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Kryll.io Review 2024: How Does It Perform and Compare?

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Kryll.io Review: Our Opinion

Kryll is an easy-to-use crypto trading bot service that allows you to create your own trading strategies using a no-code editor. 

Signing up for the platform is fast as well as setting up a bot for trade can be finalized in under 4 minutes. 

It also uses a Pay-As-You-Go pricing model, which means you don’t have to pay for days you don’t intend to trade. 

In general, Kryll is easy to use and feature-packed for both beginners and professional crypto traders. 

The primary con is that you have to pay with its native token although you can buy it using a credit/debit card on the platform.

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Table of Contents
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    An Overview of Kryll.io

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    Founded in 2018 and headquartered in France, Kryll was developed by Luca Benevolo and Philippe Longére. 

    The Kryll trading bot platform was built to allow users of any crypto trading expertise level to use and create automated trading techniques. 

    Kryll hosts a user-generated strategies marketplace.

    The Kryll platform has a native token that was made available to the public in 2018 through an Initial Coin Offering. After the successful Initial Coin Offering, the token was listed on major exchanges.

    It has more than 280 strategies on its platform and allows users to trade on multiple exchanges at once.

    They also offer the most advanced trading tools and technical indicators including Super Trend, Candlesticks, Moving Averages, MACD, Bollinger Bands, and RSI to help users optimize their auto trading strategies. 



    Kryll Review: Unique Features

    Kryll.io Mobile App

    Kryll app on Google store - 1280x720

    The Kryll.io mobile app lets you run automated trades, monitor market trends and manage your crypto portfolio on the go using your iOS and Android devices. 

    With the mobile app, you can access bots to automate your trades and adjust your strategy on the go. 

    The app features a state-of-the-art strategy editor, several portfolio management tools, an intuitive trading bot marketplace, and several other features that help to optimize profits without your direct involvement in the trading activities. 

    The mobile app has an intuitive interface that lets you track your investments through one platform. Instead of logging in and out of different exchanges to monitor your portfolio, you can easily manage your portfolio on all crypto exchanges from within the app. 

    Despite being beginner-friendly, the app offers advanced tools that can make beginners “trade like experts”. 

    It has a trading bot marketplace where users can explore and rent real-time trading strategies created by experienced traders. 

    You can also create your advanced trading bots in just a few clicks without any coding skills using Kryll’s simple Drag’n Drop bot-building interface to move strategy elements. 

    It offers advanced trading tools and technical indicators like Super Trend, Candlesticks pattern, RSI, MACD, Moving Averages, and Bollinger Bands which can help you to easily optimize your strategy. 

    The Kryll app also features a trading terminal where you can set up complex triggers. You can also manage your stop-losses, trailing stop, multiple take-profits, and set up exit at break-even.

    Kryll Marketplace

    Kryll.io marketplace - 1280x720

    The Kryll marketplace has a wide selection of daily signal strategies, DCA bots, grid bots, scalping bots, golden crossover robots, and swing trading algos made with Kryll’s bot editor. 

    These trading bots can be rented by inexperienced strategy marketplace traders who wish to optimize profit.

    You can also create trading bots without any coding experience and put them up for sale in the marketplace. 

    The robust strategies and bots available on the marketplace are created by the Kryll community. 

    To rent a trading bot, all you need to do is browse the marketplace for your preferred bot or strategy. 

    Each strategy for rent on the marketplace includes detailed information about its historical performance, risk/reward ratio, and maximum drawdown. The data allows you to make an informed decision. 

    The marketplace also provides several metrics, indicators, and other performance data as well as real-time trading metrics, fair risk management indicators, and real-results track records that will help you find the most suitable strategies for your investment goals to help you maximize profits. 

    The strategies on the marketplace are developed, tested, and reviewed by cryptocurrency traders using the Kryll.io strategy editor. 

    As already stated you can also create your own strategies and bots to display on the marketplace. To do this you need to be an elite/ professional trader that has mastered Kryll’s Strategy Editor and produced several powerful crypto trading strategies. You can generate passive income by becoming a Kryll Publisher and renting out your strategies. 

    Below is an overview of the features available on the marketplace:


    First, the marketplace has a search bar that allows you to search using several criteria including the name of the strategy, the nickname of the publisher of the strategy, and the token. 

    You can also directly click on the most used-based pairs to filter the strategies. 

