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Best Crypto Card Australia 2024

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Crypto.com Visa Card

Best for Staking Rewards

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Best for Spending Rewards

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Cryptospend Card Review

Best For Crypto To Fiat Conversion

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Coinbase Debit Card

Best for Foreign Transactions

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Binance Visa Debit Card

Best Card with up to 8% Cashback

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Wirex MasterCard Debit Card

Best Crypto Card International and Local Investors

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Crypto debit cards offer viable alternatives to profit from cryptocurrency. Experienced cardholders benefit from crypto cashback, withdraw cash and other incentives with a crypto credit card. Spending Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on everyday purchases, transactions, and bill payments make these cards appealing to crypto investors.

In our crypto card Australia review, we review the top debit and credit cards for a seamless selection process.

Which is the Best Crypto Card Australia? Our Opinion:

Our top recommendation for Australians is the Crypto.com crypto debit card.

The exchange offers prepaid debit cards, both virtual and physical, with no annual or monthly fees to cryptocurrency investors. Crypto.com’s Visa card allows users to spend directly from their wallets without converting them into cash.

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    Best Cryptocurrency Cards in Australia

    Several crypto credit and debit cards are available to Australians who want easy access to their crypto holdings for payment purposes. Each of these crypto debit cards offers different security features, supported assets, cashback, and rewards. In light of the aforementioned factors, we have ranked the best options below:

    • Crypto.com CardBest for Staking Rewards 
    • CoinJar Card – Best for Spending Rewards
    • CryptoSpend Card – Best For Crypto To Fiat Conversion
    • Coinbase Card – Best for Foreign Transactions
    • Binance Card – Best Card with up to 8% Cashback 
    • Wirex Card – Best Crypto Card For Crypto International and Local Investors

    Crypto.com Card - Best for Staking Rewards

    crypto com card australia review

    Our top recommendation for Australians is the Crypto.com crypto debit card.

    The exchange offers prepaid debit cards, both virtual and physical, with no annual or monthly fees to cryptocurrency investors. Crypto.com’s Visa card allows users to spend directly from their wallets without converting them into cash.

    The prepaid crypto debit card can be used for online payments as well as physical purchases in stores where Visa is accepted. Users can also top it up using conventional ways such as cryptocurrency or a credit or debit card.

    The standout feature of the Crypto.com card is its staking reward. Investors receive interest between 10% to 12% per annum when they stake the exchange’s utility token called Cronos (CRO).

    The crypto debit card also supports 40+ crypto assets that users can earn up to 5% cashback on when they spend using the card. In addition, It also offers unlimited airport lounge access and a 100% rebate on streaming services subscriptions such as Spotify, Amazon Prime, and Netflix.

    In terms of security, Crypto.com cardholders can safeguard their crypto debit cards with the customary two-factor authentication (2FA), a unique email address or alias, 24-hour withdrawal lock, and the exchange deploys anti-phishing codes to prevent cyberattacks.

    We summarised all the Crypto.com Card key features, but we also made an in-depth Crypto.com Card Australia Review page that you can check out.



    CoinJar Card - Best for Spending Rewards

    coinjar card australia

    Second on our list is the CoinJar Prepaid Card. The Mastercard converts cryptocurrency to fiat currency and can be used at any major payment vendor that accepts Mastercard and EFTPOS in Australia.

    The CoinJar crypto debit card is available in both virtual and physical formats. The virtual card can be activated instantly via the CoinJar app, and the physical card is handy for ATM withdrawals.

    Setting up the card is free, with access to 50+ cryptocurrencies that users can choose from for their spending accounts. The CoinJar also card is also integrated with Apple and Google pay.

    The standout feature of the CoinJar card is its reward system. Cardholders are rewarded with 100 CoinJar rewards for every Australian dollar spent using the card. The reward points can be accumulated and redeemed for additional products and services.

    The card’s no monthly fees and issuance fee features also make it attractive for heavy spenders who want to cut down on fees. However, there is a 1% conversion fee for crypto to fiat conversion and a minimum of AUD 2.99 foreign transaction fee.

    In terms of security, CoinJar has a mandatory identity verification process as part of its KYC. This ensures all users are genuine and safe from fraud. The virtual card can also be safeguarded with passwords and 2FA. In addition, CoinJar has its network encrypted and firewall-protected to prevent hacks or similar attacks.

    We summarised all the CoinJar Card key features, but we also made an in-depth CoinJar Card Australia Review page that you can check out.



