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    Ledger Stax Review 2024: Features & More

    Ledger Nano S Plus review

    Ledger Stax Review: Our Opinion

    The Ledger Stax crypto hardware wallet takes the storage of digital assets to a whole new level. With its comparatively large display, it makes management of your cryptocurrencies and NFTs a lot more seamless as you’ll be able to view and work with your assets better. 

    Its design is also a lot more different than the usual Ledger wallet like the Ledger Nano which appears like a USB stick that may take getting used to for Ledger fans. 

    The Lender Stax is also an expensive hardware wallet as it comes at an above-average price point. 

    An Overview of Ledger Stax

    ledger stax review

    Ledger, the company behind the Ledger Stax hardware wallet was launched in 2014 by a group of 8 experts in cryptocurrencies, embedded security, and entrepreneurship

    The founding Ledger team was united by the goal of creating secure solutions for blockchain applications

    Since its launch, Ledger and its subsidiaries have grown to have more than 750 workers in various parts of the world including Europe, Asia, and the United States. 

    In addition, Ledger is in over 200 countries and has sold more than 5,000,000 wallets since its inception. 

    Ledger SAS currently offers 3 primary hardware wallets: Ledger Stax, Ledger Nano X, and the Ledger Nano S Plus

    The Ledger Stax is the most expensive option of its hardware wallets and also the largest. 

    Each offered hardware wallet allows users to securely store their crypto and NFT private keys offline and view/manage their assets using the Ledger mobile app or third-party crypto apps. 

    The hardware wallets also support more than 5,000 coins. 

    Beyond its hardware wallets, Ledger also offers enterprise-grade security solutions for brands such as hedge funds, banks, and high-net-worth individuals running blockchain projects. 



    Ledger Stax: What is It?

    The Ledger Stax is a palm-sized touchscreen hardware wallet that allows users to store their crypto and NFT private keys offline (in cold storage) within the device as well as manage digital assets via integration with the Ledger Live mobile app

    Ledger Stax is the first hardware wallet from Ledger to offer touchscreen navigation. 

    Some primary features of the Ledger Stax include; Bluetooth support, touchscreen, micro-USB cable connection, wireless charging, NFT support, customizable screen, 5,000+ supported coins, iOS and Android support, Windows and macOS, and a secure element. 

    Comment on Price

    ledger stax price

    The Ledger Stax price is $279. This is above the average price point for hardware wallets. 

    So if you’re on a tight budget, the Ledger Stax may not be the best option. Alternatives such as the Ledger Nano S Plus and Ledger Nano X come at a less expensive cost. 

    Why Use a Cold Storage Wallet?

    A cold storage wallet is a type of crypto wallet that stores users’ private keys offline on a physical device

    The most common types of cold storage wallets are hardware wallets. Cold storage wallets are also often referred to as hardware wallets. 

    The isolation of cold storage wallets from the internet is a major goal of this wallet type because it makes the wallet immune and unreachable to any form of phishing attacks or other malicious attacks online. 

    This is one thing that most hot wallets have not been able to do. 

    The connection of hot wallets makes them a constant target of several types of attacks. In most cases, even the most secure hot wallets have been vulnerable to online attacks at one point or the other. Even popular exchanges like Binance and Coinbase have had their fair share of online attacks. 

    However, hardware wallets like Ledger have not had any such cases since inception. 

    Asides from being isolated from the internet, cold storage wallets have several security features in place to ensure that the security of the private keys is not compromised both at rest and in use. Hardware wallets like Ledger Stax have secure element chips and a trusted screen display to ensure that only approved transactions are confirmed.

    Cold storage wallets also give users full control of the private keys to their cryptocurrencies. 

    This makes the user responsible for the security of their cryptocurrencies. 

    Most hot wallets, on the other hand, are custodial. This means that the exchange has full custody and is responsible for the security of the wallet. 

    If the hot wallet or the exchange suffers an attack or goes bankrupt, users will lose their funds. 

    Cold storage wallets eliminate these issues and give you full control of your crypto assets. 

    Even if you lose your hardware wallet device, you will still be able to regain access to your crypto assets by inputting your recovery phrase on another wallet device. 

    Ledger Stax Review: Cryptocurrencies Supported

    The Ledger Stax hardware wallets support over 5,500 cryptocurrencies

    Supported crypto assets include; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Optimism, XRP, ZCash, Avalanche, Binance Coin, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, USD Coin, Curve DAO, Polygon, RARI DAO, Keep Network, Telos, Balancer, Ronin, Euro Coin, DeXe, DoDo, ApeCoin, Kava Swap, Euro Tether, Audius, Etc. 

    Does Ledger Stax support NFTs?

    Yes, the Ledger Stax supports NFTs. The Ledger Stax wallet like the Ledger Nano X and Nano S Plus allows you to buy, swap, and lend NFTs stored on the hardware wallet via the Ledger Live mobile app or third-party partners like Rarible, Poap, and Rainbow Me. 