    Kryll offers 5 filtering options:

    • Trade Frequency: This filter classifies strategies based on how often the strategy will place orders in the market. If the strategy is set to low, you will only be able to see strategies that trade less frequently. 
    • Profitability: With this filter, you can filter strategies according to their profitability. Profitability can be set between Low, Medium, and High. 
    • Available Data: This filter allows you to classify strategies based on the history of data available. With this filter, you can view strategies that have been live for at least 3 or 6 months. 
    • Risk: The risk filter displays strategies according to the risk profile which is between low, medium, or high. To determine the risk, the filter takes into account the profits that the strategy has been able to secure as well as the percentage of the initial capital. 
    • Available Strategies: These filter groups strategies according to their type. You can display Open Source (like basic DCA strategy) strategies, Live strategies ( published by the Kryll community), or both. 


    The initial information displayed after you click on a strategy is the basic information like the profitability, risk exposure, name of the strategy, historical data, user satisfaction rate, cost of the strategy, the pairs on which it is executed, etc. 

    The strategies section displays important performance data of the strategies including the percentage of average gain expected per day, per month, or year. 

    This gives you an idea of the result to expect from the strategy. 

    There is also a “Show More” section where you can view other available indicators as well as a “Performance mode” button which allows you to switch between the traditional chart and the performance chart. The performance chart gives you access to the buying and selling history of the strategy. 

    You can also click on “Display More” to view the least worst or most successful month of the strategy. You can also view the max drawdown and the average gain earned per trade. 

    Strategy Packs 

    The strategy packs section features a range of predefined packs according to their utility. You can choose a set of assets related to a category or crypto assets to trade in. 

    Available packs include NFT, Gaming, DeFi, Metaverse, etc. 

    The packs launch a set of strategies by subscribing to a single pack, your capital is then allocated to the different strategies available in the pack. 

    Here is an example of how it works. If you choose the Metaverse pack, it will allocate your budget as follows: 25% SAND, 25%ENJ, 25% MANA, and 25% AXS. 

    It will buy in a DCA with a periodicity of 4 weeks while keeping the initial proportions, for 1 year. 

    You can view different information about the pack including the profitability, risk exposure, set of tokens on which the pack will be positioned, and a short description of the objectives of the pack.

    Supported Crypto Exchanges

    Exchanges you can connect to kryll.io - 1280x720

    Kryll bot supports 9 crypto exchanges. 

    Supported crypto exchanges include Binance, Coinbase Advanced, Bybit, KuCoin, Kraken, Crypto.com, HitBTC, Binance US, and Bittrex. 

    Trading Strategies

    The Kryll Marketplace offers more than 280 trading strategies you can rent for crypto trading. There are various types of strategies including Grid Trading, Scalping, DCA, and much more. 

    The strategies are listed under custom names so you’ll need to read the description of each trading strategy to know the technique it’ll use to trade.

    Customizable Strategies

    The Kryll platform allows you to create trading strategies using its Strategy Editor which provides a no-code approach to creating strategies using block creation (drag and drop).

    The editor makes it seamless for anyone to create a trading bot irrespective of their trading experience level (professional traders or not). This editor also features advanced tools for automated trading like its backtesting tool, which enables professional cryptocurrency traders and beginners to test their trading strategies against historical market data before live deployment. 

    It also has integrations with third-party solutions like TradingView via Webhooks, which allows for the creation of more advanced trading strategies.

    Kryll Trading Bot Review: Plans and Pricing

    Kryll.io daily fees - 1280x720

    Kryll trading bots platform offers a free credit-free trial that allows you to get started executing automated trading strategies without having to make any subscription or payment costs. 

    Their pricing model is Pay-As-You-Go, which allows you to pay as you use the trading bot without monthly or annual subscription costs. 

    Kryll also lets you reduce these Pay-As-You-Go fees if you hold the KRL token. 

    Here’s how it works. 

    If you intend to trade $1,000 for 1 day and don’t have KRL token holdings you’ll need to pay $0.33 daily (1.42 KRL). 

    If you do have Kryll token holdings here’s what you’ll have to pay daily with $1,000:

    • +5,000 KRL: $0.28 (1.20 KRL) – 15%discount
    • +20,000 KRL: $0.22 (0.94 KRL) – 35% discount
    • +50,000 KRL: $0.17 (0.73 KRL) – 50% discount
    • +100,000 KRL : $0.08 (0.34 KRL) – 75% discount
    • +200,000 KRL : $0.07 (0.30 KRL) – 95% discount

    If you don’t hold KRL you’ll only be able to run 30 simultaneous trading strategies bots with access to free backtesting. 

    However, if you do hold KRL tokens you’ll be able to run the following amount for strategies bots respectively:

    • +5,000 KRL: 40
    • +20,000 KRL: 50
    • +50,000 KRL: 60
    • +100,000 KRL: 70
    • +200,000 KRL: 99

    Publisher and Platform Fees

    Kryll charges users a platform fee for using its trading services which include its Marketplace and Trading Strategy Editor. 