    CryptoSpend Card - Best For Crypto To Fiat Conversion

    how cryptospend work

    When considering one of the best cryptocurrency cards for Aussies, check out the CryptoSpend card. The card is accepted by merchants supporting Visa payments and is peculiar for its instant payment settlements.

    CryptoSpend is suitable for beginners and expert investors and comes in virtual and physical options to satisfy each customer’s need.

    The Visa card also supports 6 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, USD Coin, and Tether. However, it charges an AUD 14.99 card issuance fee.

    The most significant feature of the CryptoSpend card is its direct crypto-to-fiat conversion. The card automatically converts users’ crypto assets into fiat currency at the time of payment, so they do not need to spend time manually doing this.

    The card also offers a 3% cashback on crypto payments and is compatible with Apple Pay and Google. Users can also use the CryptoSpend card for direct PayID, BSB, and Aussie bill payments (BPAY).

    Security features of the CryptoSpend card include cold asset storage of users’ assets, data encryption, and user-end safety measures like 2FA and password security.

    We summarised all the Cryptospend Card key features, but we also made an in-depth Cryptospend Card Australia Review page that you can check out.



    Coinbase Card - Best for Foreign Transactions

    Coinbase-australian debit card

    Coinbase is one of the world’s most reputable exchanges, and its crypto debit card offers investors an easy way to spend crypto worldwide.

    In order to use the Visa debit card, an investor must have a Coinbase balance that can be credited to the card. The card is accepted in millions of locations worldwide, so users can make payments to merchants in Australia and beyond.

    Customers can use the Coinbase card for international transactions with no annual, foreign transaction or card issuance fee. Users also get up to 4% cashback in crypto rewards.

    Cryptocurrencies supported by the Coinbase Card are limited to only 8: BTC, ETH, LTC, BAT, REP, BCH, XLM, and ZRX. The card is also integrated into the Coinbase app for easy accessibility and monitoring of spending and limits in one place.

    Coinbase Card stands out from other popular crypto debit cards for Australians due to its unique structure. The card charges no fees except the 1% conversion fee and the 3% international purchase fee. Additionally, Australian investors who travel frequently will benefit from the card’s availability across the globe.

    The Coinbase Card is secured with two-step verification and an instant freeze feature that users can use if their card is compromised.

    We summarised all the Coinbase Card key features, but we also made an in-depth Coinbase Card Australia Review page that you can check out.



    Binance Card - Best Card with Up to 8% Cashback

    Binance-Visa-Card australia

    The Binance crypto debit card allows investors to convert and spend crypto coins at 60 million+ online and physical stores across the world. The Binance Visa card enables real-time conversion to fiat, and it offers up to 8% cash back in BNB on all eligible purchases.

    Being part of the world’s largest exchange makes the card a good choice for domestic and local transactions. Processing and administrative fees are also waived with the card.

    One of the Binance Visa Card’s most impressive features is its crypto-holding. The card allows investors to hold the crypto available for card payments in their Binance funding wallet and swap to fiat only when making payments. This way, they can earn free BNB rewards for holding their assets.

    It is also accepted in more than 60 million locations and supports 14 cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, ADA, XRP, BNB, DOT, BUSD, LAZIO, PORTO, SANTOS, SHIB, SXP, USDT, and AVAX.

    Just like the exchange, Binance requires card users to be verified, ensuring security. The exchange with robust encryption and security features like cold asset storage and insurance fund.



    Wirex Card - Best for International and Local Investors

    what-is-wirex-card australia

    The Wirex Visa Card is a multicurrency crypto card that allows users to spend fiat and crypto at various physical and online stores worldwide. The revolutionary crypto card converts digital assets to local currencies at the point of sale to offer users an easy payment system wherever they are.

    The card supports 50+ crypto and fiat currencies. Users also earn up to 2% cashback in Wirex Token (WXT) rewards for every purchase. When used for international payments, the card uses the best live exchange rates with zero exchange fees. In-app alerts also help investors keep an eye on their spending.

    The Wirex Card charges no shipping or issuance fee, meaning users can access both its virtual and physical crypto debit cards with zero payment. Its support for multiple currencies, including fiat and popular crypto assets, makes the Wirex card ideal for people who want to save costs and easily spend money anywhere in the world. However, the card charges a monthly fee.

    Regarding security, the Wirex Card is issued bySutton Bank in Ohio, United States, and it’s insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Users can also safeguard their cards with 2FA.