    The Ledger Stax also allows you to customize your hardware wallet lock screen by using the image of your preferred NFT holding. 

    Ledger Stax Review: How to Set Up Ledger Stax

    To set up your Ledger wallet you will need the following:

    • The Ledger hardware wallet
    • The latest Android, iOS, or Linux operating system
    • Ledger Live mobile app downloaded on your smartphone or PC

    Once you’ve got all of the above, the next step is to set up your Ledger Stax as a new device. 

    To do so, use the touchscreen interface to scroll right or left through the onscreen instructions. 

    Use the right icon to scroll proceed and the left icon to go back. 

    Choose Set up as New Device once it is shown on the Ledger Stax hardware wallet screen. 

    Next, tap the Choose PIN code button once it is displayed on your Ledger device. 

    Select digits and validate them via the touchscreen interface. 

    Confirm your PIN or use the X icon to delete a digit. 

    Lastly, you should see a recovery phrase displayed on the Ledger screen. 

    Take the recovery sheet provided in the Ledger Stax box once you see Write down your recovery phrase on the hardware wallet. 

    Pen down each word one by one on the Recovery Sheet till you have copied all 24 words. 

    Once you’re done and confirmed that your recovery phrase is shown on your Ledger hardware wallet, choose the first word you wrote down in position 1 in the sheet. 

    Next, validate the word by tapping on it and repeat it till all 24 recovery seed words have been written down. 

    You should see a “Your device is ready” message after you’ve completed the setup process. 

    Ledger Stax Review: Security

    Ledger Stax features the same security element chip available on the Ledger Nano S plus, Nano S and Ledger Nano X. The Secure Element chip generates and stores all private data including the recovery phrase. 

    The secure element chip used by Ledger for app hardware wallets provides institutional-grade security for users’ crypto assets. 

    It is the same as what is used on passports, payment systems, and credit cards. 

    Ledger Stax also uses Ledger’s custom operating system known as BOLOS. 

    With BOLOS every application in Ledger Stax exists in isolation from the other apps. 

    There is no direct communication between the applications. The isolation of the applications mitigates the impact of any potential attack and ensures that there is no single point of failure. 

    This way if an application has a security problem, it does not compromise the security of other applications. 

    BOLOS also eliminates blind signing of transactions and ensures that all transactions are physically confirmed on the wallet. 

    This means that transactions cannot be verified remotely or without the owner’s consent. 

    A major advantage of the Ledger Stax is its Large Trusted Screen. The screen is larger than what is available on Ledger Nano X, Nano S, and Nano S Plus. 

    Verifying transactions on the small screen of the other Ledger hardware wallets is often very tricky. 

    Ledger Stax eliminates this problem by offering both a larger wallet size and a larger display touchscreen. 

    The screen displays all the details of the transactions for the user to see and verify before confirming the transaction. 

    The screen also acts as a customizable wallet interface. 

    It can display any chosen NFT or image as well as the name of the user or any other detail chosen by the user as the digital cover of the device. 

    The digital cover can still be viewed even when the device is powered off. This offers a personalized experience to the user and also makes it easy for the user to identify each device. 

    While the large screen of Ledger Stax is aimed at improving the user experience and the security of the device, there are several questions about the larger screen compromising the security of the wallet. 

    The good news is Ledger Donjon has made sure that the Secure Element chip on the Ledger stax is capable of running the larger screen and offering the same level of security available on the other Ledger wallets. 

    Donjon has run several tests on the device to find vulnerabilities and to ensure that the new features like the touch screen and the E-link technology do not have any vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. Ledger Stax has also been battle-tested against common attacks like side-channel attacks, glitches, faults, and software attacks.

    Ledger Stax is even embedded with magnets, which allows it to stick to other wallets. This makes the storage of the wallet easy and prevents it from easily getting lost. 

    Different Ledger Models Comparison

    Ledger has 3 hardware wallets: Ledger Stax, the Ledger Nano S Plus, and the Ledger Nano X. 

    Ledger Nano X 

    • NFTs and 5,500+ coins and tokens supported: Yes
    • Compatible with Ledger Live mobile app: Yes
    • Bluetooth mobile connection: Yes Customizable lock screen: No
    • Curved E Ink® touch screen: No
    • Wireless charging: No
    • Embedded magnets: No
    • Third-party wallets: Yes (50+)
    • Secure Element chip: Yes
    • Certified Secure Element: Yes (CC EAL5+)
    • Mobile App: iOS and Android
    • Price: $149
    • Device Size: 72mm x 18.6mm x 11.75mm; 34 grams

