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With almost two decades of experience in the fast-paced financial industry, Carla has established herself as a powerhouse and an innovative leader.
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    Skrumble Acquires Bankity: Redefining Crypto Finance

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    At Skrumble, we’ve been your trusted ally, unraveling the intricate dynamics of the best crypto exchanges and offering clarity in the vast world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Now, we’re taking a monumental stride forward. We’re thrilled to announce our acquisition of Bankity, a standout in financial management, known for its innovative approach to electronic money payment recording. This melding of minds promises to reshape how we perceive financial management in the digital age.

    Understanding Bankity

    Bankity has revolutionized the fintech domain with its unique financial management platform, designed explicitly for electronic money payments. Their standout feature? A robust daily card analysis tool that autonomously records every user’s electronic payment. No bank passwords required, no lengthy procedures. Furthermore, their pioneering smart credit card not only allows users to transact but also predicts monthly expenditure based on an individual’s spending habits. A blend of convenience, innovation, and foresight – that’s Bankity for you.

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    Skrumble's Commitment to Excellence

    Our community turns to Skrumble for insightful, accurate, and latest information about blockchain and cryptocurrency. We’ve always believed in empowering our users with knowledge, insights, and tools that make navigating the crypto world a breeze. This acquisition is yet another testament to our unwavering dedication.

    The Fusion Ahead

    By integrating Bankity’s groundbreaking tools with Skrumble’s profound understanding of blockchain, we aim to create a hybrid financial management platform, which will:

    1. Enhance Security: Leveraging the decentralized essence of blockchain, users can be assured of unparalleled security for their financial data.
    2. Seamless Financial Management: With Bankity’s automated electronic payment recording and Skrumble’s blockchain insights, managing finances becomes effortless and efficient.
    3. Predictive Spending Insights: Through the smart credit card’s predictive capabilities, users can better manage their budgets, plan their expenses, and make informed financial decisions.
    4. Transparent Transactions: Every transaction, being on a blockchain, ensures transparency, trustworthiness, and traceability.
    5. Global Reach with Local Insights: As we blend the best of both worlds, users can look forward to a platform that offers global financial insights while understanding their local spending behaviors.

    Charting the Future

    With the fusion of Skrumble and Bankity, we’re not just envisioning a future; we’re building it. A future where financial management is not just about recording transactions but understanding and predicting them. For our ever-growing community, this symbolizes a leap towards smarter, safer, and more intuitive financial decision-making.


    The union of Bankity and Skrumble is more than just a merger; it’s the birth of a comprehensive financial management paradigm. As we set sail on this new venture, we invite our community to be part of this transformational journey. Together, we’ll redefine financial management in the age of crypto. Join us, for an exciting era awaits!


    Most frequent questions and answers

    With the integration of Bankity’s innovative financial management tools, Skrumble users can expect a more seamless, secure, and predictive experience in electronic payment recording and financial management, all backed by the power of blockchain technology.

    Bankity’s smart credit card is designed to predict monthly expenditures based on individual spending habits. When combined with Skrumble’s blockchain insights, users will benefit from a transparent, traceable, and enhanced predictive spending analysis, helping them make informed financial decisions.

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