeLock ID Theft Protection, which is available to all cardholders.



    Table With Comparison of Cards Listed

    CARD SUPPORTED CRYPTOCURRENCIES REWARDS SECURITY Visa Card 48 Up to 5% back (in CRO tokens) PIN, 3D Secure, Capacity to block card via Mobile app and web
    Coinbase Visa Card 8+ Up to 4% cashback in various cryptocurrencies 3D Secure, PIN, Able to freeze card via Mobile app and web
    Gemini Credit Card 60+ 3% cashback on dining, 2% cash back on groceries, 1% cash back on all other purchases 2FA, Mastercard ID Theft Protection, Able to block card via mobile app and web
    Wirex Visa Card 150+ 2% back in WXT rewards, 1000 WXT rewards for referrals PIN, 3D Secure, Able to block card via mobile app and web
    BlockFi Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card 15+ Unlimited 1.5% cashback on all purchases, 2% back after S$ 40,716 annual spending, 0.25% back in cryptocurrency on all eligible transactions up to S$678.61 monthly Norton LifeLock ID Theft Protection, PIN, Get alerts on card via mobile and email

    What Is a Crypto Card?

    A crypto card is a physical or virtual card, typically a debit card but some credit cards exist as well, that enables users to quickly convert their cryptocurrencies to fiat currency and pay for goods and services and earn crypto incentives.

    Crypto cards have made it easier for cryptocurrency owners to make payments. They are issued by cryptocurrency exchanges, and investors can easily obtain one from their preferred institution.

    Crypto cards are extremely simple to use for a variety of financial purposes on millions of sites across the world because a majority of the crypto cards are offered by Mastercard and Visa.

    what is crypto card singapore review

    How Does It Work

    Although crypto exchanges and start-ups primarily issue these cards, they function just like any other standard payment card and can be used for regular purchases.

    When a customer uses their crypto card to make a purchase, the transaction is processed through one of the well-known payment networks, like Visa. As a result, crypto cards can be used anywhere traditional payment cards are accepted.

    Cryptocurrency cards instantly convert a user’s cryptocurrency from a linked wallet into the fiat currency required to make a purchase. They are especially handy because users can use them to make purchases from merchants online or in person and earn incentives. Users can conveniently withdraw cash from supported ATMs to withdraw cash.

    Types of Crypto Cards

    There are two types of crypto cards, namely Crypto Debit cards and Crypto Credit cards.

    Crypto debit cards are similar to fiat prepaid cards. These cards require users to fund their accounts and link them to the cards before they can make transactions.  Crypto debit cards enable users to make purchases and earn rewards in cash back.

    Most credit cards have monthly maintenance fees and ATM withdrawal charges. An example is Visa Card, which requires users to stake native tokens to qualify.

    Overall, crypto debit cards are incredibly practical since they let users spend their crypto without having to first withdraw it from their wallet or convert it to fiat currency.

    Crypto credit cards operate exactly like regular credit cards. These cards require users to apply, undergo a credit check before the issuer can allow users to borrow funds. On the borrowed funds, users can also get cashback and crypto rewards when using the crypto credit cards.

    For repayment, Users can opt to spread out their payment when they make a transaction using a crypto credit card.

    How to Use Your Crypto Card

    With the rise of adoption of cryptocurrencies, crypto cards enable users to spend their crypto assets directly online or in-store. They can even use it to withdraw fiat currencies from ATMs. This service is available in Singapore as well.

    To use crypto cards, investors need to sign up to an exchange and verify their identities. Some platforms have additional conditions that must be met before applying. Once the requirements are met, apply for the card. It can take between 10 days for standard delivery or 4 business days for Express delivery spending on which one a user chooses.

    Crypto cards are relatively simple to use because they operate similarly to conventional bank-issued credit and debit cards. Many crypto cards also provide benefits like cashback or discounts on particular subscriptions like Spotify or Netflix. However, the distinctions between crypto debit cards and crypto credit cards should be kept in mind.

    How to Choose the Right Crypto Card

    Choosing the right crypto card can be a challenging task because there are so many things to consider when it comes to crypto cards. The following are some details a user should consider when choosing a card:

    Security: Majority of cards offer security features such as two-factor authentication and several top notch security measures. Users should ensure to verify that their preferred card has good security measures in place to protect against loss or theft.

    Fees: Crypto cards typically charge fees. The fees may include monthly charges, international transaction fees, and ATM withdrawal charges. Consider cards with minimal fees so that at the end, fees will not overshadow the rewards earned.

    Rewards: Users can earn rewards because many crypto credit cards offer crypto cashback as an incentive. Therefore, it is ideal to go for a card that offers generous cashback incentives.

    Supported currencies: While some crypto cards offer a limited selection of cryptocurrencies, others offer access to a range of cryptocurrencies, including some that are less popular. Therefore, investors should make sure the card they select supports their preferred currencies.

    Supported countries: Some cards are only available in certain regions, such as the US or Europe. This could be due to government legislation. Therefore, users should verify if the selected card is offered in their location.

    How to Get a Crypto Credit Card

    The procedure for applying for a crypto credit card is very similar to that of applying for any other type of credit card. We will be using the Visa card for illustration.

    Sign Up

    Users need to sign up on the card issuer’s platform to apply. Simply download the mobile app on iOS or Android. This is because the app is compatible with mobile devices only.

    Follow the KYC process where users will be required to provide the necessary documentation, such as a proof of address, to verify their account.

    Apply For Card

    Navigate to the “Card” page in the bottom right corner of the app. Afterwards, select the desired card tier and stake the corresponding CRO equivalent.