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The Best Crypto Cards in Nigeria for 2024

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Best Bitcoin Card

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    Best Cryptocurrency Cards in Nigeria

    This article lists the best cryptocurrency cards in Nigeria. To build the list we looked at Nigerian user reviews of each crypto debit card, conducted a first-hand analysis of each cryptocurrency card, and studied expert opinions about all available debit cards. 

    Through our extensive hands-on analysis, we found that the Crypto.com crypto card is the best crypto debit card. 

    It is our pick as it is issued free of charge with no monthly fee, rewards system, setup fee, or annual fee for users that stake the CRO token.

    Crypto.com Crypto Card (Debit Card) - Best Crypto Card for Earning Rewards and Benefits

    Crypto.com card - 1280x720

    The Crypto.com crypto card is a debit card that allows you to spend from your crypto balance. It is available via the Crypto.com App on iOS and Android devices. 

    It made it to our list of the top crypto debit cards in Nigeria for the benefits and rewards it offers cardholders. 

    Users can get up to 10% cashback and various benefits such as airport lounge access, Airbnb reimbursements, private jet partnership, etc. on transactions made with the Crypto.com card when they lock up CRO tokens. 

    It also offers free ATM withdrawals for up to USD 1,000 depending on your card tier and then a 2% transaction fee thereafter.


    Transaction Rewards and Benefits

    The Crypto.com card gives users up to 10% cashback rewards for all eligible transactions. 

    These cashback rewards are paid for in CRO token, which is the native token of the Crypto.com ecosystem. 

    The CRO crypto debit card rewards are deposited into your crypto wallet in the Crypto.com mobile app instantly when a valid transaction is made. 

    Note that card purchase rebates are reimbursed to the USD equivalent and Crypto.com resets the rebate cap on the first day of every month

    Also, merchant rebates from Netflix and Spotify expire 6 months after crypto card activation for users in Jade Green, Royal Indigo, and Ruby Steel card tiers. 

    These rewards are only for Nigerian users who stake their CRO tokens. Users that do not lock up their CRO token only get up to 2% cashback in CRO tokens and 1 guest access to airport lounges. 


    Drawing upon our practical trials with this cryptocurrency card, we noticed that the Visa card can only be applied for and managed from the Crypto.com app

    The Crypto.com app is protected by multifactor authentication and has an automated sign-out security feature that logs you out during periods of inactivity. 

    It is also protected by a PIN code to prevent unauthorized access.



    Crypterium (Now Choise.com) Crypto Card - Best Crypto Card in Nigeria for Apple Pay Users

    Choise.com card - 1280x720

    The Crypterium crypto debit card is now known as the Choise.com debit card. It allows you to spend crypto like cash. Unlike most similar debit cards, the Choise card works via Apple Pay. 

    Nigerian users can top up their Choise crypto wallet with BTC, ETH, LTC, and much more than generate a free virtual card in minutes. 

    Users can also apply for a plastic card. With the card, you can withdraw fiat currency from ATMs in over 200 countries.

    As with most crypto debit cards, the Crypterium card is powered by MasterCard and Visa. You can use the card wherever Mastercard and Visa cards are accepted.


    Apple Pay Usage 

    Choise, formerly Crypterium, unlike other crypto debit cards, does not facilitate transactions. Rather, to use the prepaid crypto card you’ll need to have an Apple Pay account, which you can make payments through with your Crypterium card. 


    Your crypto funds used by the card are loaded into your Crypterium crypto wallet and the wallet is secured by BitGo and Ledger Vault, certified custodians of cryptocurrency assets. 

    The cryptocurrency exchange also has a 3-layer security system and anti-fraud protocol in place. 



    Patricia: Best Bitcoin Card in Nigeria

    Patricia card - 1280x720

    The Patricia Bitcoin ATM card is a debit card that allows you to spend and make daily transactions with Bitcoin at the swipe of a card. It is the first Bitcoin card in Africa.

    With the Patricia debit card, you can withdraw cash directly from your Naira or Bitcoin wallets, and make web and POS transactions. 

    The card can also be used for transfers and cash withdrawals at any ATM just like the regular bank card. The only difference is that with the Patricia card, the cash withdrawal is being done directly from your BTC wallet. 

    The Patricia card can also be used at Bitcoin ATMs around the world. 

