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    What Are Lame Lions and Wacky Meerkats?

    What are Lame Lions and Wacky Meerkats

    The Lame Lions team has been planning the release of massive utility to its ecosystem that will greatly benefit its loyal community pride. The Wacky Meerkats are the first in the long line of upcoming improvements that are being designed.

    This guide is an introduction to what are Lame Lions and Wacky Meerkats, as well as details on the immediate advantages of owning these projects.

    About Lame Lions

    Lame Lions is a narrative-based non-fungible token (NFT) project on the XRPL— a decentralised open source blockchain that combines the best features of blockchain technology, gaming, and decentralised finance (Defi). 

    It is a project that celebrates the majestic continent of Africa and the lion, one of the most vulnerable animals in the world.

    Lame Lions Pub

    The Lame Lions project is based on a cartoon by LionX, a Dutch private company. The project team is made up of founder Amjad Fourani (Sir Freddy), co-founder Fabian Overschie (Sir Johnny), marketing manager Ian (Metakaal), designer Anette Deanna (Nettie), and community managers Tim O’Dwyer and William Sabino. 

    Lame Lions is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs, each with its traits and rarity (aiming for 100+ traits), to reward holders with loyalty programs in the future. Lame Lions’ goal is to give back to society and build a tight-knit XRPL community where members can be authentic, supportive, and happy. 

    The Lame Lions project intends to become one of the most well-known NFT projects on the XRPL by 2023, helping to improve the world and preserve the lion species.

    Lame Lions seeks to collaborate with charities to give back to the world. The conservation of the lion population is one of the charities they will explore. In the last 25 years, the lion population has decreased by roughly half, which is alarming.

    Furthermore, in these days of digitisation, the team aims to create a community and welcome everyone, regardless of background. To do that, they intend to arrange gatherings, and competitions, share expertise and have fun while chatting and laughing.

    LAME Ecosystem

    Here are the different functions that make up the LAME ecosystem:

    Tokenomics (based on 5,000 $XLION tokens)

    Due to airdrops and giveaways, about 30% or roughly 1,500 tokens are in circulation. The team believes that rewarding people who add value to the development of Lame Lions benefit the project and the holders. Therefore, the group decided to set aside 10% for giveaways.

    The team also created a budget to acquire sufficient funding for the developers and the gamified (Defi) product. As a result, small batches of tokens will be sold.

    Since there are currently 1,500 tokens circulating in public, the team decided to burn half of the token supply to make things easier for the community and holders. When half of the supply is burned, investors will only need 0.5 tokens to acquire 1 Lion Lame NFT.

    NFTs & Games

    NFTs are opening doors to new opportunities. With 10,000 unique NFTs, the Lame Lions project team aims to reward holders and the community with incentives while collaborating with charities to conserve the lion population. 

    The launch of Wacky Meerkats also incorporates gamification into their website. Players can embark on a quest to find the Queen of Savannah with either a Lame Lion alone or a Lame Lion and Wacky Meerkat.


    • Stage 1: Conceptualization Q4, which includes website launch, merch-store launch, metaverse partnerships, and core team.
    • Stage 2: Minting Q1/Q2, including advisory board creation, minting, and public listing – dependent on XLS-20d.
    • Stage 3: Loyalty Program Q1/Q2, which will include several utilities that holders of Lame Lions will benefit from.

    Introducing the Wacky Meerkats

    Wacky Meerkats Gang

    Wacky Meerkats is essentially a collection of 5,000 Meerkats created by the Lame Lions, distinguished by their unique and ground-breaking characteristics. This collection demonstrates the project team’s intention to develop collections with distinctive features. The quality will be outrageous and completely wacky, as the name suggests. 

    The Wacky Meerkats play a vital part in the LAME Savannah. Since a Lame Lion sleeps 20 hours per day, a Wacky Meerkat is a good help in protecting the territory. Meerkats have exceptional eyesight, allowing them to see a lioness from a great distance.  

    Phase 1 in the LAME ecosystem includes the Wacky Meerkats in the Lame pride. With this inclusion, the Lame Lions will also add a gamification feature on their website that will allow users to employ the Wacky Meerkats in addition to their Lame Lions during a journey.  

    Users can search for the Queen of the Savannah on both adventures, that is, Lame Lions and Wacky Meerkats.

    Buy, sell and hold xLION or xMKAT tokens

    Both tokens can be bought on the Sologenic decentralised cryptocurrency exchange and NFT marketplace by trading XRP tokens against xLION and xMKAT tokens. 

    You can connect a Solo DEX compatible wallet such as the SOLO DEX wallet, or the XUMM wallet to both buy and hold these tokens.

    Further, Ledger and D’Cent hardware wallets are currently supported.

    Lame Lion and Wacky Meerkats Journey

    Lame Lion Queens Acquired

    Because lions tend to slumber for extended periods, there is a 1% possibility of discovering a Queen of the Savannah every 24 hours. 

    Lame Lions can recruit Wacky Meerkats to take charge of the situation while they rest to tackle the prolonged rest hindering their capacity to find their Queen. As a result, travelling with a Wacky Meerkat raises the likelihood of discovering a Queen of the Savannah to 8% per day.

    Wacky Meerkats have an 800% greater chance of locating a Queen of the Savannah, but they also serve other purposes. According to ancient Savannah mythology, there are only 5,000 Queens in the Savannah, and as time passes, a user’s chances of discovering one decreases. Therefore, the likelihood of finding a Queen of the Savannah will drop by 25% for every 1,000 Queens of the Savannah that are found and seduced

    Just because a user finds a Queen doesn’t imply she’ll join their pride. Consent is emphasised in the Savannah. Therefore, players can seduce their Queen by buying her gifts, such as a Pornstar Martini, chocolates and roses, or the Lucci bag. 

    To start the hunt, follow these steps:

    • Go to lamelions.io/journey.
    • Connect a wallet.
    • Select the ‘’Lone Survivor’’ or ‘’Double Trouble’’ Journey.
    • Start the journey. 

    The Queen Alert bot will alarm players as soon as they find their Queen. Users can try to seduce their Queen by buying her gifts.


    The Lame Lions and Wacky Meerkats are more than just an NFT project. The Lame Ecosystem aims to create a community of people with different backgrounds while also giving back to the world by collaborating with charities to preserve the lion species. There are also plans to reward holders for their loyalty in the near future.

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