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Best Crypto-Friendly Neobanks

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Best Overall

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Best for Hybrid Robo-Advisor

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Best for Fractional Ownership of Cryptos

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Best for Bitcoin ETFs

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Best for Crypto Selection

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Best for Custom Investment Portfolio

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Best for Credit Builder Loans

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Best For Fee-Free Accounts

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In this article, we will review the top crypto-friendly neobanks. 

To come up with our list we got first-hand experience of each Neobank, analyzed user reviews from platforms like TrustPilot, and considered expert analysis.

Best Crypto-Friendly Neobanks: Our Pick

Through our team’s direct experience and analysis, we have determined that our pick for the best crypto-friendly neobank is Revolut. The Neobank supports over 100 cryptocurrencies and though that isn’t the largest selection it allows users to exchange their crypto within the app for over 30 fiat currencies which gives a broader use case for the global audience.

Table of Contents
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    Revolut - Best Crypto-Friendly Neobank for Cryptocurrency Conversion to Fiat

    Revolut's New Home Page - 1280x720

    Founded in 2015 and headquartered in the United KingdomRevolut is an all-in-one Neobank that offers everything from banking services to debit card purchases, checking accounts, cash management accounts, savings accounts, cryptocurrencies, etc. 

    Revolut hosts over 30 million active users and supports more than 200 nations of the world. It also has over 500,000 business accounts all attached to unique users. 

    However, this isn’t why it made it on our list of the top crypto-friendly banks. It did so for its cryptocurrency exchange services. 

    Revolut is the only neobank that allows users to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies for more than 30 fiat currencies within the app. This makes for easy usage to the global audience.

    Key Features of Revolut

    Revolut Vaults

    With Revolut Vaults, users get access to a type of savings account that allows them to store their cash in their bid to achieve a financial goal quickly. The Revolut Vault can hold all supported fiat currencies on the neobank. 

    Revolut separates the money in the Vault from the regular account and it can be topped up using funds already added to Revolut via traditional banks or cryptocurrency. 

    You can also transfer money between the Vault and regular account whenever you choose. This feature is only available via the Revolut mobile app, not the Neobank’s website. 

    Revolut Crypto Learn and Earn

    Aside from its typical banking services, Revolut offers a crypto Learn and Earn section within the app that allows users to earn cryptocurrencies whenever they complete lessons on particular tokens and pass a small quiz. 

    However, you can only receive a cryptocurrency reward once for a particular course or lesson even though you can review the lesson content and take the quiz as much as you want. 

    Revolut even allows participants of the Learn and Earn program to check the reward amount before starting the lesson. 

    The actual rewards earned may vary depending on your cryptocurrency activity and can be modified in time or stopped. 

    Also, while Revolut Learn and Earn rewards are paid in cryptocurrency, the platform displays the payment in fiat currencies. Once received, you have the flexibility to transfer or sell them at any point.

    Revolut Security

    Revolut is regulated as a financial technology company by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom. It partners with the Metropolitan Commercial Bank.

    However, its cryptocurrency services are not regulated or FDIC-insured

    That said, the Neobank offers standard account security features like account PIN/Passcode, password, facial recognition or fingerprint login, and SMS two-factor authentication.

    Users can also freeze fraudulent Revolut debit card purchases and transactions if the need arises.

    Country Availability

    Revolut is available to residents of the following regions and countries including Japan, Switzerland, Brazil, Australia, the European Economic Area (EEA), the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Singapore.



    Eager to dive deeper? Discover the full spectrum of what this neobank offers in our comprehensive Revolut review. Learn how it stands out in the bustling world of crypto-friendly banking.

    M1 Finance - Best Hybrid Robo-advisor Crypto-Friendly Neobank

    M1's Home Page - 1280x720

    Founded by Brian Barnes, M1 Finance is a hybrid robo-advisor neobank that offers online and mobile banking services. It integrates banking services, investment (including cryptocurrencies), and borrowing into one mobile app. 

    It is FDIC-insured with an aggregate total of up to $5,000,000 on its savings accounts and SPIC- insured up to $500,000 per user. 

    For its crypto support, the hybrid robo-advisor Neobank offers only 3 popular coins that users can invest in, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. 

    You can only purchase cryptocurrencies on M1 Finance using funds deposited by traditional banks, you cannot send purchased coins to external wallets or deposit digital assets directly.

    Key Features of M1 Finance

    M1 Invest 

    With M1 Invest you can automatically invest deposited funds in a custom portfolio of ETFs and stocks

    Using the custom portfolio you can modify the proportions of the different stocks and ETFs available. 