    Ledger Stax

    • NFTs and 5,500+ coins supported: Yes
    • Compatible with Ledger Live mobile app: Yes
    • Bluetooth mobile connection: Yes Customizable lock screen: No
    • Curved E Ink® touch screen: Yes
    • Wireless charging: Yes
    • Embedded magnets: Yes
    • Third-party wallets: Yes (50+)
    • Secure Element chip: Yes
    • Certified Secure Element: Yes (CC EAL5+)
    • Price: $279
    • Mobile App: Android and iOS
    • Device Size: 85 x 54 x 6mm

    Ledger Nano S Plus

    • NFTs and 5,500+ coins supported: Yes
    • Compatible with Ledger Live app: Yes
    • Bluetooth mobile connection: Yes Customizable lock screen: No
    • Curved E Ink® touch screen: No
    • Wireless charging: No
    • Embedded magnets: No
    • Third-party wallets: Yes (50+)
    • Secure Element chip: Yes
    • Certified Secure Element: Yes (CC EAL5+)
    • Price: $79
    • Mobile App: Android
    • Device Size: 62.39mm x 17.40mm x 8.24mm; 21 grams

    Opening an Account

    To add a new account on the Ledger Live app launch the solution and click or tap the Accounts tab located at the left side of your screen. 

    Next, tap the Add Account button. Then hit the drop-down menu to choose the digital asset you want to add and manage via the app. 

    Click Continue and connect your Ledger Stax via Bluetooth or USB to unlock it. 

    Next, on the app select New Account to add your created account to a Portfolio. 

    Ledger Stax Review: Ledger Live

    Ledger Live is Ledger’s platform of apps and services integrated especially to work with Ledger devices. The app allows users to securely manage their crypto assets from their mobile device or desktop without compromising the security of the assets stored in the hardware wallet device. 

    It allows users to manage over 30 different coins including Ethereum and Bitcoin as well as 1500 tokens. It also allows users to accumulate over 1250 ERC-20 tokens all in one place. 

    The app is paired with Ledger Stax which secures the user’s private keys and verifies plus secures transactions. 

    This means that all actions or transactions made in the app must be physically confirmed on the Stax hardware wallet before the transaction is approved. 

    This ensures the security of the user’s assets and private keys at all times. 

    With Ledger Live you can buy, sell, swap, and manage your crypto assets on the go while the hardware wallet device is safely stashed away. 

    The app also gives users secure access to over 15 Web3 Apps including Zerion, Paraswap, 1inch, and Lido. It also supports the storage of NFTs. 

    It has a discover section that features the live apps catalog that contains all currently and soon-to-be-supported dApps on Ledger Live. 

    All the apps are available in one place and can be easily accessed. You can also view each app by clicking on the app icon. Once you click on the app, a window where the app’s interface will be opened is displayed. This allows the app to act as a secure gateway or intermediary to the various dApps. 

    To ensure that users only use the real app, there is a link or Ledger’s website that users can use to verify the sha512 signature or the app. 

    Customer Satisfaction

    Ledger Stax is a new Ledger hardware wallet and will start shipping by the end of the second quarter of 2023. You can pre-order Ledger Stax on the Ledger website using the pre-order link for Ledger Stax and in Ledger Market. 

    Ledger provides customer service and answers to all Ledger Stax-related questions via email through the Help Center and on Social media

    Since Ledger Stax has not yet been made available to general users. There is no information on customer satisfaction. There is, however, a lot of excitement around the release of the product. Many customers are positive that Ledger Stax, like the Ledger Nano X and S, will be an excellent hardware wallet

    Where can I Buy a Ledger Stax Wallet?

    Ledger Home Page

    You can buy a Ledger Stax wallet via the official Ledger website: https://ledger.com

    Alternatives to Ledger Stax

    The Trezor T hardware wallet and Ngrave Zero secure hardware wallet are 2 alternatives to the Ledger Stax

    Both alternatives offer touchscreen navigation and ample crypto features. However, in terms of security, the Ngrave Zero offers better features as it is fully air-gapped. But the Ledger Stax is easier to use and more flexible in its offerings. 

    Final Thoughts

    The Ledger Stax wallet is best for beginners in the hardware wallet space searching for a cold storage device with a user-friendly interface and seamless usability

    However, it comes at an above-average market price and doesn’t offer 100% air-gapped security. 


    Most frequent questions and answers

    Ledger Stax, like most hardware wallets, works by storing the private keys of your crypto assets offline in the device while connecting to a compatible crypto app that allows for the management of the assets. 

    Ledger is one of the most popular and trusted blockchain security companies in the world. Ledger devices have also never been hacked. 

    That said, the Ledger website has been hacked in an incident that caused customer data to be accessed by bad actors.

    Ledger Stax’s storage capacity is 1.5 MB and it allows you to store up to 100 apps on the device. 

    Yes, Ledger is considered cold storage as it stores the private key of your cryptocurrency offline, which gives you complete ownership of your coins. 

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