    Table with Comparison of Cards listed

    Crypto.com CardPrepaid Debit Card40+No Issuance Fee
    CoinJar CardPrepaid Debit Card50+No Issuance Fee
    CryptoSpend CardPrepaid Debit Card614.99 AUD Issuance Fee
    Coinbase CardPrepaid Debit Card8No Issuance Fee
    Binance CardPrepaid Debit Card14No Issuance Fee
    Wirex CardPrepaid Debit Card50+No Issuance Fee

    What is a Crypto Card?

    best crypto card australia

    A Crypto card is a rewards credit or debit card that allows crypto investors to spend their coins like traditional fiat currency. Usually, these crypto debit cards or their credit versions are built by cryptocurrency exchanges to offer their customers alternative and flexible payment options. 

    Cryptocurrency cards are usually packed with rewards, especially cashback and discounts, that users can enjoy for their spending. Usually, card payment giants like Visa and MasterCard power cryptocurrency cards

    How Does it Work?

    With crypto cards, the digital assets must be converted to fiat before they can be spent. Some cryptocurrency cards convert fiat automatically, while others require users to fund their cards with fiat via bank transfers or credit/debit cards.

    The major perk of cryptocurrency cards is that they offer free crypto rewards via cashback. The rewards vary by exchange and card, but they are great incentives for using the card. However, different cards have stipulated fees and other terms and conditions, so investors must research before making a choice.

    Types of Crypto Cards

    Like traditional cards, cryptocurrency cards are available in virtual and physical forms. These cards are also either debit or credit cards.

    Crypto debit cards support payments, but they are funded ahead of transactions and require no credit checks, while crypto credit cards require credit checks and can affect cardholders’ credit scores.

    How to Use a Crypto Card

    To use a crypto card, users must have a connected crypto account on an exchange. The card or exchange wallet must also be funded for the transactions as it typically works like prepaid cards. Crypto cards have similar physical features as traditional debit cards, so they can be used for POS payments, online purchases, ATM withdrawals, and bill payments.

    How to Choose the Right Crypto Card

    Whether crypto debit cards or credit cards, choosing the best cryptocurrency card depends on the investor and their needs. However, there are a few things to look out for before making a choice. They include:

    • Security features and measures in place to safeguard users and their funds
    • Fees charged by the crypto card. These include issuance, monthly, ATM withdrawal fees, etc. 
    • Staking requirements and rewards for card issuance and crypto staking across card tiers. 
    • Rewards programs like cashback and other benefits.
    • Supported cryptocurrencies to know which aligns with the investor’s portfolio.
    • Supported countries and regions to verify card availability in the investor’s location.

    How to Get a Crypto Credit Card

    As stated earlier, cryptocurrency cards are usually part of cryptocurrency exchanges. To get a crypto credit card, investors must create an account on the exchange and then follow the steps below. 

    • Download the App on the Google Play Store or App Store.
    • Verify ID by submitting the necessary personal information and KYC documents and a photo. Documents include proof of identity documents like a passport, driver’s license, or other valid government-issued IDs. Proof of address documents like utility bills and bank account statements are also required for this process. 
    • Request a crypto credit card after ID verification by visiting the card section of the mobile app. 

    In order to qualify for crypto credit cards, It is important to check the credit score requirement for the card chosen prior to applying.

    Final Thoughts

    Cryptocurrency cards offer investors an alternative way to spend crypto assets and earn rewards. We’ve highlighted the best crypto cards for Australians in this guide. These crypto cards offer decent cashback and rewards that investors can enjoy.

    However, before choosing a card, investors should carefully consider their peculiarities, including pros and cons, fees, and perks.

    Do not miss out on getting a crypto wallet too, we have made a list with the best ones for Australians, check it out.


    Most frequent questions and answers

    Our overall best cryptocurrency card for Australians is the Crypto.com card. The card supports 40+ crypto assets, and users can earn up to 5% cashback on crypto purchases. Cardholders can also earn up to 12% interest annually when they stake CRO.

    The best cryptocurrency debit card has great perks and security features. An example is the Binance Card.

    Binance offers the lowest trading fees in Australia. The exchange’s 0.1% trading fee (which can further reduce by 25% with BNB payment) is lower than the industry average. 

    The Trezor wallet is the safest in Australia. Its Model T is a hardware wallet that uses secret mathematical shares instead of private keys.

    The Crypto.com crypto debit card can be a worthy investment for investors who want a crypto card that allows them to spend and stake crypto for rewards. The card offers between 10% and 12% staking interest per year.

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