    You can create a portfolio from scratch or add slices of already created Expert Pies (portions of portfolios) to your custom creation. Your funds will be allocated in proportion to the slices in a portfolio. 

    Margin Loan 

    M1 Margin Loans allow users to borrow up to 40% of their account value for as low as a 7.25% interest rate with M1 Plus. This is all paperwork free and it’s arguably one of the lowest interest rates in the industry. 

    That said, the M1 Plus margin rate is dependent on your paid annual subscription. For example, M1 Plus account users have lower rates than others.  

    The loans are also only available on margin accounts with a minimum of $2,000 invested per account and not all securities are available for M1 Margin Loans. 

    To pay back the loan, M1 features automatic payback schedules, and M1 Plus Smart Transfers.

    M1 Margin Loans are not available for Custodial and Retirement accounts.

    Security of M1 Finance

    Though M1 Finance offers banking services, it is not a bank therefore it partners with regulated traditional banks like Lincoln Savings Bank which allows it to offer its Checking accounts. 

    Its checking accounts and savings accounts are FDIC-insured but its cryptocurrency accounts aren’t protected by SPIC insurance. 

    You can also protect your account using standard security measures such as adaptive multi-factor authentication, passwords, and two-factor authentication.

    Countries Availability

    M1 Finance is only available to permanent residents of the United States and citizens of the same.



    Want the complete lowdown? Our extensive M1 Finance review delves into every nook and cranny of this neobank’s crypto offerings. Don’t miss out on the details that could sway your decision!

    Current - Best Crypto-Friendly for Fractional Ownership of Cryptocurrency

    Current's Home Page - 1280x720

    Founded in 2015, the Current is a FinTech company that provides banking services like a savings bank account via its partnership with traditional banks like Choice Financial Group and Metropolitan Commercial Bank. 

    The Neobank also offers a debit card and various financial tools for budgeting, direct deposits, and savings. 

    That said, Current made it into this list of the best crypto-friendly banks for its support of fractional crypto ownership. This means that investors don’t have to own a full coin but can hold “shares” of a supported cryptocurrency.

    Key Features of Current

    Current Pay 

    This Current feature is the Neobank’s P2P platform that allows users to transfer funds to other Current users. 

    The feature is typically used for sending money instantly to relatives or splitting the cost of a bill between friends.

    All Current users have a unique account tag and QR code that can be used to share their Current Pay profile or discover recipients. 

    To execute Current Pay transactions, the Neobank funds requests using your Current balance. However, in the case where your balance is insufficient, you can add external funding sources like your bank account to deposit funds. 

    Mobile Check Deposit

    Using this feature, Current users can easily deposit funds using checks from their mobile devices

    There would be no need to line up in making halls to deposit, rather all you need to do is take a picture of the check using your phone via the Current app and Current will add the funds to your account.

    Security of Current

    Current utilizes the standard security measures in the industry for account protection including biometric locks such as fingerprint authentication and face scanning. 

    The neobank also requires the Social Security Number of all users to ensure that it fulfills the KYC verification requirements placed by the law. 

    Also, all user data on the platform either in transit or at rest are encrypted.

    Countries Availability

    Current is only available to users resident in the United States.



    Hungry for more insights? From user experience to crypto integration, our detailed Current review covers it all. See why this neobank is making waves in the crypto community.

    Acorns - Best Crypto-Friendly Neobank for Bitcoin ETFs

    Acorns' Home Page - 1280x720

    Backed by industry giants like PayPal, BlackRock, Rakuten, and NBCUniversal, Acorns is a micro-investing Neobank that allows its users to invest with spare change

    Users get access to a checking account, savings account, a robo-advisor platform, retirement savings account, etc. 

    Acorns is popular primarily for its celebrity investors which include Ashton Kutcher, Dwayne Johnson, and Dany Garcia. 

    That said, it made it on our list for its Bitcoin ETF offerings, which allows investors to invest in Bitcoin as an underlying asset.

    Key Features of Acorns

    Acorns Early

    This is a Uniform Transfer/Gift to Minors Account (UTMA/UGMA) created to allow parents to invest funds for their child’s future. 

    It isn’t like the typical college savings funds where the funds added must be used for educational purposes rather it offers more flexibility. 

    Parents can use the saved funds in various ways that directly benefit the child beyond formal education.

    Bitcoin ETFs

    Acorns does not allow users to purchase crypto (Bitcoin) directly, rather it offers Bitcoin exposure via ETF BITO which offers investment in Bitcoin Futures.

    Acorns Security

    Acorns is registered in the United States as an investment adviser and is subject to regulatory oversight by FINRA and the SEC. 

    It is also a member of SIPC, which means that all Securities in customer accounts are protected by up to $500,000.