    The Patricia card is only available to Patricia account holders. 

    To apply for the card, log in to your account and scroll to the “Card Request” section. 

    Scroll to “Customization” and choose how you want your card to appear. 

    Choose how fast you want your card to be delivered and follow the onscreen prompts to complete the process.


    Virtual Visa Card 

    Patricia offers a virtual Visa dollar card and a virtual Naira card to users. 

    With the virtual Visa card, you can use the card to make online purchases and payments directly from your Bitcoin wallet at any online store or merchant that accepts Visa cards. 

    Just like the physical card, you can connect the naira virtual card to your naira wallet if you do not want to use your Bitcoin wallet. 


    Our detailed research and testing of this cryptocurrency card indicates that despite having several robust security measures in place, the Patricia exchange suffered a security breach in early 2022 which resulted in the loss of customers’ crypto assets worth millions of dollars. 

    This security breach has affected the functioning of the exchange and its products. 



    First Kudi Card: Best Nigerian Crypto Debit Card with Low Fees 

    First Kudi card - 1280x720

    The First Kudi Verve debit card was launched in partnership with Stanbic IBTC Bank which allows you to turn your digital currency into cash and spend anywhere. 

    This card is linked to your First Kudi account. You can use the card anywhere Verve debit cards are accepted. 

    To use the First Kudi card all you need to do is deposit money from your First Kudi app to your Kudi Card. 

    The First Kudi card works in partnership with the Ferrum Network as well. When you sign up for the First Kudi Verve Card you earn 150 NGN in FRM tokens for purchasing the card. 

    The First Kudi card can be used for online purchases and payments as well as ATM cash withdrawals. It can also be used for international transactions. 

    You can apply for the First Kudi Verve card on the First Kudi website and mobile app. 

    To apply for the card, you need to have sufficient funds in your wallet. 

    The cost of the First Kudi Verve card varies based on your region. 

    Below is the price breakdown of the cost of the card depending on your region. At the time of writing, these prices include shipping costs. 

    Within Nigeria

    • 1,500 NGN — Free Pickup in Lekki Phase 1

    • 2,300 NGN — Shipped to anywhere in the Lagos Area.

    • 3,200 NGN — Outside Lagos South

    • 4,200 NGN — Outside Lagos East

    • 4,500 NGN — Outside Lagos North


    • 99.99 Dollars (36,000 NGN) Shipped to anywhere in the USA


    • 61.99 Euro (25,000 NGN) Shipped to anywhere in the EU


    • 56.99 Pounds (27,000 NGN) shipped to anywhere in the UK


    International Transactions

    One of the most important features of this card is that it supports the sending and receiving of money anywhere in the world, the First Kudi debit card can also be used to make withdrawals at international ATMs. Transaction fees are low when compared to competitor debit cards. 


    First Kudi is a secure multi-currency wallet. All funds are stored on First Kudi and all transactions are guarded by cutting-edge technology and powered by Ferrum blockchain service.



    Coinbase Card

    Coinbase card - 1280x720

    The Coinbase Card is a debit card that allows you to spend funds directly from your cryptocurrency balance or Coinbase cash balance. 

    Coinbase charges 0% spending fees on all card purchases. And Coinbase also offers cashback on eligible card purchases. 

    The cashback rate varies based on the rewards you choose. Cashback rewards are between 1% to 4% of every purchase

    The Coinbase card can be used offline, online, and internationally

    It is accepted anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide. It can also be used for ATM withdrawals. 

    The Coinbase Card can be accessed from the Coinbase mobile app. 

    To sign up for the card, Log in to your Coinbase app and select “Coinbase Card” from the home screen 

    Confirm your information and accept the Terms and Agreements. 

    Once you do this you will have access to a new virtual card. 

    You can apply for a physical card to be shipped to you. 

    Currently, you can have only one Coinbase card linked to your account. 

    There are no transaction fees for spending with the Coinbase card. A 1.5% fee, however, applies to ATM transactions. 

    You can choose to use USDC or any other supported cryptocurrency as the default currency for the card. 


    Coinbase Card Rewards 

    Coinbase offers cardholders rewards in the form of cryptocurrency tokens for every purchase made using the Coinbase card. 

    Coinbase lets you choose new rewards every month from a list of rewards on Coinbase.com. 

    Rewards offered expire but rewards earned do not expire. 