    Traders can also earn commissions by providing their strategies for rent on the Marketplace with publisher fees added to the platform fees for users that want to use their automated trading strategies. 

    You can find these fees in the details of the particular strategy under ‘dev fees’. 

    For instance, a developer fee of 50% corresponds to half of Kryll’s fees. Developer fees cannot go over 100%. So if your rented automated strategy costs 10 KRL monthly then 5 KRL will be added automatically to compensate the publisher, culminating in an overall cost of 15 KRL. 

    Also, Kryll fees aren’t dependent on the price of the KRL token but on your trading capital. So if the price changes it won’t affect what you’ll need to pay.

    Payment Methods

    Kryll token price on Coinmarketcap - 1280x720

    Supported payment methods include Kryll Token (KRL) and credit/debit cards.

    Kryll Review: Opening a Kryll Trading Bots Account

    To open a Kryll trading bots account go to https://www.Kryll.io

    Once there, tap on the menu button and click “Sign Up”.

    On the Sign-Up page choose your username, enter a valid email address that you have access to, and select a password. 

    Click on the “Register” button.

    Kryll trading bots platform will send you a verification email containing a link and button.

    Copy and paste the link in your browser or click on the button and it’ll redirect you to the Kryll login page. 

    Use your registered email address and newly created password to log into your account.

    That’s all! You’ve successfully created a Kryll trading bots account. 

    The entire account opening process takes less than 5 minutes. 

    Setting Up Kryll.io Trading Bot with Exchanges

    To set up trading bots with your preferred supported crypto exchange, log into your Kryll crypto trading bots account.

    On the page that opens, you’ll see a “Connect To Your Exchanges” page with 4 crypto exchanges listed. 

    Kryll only lists its top supported cryptocurrency exchanges here. If you don’t find your preferred exchange on the page click on the “More Exchanges” link under it. 

    On the new page, select your preferred exchange by tapping on it. 

    Next, click the yellow button that says “Click Here to Connect via Fast API”. 

    Fast API enables you to connect to your selected exchange without having to manually create an API Key and Secret Key. 

    If you don’t have an account on your preferred exchange there’s also a link at the bottom of the page to create one. 

    After clicking the Fast API button, you’ll be redirected to log into your exchange account. 

    Log in to your exchange account and Kryll will be connected to your crypto exchange account with trading privileges. 

    All you need to do is choose preset strategies or create a strategy bot and it’ll be able to trade crypto using your exchange balance. 

    Trading Experience/Using Kryll Bot 

    The trading experience on Kryll is seamless. Kryll is easy to use as it features a Fast API connection and drag-and-drop no code editors.

    It also features advanced tools for executing complex trades. 

    Both beginners and expert traders will find the platform suitable for their needs.

    Kryll Trading Bot Review: Security

    Kryll.io is a reliable automated trading platform that operates securely. Similar to its established counterparts in the trading bot industry, Kryll ensures that your digital assets in exchange accounts remain inaccessible to it. The platform functions by utilizing API keys which do not grant withdrawal permissions.

    API keys with withdrawal settings activated are automatically rejected by the system. 

    Kryll servers are permanently under DDOS protection to ensure the security of users’ data. The platform also conducts regular audits to make sure that the platform is safe. 

    Kryll users can protect their Kryll accounts using two-factor authentication.

    Customer Service

    Kryll offers customer support via Live Chat and email at support@kryll.zendesk.com

    The platform also has communities on Telegram and Discord where users can interact with other Kryll users.

    Does Kryll Trading Strategies Bot Offer Education?

    No, Kryll does not offer a dedicated crypto trading education center but it does have a Help Center with information on how to use the automated trading bot service.

    Final Thoughts

    Kryll stands out for its Pay-As-You-Go pricing model and KRL holds discounts on fees. It is easy to set up and also straight forward to create your bots.

    Kryll’s Marketplace is however confusing as the listed strategies all have custom names and you’ll need to go through their descriptions to understand what they do.

    While Kryll.io offers a robust platform, diversifying your knowledge is key. Consider exploring our Tradesanta breakdown and, for a holistic view of the top crypto trading bots, our best crypto trading bots page is invaluable.


    Most frequent questions and answers

    Yes, AI crypto bots are legit and capable of automating your trading strategies.

    Yes, if you find a profitable strategy and want to automate it.

    Yes, Kryll.io is a legit platform headquartered in France. It has been on the scene since 2018.

    Yes, Kraken allows crypto traders to use trading bots.

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