    For account security, Acorns uses typical measures like two-factor authentication, account login alerts, and automatic logouts after periods of extended inactivity.

    Countries Availability

    Acorns are only available to residents of the United States.



    Looking for the nitty-gritty? We’ve dissected every feature of this neobank to give you a clear perspective. Understand its crypto edge in our all-encompassing Acorns review.

    N26: Best Crypto-Friendly Neobank With the Largest Selection of Cryptocurrencies

    N26 Home Page - 1280x720

    Founded in 2013, N26 is a German Neobank that allows users to send money online via its banking services. When compared to other top Neobanks, N26 made it on this list for its large selection of cryptocurrencies. It supports over 200 cryptocurrencies, including popular coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. 

    It offers a physical and virtual debit card and also gives users access to financial products like money management features, an online financial calculator, and insurance. 

    N26 supports several deposit methods including Direct deposits, mobile transfers, credit cards, etc. 

    N26 monthly fees range from €0 to €16.90 per month.

    Key Features of N26

    N26 Spaces Sub-accounts 

    Spaces are sub-accounts that give you an easy way to manage your finances. Spaces sub-accounts sit alongside your account and you can create up to 10 sub-accounts with unique IBANs

    The unique IBAN allows you to make direct debits and receive bank transfers right from each space. 

    Your ability to receive and spend money through Spaces sub-accounts does not affect the normal functioning of your main account. 

    N26 supports shared Spaces. Shared Spaces allows you to save and spend as a group. With it, you can collectively save and manage funds for group expenses. 

    N26 Smart 

    This is a Premium membership bank account that gives access to a debit card and intelligent money management tools

    N26 Smart users also have access to a paperless banking experience which includes mobile payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay, automatic categorization of spending, instant notifications, and a digital Mastercard. 

    Users enjoy fee-free payments around the world and up to 5 fee-free ATM withdrawals. 

    It also has a Round-up feature which lets you save your spare change by rounding up your purchases to the nearest Euro.

    N26 Security

    N26 is a fully licensed German online bank that adheres to all European regulatory requirements. It is supervised by the Financial Markets Regulator. 

    Users’ funds are protected up to €100,000 by the German Deposit Protection Scheme. 

    Also, our detailed research and testing of this Neobank indicates that N26 has several security measures in place to ensure the security of both the N26 mobile app and website. 

    Available security measures include biometric authentication, two-factor authentication, 3D Secure, and real-time push notifications on all account activities.

    Countries Availability

    N26 is available in 24 countries. 

    Supported countries include Germany, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Finland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Portugal, Slovenia, Estonia, France, etc.



    Need a deeper understanding? Our meticulous N26 review shines a light on what makes this neobank a top choice for crypto enthusiasts. Unlock the full story behind its rise.

    Wealthsimple: Best Crypto-Friendly Neobank for Building Custom Investment Portfolio

    Wealthsimple's New Home Page - 1280x720

    Founded in 2014, with its headquarters in Toronto, Wealthsimple is a Neobank that stands out for allowing users to build their investment portfolios

    Wealthsimple supports the buying, selling, and staking of over 63 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, ApeCoin, Aave, etc. 

    It offers several account types including crypto accounts and Tax-Free savings accounts. 

    Wealthsimple charges no commissions and has no minimum balance requirements

    As already stated Wealthsimple allows each user to build a custom portfolio. These portfolios are a combination of equities and bonds and are aligned to custom financial goals set by the account holder.

    Key Feature of Wealthsimple

    Wealthsimple Cash Account 

    This is a hybrid account that lets you pay, get paid, and earn interest on your deposits

    The Cash account gives you access to a cash card and also allows seamless sending and receiving of funds using a phone number or cash handle. 

    You can send and receive up to $5,000 daily. 

    Other available features include Pre-authorized debit, Bill payment, INTERAC eTransfer, and direct deposit. 

    With the Cash account, you can automatically invest your paycheck and earn 4% interest on the money in your account and 1% on crypto as well as cashback rewards when you spend from your Cash account.

    Wealthsimple does not charge any fees for the Cash Account.

    Wealthsimple Security

    Wealthsimple is a registered Money Services Business with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada. 

    All account balances in the Wealthsimple Cash Account are held with the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation with protection for a combined amount of up to CAD 300,000

    Wealthsimple is backed by $380m in investments from some of the world’s largest financial institutions and users accounts held with custodial brokers are protected within specified limits in the event of insolvency. 

    Users’ accounts are also protected against unauthorized access using security measures like state-of-the-art data encryption and two-factor authentication.