    If you do not choose a new reward after your reward offer expires, Coinbase will pick one for you. 


    After our detailed analysis and use of this card, we discovered that the Coinbase card is secure with a robust security system

    The card is protected with a card freezing feature as well as industry-leading security features like two-factor authentication, PIN change, and card locking when your card is lost or stolen. 

    To make contactless payments with the Coinbase card, you need to make a Chip-and-PIN transaction first. 



    Table with Comparison of Cards listed


    • Card Processor: Visa 

    • Rewards: Up to 5% cashback and perks

    • Type of Card: Virtual and physical card

    • Card Generation Fee: Free for the lowest tier 


    • Card Processor: Visa and MasterCard 

    • Rewards: No 

    • Type of Card: Virtual and physical card

    • Card Generation Fee: Free for virtual card

    First Kudi 

    • Card Processor: Verve 

    • Rewards: 150 FRM tokens given for card purchase

    • Type of Card: Physical

    • Card Generation Fee: Varies based on location but starts at 1500 NGN

    Patricia Crypto Card

    • Card Processor: MasterCard and Visa 

    • Rewards: No 

    • Type of Card: Virtual and physical card

    • Card Generation Fee: Free

    Coinbase Card

    • Card Processor: Visa

    • Rewards: Between 1% to 4% cashback 

    • Type of Card: Virtual and physical card

    • Card Generation Fee: No issuance fee

    What is a Crypto Card?

    Crypto card - 1280x720

    A cryptocurrency card is a prepaid debit card that is funded with cryptocurrencies and used for fiat currency transactions online and physically. 

    How Does It Work? 

    A cryptocurrency card works like a regular debit card. 

    It is a prepaid card, which means you must fund your wallet on the cryptocurrency exchange with a supported coin to add funds to the debit card.

    However, in this case, you add eligible cryptocurrencies, not fiat currencies, though some options like the Crypto.com card allow you to top-up your card using both your crypto wallet and fiat wallet. 

    Types of Crypto Cards

    Digital crypto card - 1280x720

    There are 2 types of crypto cards: virtual and physical. 

    The virtual card can only be used online and is typically generated in seconds on the crypto exchange web or mobile app.

    On the other hand, physical crypto debit cards are prepaid cards that will have to be delivered to your registered residential address. 

    You can use these debit cards on ATMs to withdraw fiat currencies

    How to Use a Crypto Card

    A crypto card can be used the same way you would use any other debit card: on ATMs or for online transactions. 

    How to Choose the Right Crypto Card

    To choose the right crypto card it is important to consider the following parameters:

    • Do they offer a physical/virtual card or both

    • Fees for generating or ordering the debit card

    • Can you get cashback rewards 

    • Where is it supported

    • Card processor used as this would affect usability

    How to Get a Crypto Credit Card

    Most crypto exchanges offer a crypto debit card (prepaid card). If you want a crypto credit card then you need to sign up for a cryptocurrency exchange that offers credit cards like the Gemini credit card and Nexo credit card. 

    Someone thinking about the Best Crypto Cards in Nigeria - 1280x720

    Final Thoughts

    The above list covers the best crypto debit cards in Nigeria. To choose the right option consider the choice parameters mentioned in the article above such as fees, supported countries, security of issuing exchange, etc. 


    Most frequent questions and answers

    The best crypto debit cards in Nigeria include the Crypto.com crypto card, Patricia card, Coinbase card, First Kudi card, and Choise card.

    Currently, you cannot use a debit card to buy cryptocurrency in Nigeria due to the CBN directives against crypto transactions. 

    To get a crypto card in Nigeria, you need to sign up for a cryptocurrency exchange that offers one in Nigeria such as First Kudi, Patricia Exchange, and Crypto.com. 

    No, in compliance with the CBN directives, you cannot use the Kuda card to buy Bitcoin or for any crypto-related service. There is no bank card you can use to buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency in Nigeria.

    Nigerians looking for how to buy Bitcoin can do so through centralized and decentralized exchanges. There are also several P2P marketplaces that you can use to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

    That said, finding the right exchange can be tricky. If you are looking for an exchange you can use to buy and sell crypto, it is best you find one with a payment method available in Nigeria. One of the best crypto exchanges in Nigeria is Binance. It is the largest exchange globally with a reach of 128 million users.

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