    Countries Availability

    Wealthsimple is only available to residents of Canada.



    Want to uncover all its secrets? Every crypto feature, every advantage, every pitfall – our Wealthsimple review leaves no stone unturned. Make an informed decision with our expert insights.

    MoneyLion: Best Crypto-Friendly Neobank for Credit Builder Loans

    MoneyLion's Home Page - 1280x720

    MoneyLion offers a suite of financial products that enable users to build and manage their finances per their personal goals. 

    This crypto-friendly Neobank stands out for its exceptional offering of credit builder loans.

    The Credit Builder Loan helps you establish 12 months of payment history with all 3 credit bureaus. The annual percentage rate for the loans ranges from 5.99% APR to 29.99% APR. 

    MoneyLion supports 4 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, and Litecoin. 

    It also offers 4 different account types as well as a physical debit card.

    Key Features of MoneyLion

    Credit Builder Plus 

    This is a credit-building membership designed to help members build or repair their credit and track their financial health.

    Credit Builder Plus membership costs $19.99 per month. 

    Credit Builder Plus membership unlocks access to several benefits including High Instacash Limits, eligibility for the Credit Builder Plus investment loan, cashback rewards from the Lion Share loyalty program, access to a RoarMoney account, and a credit monitoring tool. 

    It also gives you access to online merchant discounts and MoneyLion’s Financial Heartbeat which is made up of a financial tracker and financial literacy materials.

    MoneyLion Security

    MoneyLion is not a bank, it is a regulated Financial technology company with FDIC Insured third-party partner traditional banks. 

    MoneyLion prioritizes the security of user’s funds and personal information. 

    It has strict account verification guidelines and protects users’ accounts with two-factor authentication.

    Countries Availability

    The MoneyLion is only available to legal residents of the 50 States in the United States and the District of Columbia.



    Curious about the buzz? Join us as we unravel the unique crypto capabilities of this neobank. Our MoneyLion review offers a holistic view that you won’t find elsewhere.

    Juno Finance: Best Crypto-Friendly Neobank with Low Fees

    Juno Finance's Home Page - 1280x720

    Headquartered in Singapore, this crypto-friendly Neobank supports over 30 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Algorand, Bitcoin Cash, etc. 

    Unlike most neobanks that support one fiat currency, Juno Finance supports 6 fiat currencies including EUR, USD, INR, PESO, GBP, and CNY. 

    Juno Finance only offers a Checking account. It does not offer a Savings account. 

    You can earn a 5% on all cash deposits up to $100,000 and 3% on cash deposits from $10,001 up to $250,000.

    It supports several payment methods including Domestic Wire Deposit, direct deposit, Instant P2P funding, Linked card deposits, Transfer from external accounts, etc. 

    There are no monthly fees or yearly fees. 

    A physical debit card is made available on request from your Checking account dashboard.

    Key Features of Juno Finance

    Juno Metal Account 

    The Juno Metal account is the highest-tier checking account on Juno. It gives you access to greater cashback benefits and enhanced limits on the platform.

    The Metal account gives you a yearly cashback of $500 and a 13.3g stainless steel core card which can be used for ATM purchases and withdrawals. 

    To be qualified for the Metal Checking account, you need to make a direct deposit of at least $250

    If your monthly direct deposit falls below $250 or is discontinued within 90 days, your Metal account is automatically downgraded back to the Basic Checking account. 

    Juno Basic Checking Account 

    This is a high-yield checking account for beginners and first-time users who want access to all the essential functionalities needed by most crypto traders. 

    There is no monthly maintenance fees or minimum opening deposit required for this account. 

    The Basic Checking account offers lower limits when compared to the accounts like the Metal account. 

    With the Basic Checking account, you can earn 5% APY on balances up to $50,000.

    Juno Finance Security

    Leveraging our expertise in Neobanks, we observed that Juno Finance does not manage funds like a traditional bank. 

    The funds in the Checking accounts are facilitated by Evolve Bank & Trust. Evolve Bank & Trust offers FDIC insurance coverage for USD deposits extending up to $250,000. 

    That said, users’ crypto assets held in their accounts are not protected by FDIC insurance or any third-party or government-backed insurance. 

    Juno Finance protects users’ accounts using a two-layer security architecture which comprises a security login and confirmation PIN. 

    The confirmation PIN is a 4-digit code required every time you make a transfer or connect/disconnect your phone. 

    The security login on the other hand consists of a username and password or fingerprint/face recognition.

    Countries Availability

    Juno Finance is available in over 100 countries including the United States, Singapore, and India. 



    Ready to explore further? Grasp the full essence of this neobank’s crypto integration with our in-depth Juno Finance review. Equip yourself with knowledge before taking the plunge.

    SoFi: Best Crypto-Friendly Neobank for Fee-free Checking and Savings Account Services

    SoFi's Home Page - 1280x720

    SoFi is a personal finance and Neobank founded in 2011. It is headquartered in San Francisco, the United States. 

    SoFi supports 22 cryptocurrencies. Aside from the high markup for crypto transactions, unlike other crypto-friendly banks, It does not allow you to send or withdraw purchased coins to external wallets. 

    That said, SoFi stands out for its fee-free banking service. It is also easy to set up and is best for personal loans and refinancing. 

    Aside from its crypto services, SoFi offers other services like private student loans, mortgage loans, student loan refinancing, SoFi Invest, etc.

    Key Features of SoFi

    SoFi Checking and Savings Account 

    Just as the name implies, this is a combination of both Checking and Savings accounts with no monthly fees

    With the Checking account, you get a $250 welcome bonus as a new user and fee-free ATM withdrawals. 

    The Savings account offers you a competitive rewards rate on your earnings. 

    With the Savings account, you can earn up to 4.50% APY

    There are no minimum balance requirements for the SoFi Checking and Savings account. There are also no fees or service charges. 

    The Checking and Savings account gives you access to SoFi membership which unlocks access to premium benefits like access to the SoFi reward points program, a certified financial planner, discount on SoFi products, access to the SoFi Stadium, etc.

    SoFi Security

    SoFi is an FDIC-insured nationally chartered Bank. It offers brokerage products and checking and savings accounts via SoFi Securities LLC, member FINRA/SIPC. 

    Crypto transactions are completed using reputable crypto companies like Coinbase

    SoFi systems and security controls are constantly reviewed by third parties against SOC2, SSAE 18, and PCI DSS security standards. 

    Users’ accounts are protected with several security features including SSL encryption, biometric login, and two-factor authentication.

    Countries Availability

    SoFi bank is primarily for US Citizens, permanent residents, and non-permanent resident aliens.



    Seeking more clarity? Our thorough SoFi review breaks down the crypto functionalities of this neobank, helping you gauge its true potential. Stay ahead of the curve with our insights.

    Best Crypto-Friendly Neobanks Comparison Table

    RevolutPersonal and Business100+USD, EUR, GBP, +33Free account to £45 per monthYes
    M1 FinanceCustodial accounts, Individual Retirement account, Individual Brokerage account, Trust accounts, and Crypto account3 (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin)USD$95 annually or $10 monthly for M1 Finance PlusYes
    CurrentCurrent Account (Personal) and Teen Account30+USDNo monthly or annual feesYes
    AcornsSavings account, Acorns Later, Acorns Early, Acorns ESG Portfolios, Acorns Earn, and Checking accountBitcoin via Bitcoin ETFsUSDStarts from $3 monthlyYes
    N26Standard account, Business account, and premium account200+Euro€0 to €16.90 per monthYes
    WealthsimpleCrypto account, TFSA, Non-registered account, RRSP, Spousal RRSP, RRIF, LIRA, RESP, and Save or Joint Save63+USD and CADUp to 0.5% management feeYes
    MoneyLionMoneyLion Investment account, Roar Money, Instacash, and Credit Builder Plus4 (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum)USDUp to $19.99 monthlyYes
    Juno FinanceBasic checking account and Metal checking account30+USD, INR, EUR, GBP, PESO, CNYFreeYes on request
    SoFiSoFi checking and savings account22USDN/AYes

    What is a Neobank?

    A neobank is a financial technology company with a partner bank that helps it offer banking services.

    How to Choose the Right Neobank?

    To choose the right neobank consider the following:

    • Account types available 
    • Monthly fees applicable or not
    • Investment options supported
    • Loan facilities available
    • Regulation status of its partner bank
    • FDIC or SPIC-insurance availability


    From our extensive testing of neobanks, we found that the companies listed above are the most crypto-friendly options in the industry. However, there’s still the dilemma of which Neobank to go for, so use the parameters listed in the “How to Choose the Right Neobank” section to select your preferred choice based on your particular needs.


    Most frequent questions and answers

    Revolut is arguably the most successful Neobank as it has since surpassed over 30 million users.

    Neobanks offer different features, so the most reliable option will be the one that satisfies your particular needs the best. For example, if you want a large selection of cryptocurrencies then N26 will be the most reliable option.

    Chime is the largest neobank in the United States. It offers different account types including the Chime Savings Account and Chime Checking accounts.

    Neobanks are less expensive than traditional banks as they have no account opening fees, minimum requirements, higher interest rates, and faster access to loan facilities.

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