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Stoic.ai Review 2024: Scam or Legit?

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stoic ai review

Stoic.ai Review: Our Opinion

The Stoic crypto trading bot is one of the most affordable automated trading services on the market. However, that comes with a ton of limitations

The crypto trading bot supports just 4 automated crypto trading strategies and only connects to 2 exchange account platforms. In comparison, other crypto trading bots services support over 6 crypto exchange accounts. 

It is also primarily a hedging crypto trading bot service and focuses majorly on the futures market.

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    Intro/Company Overview About the Stoic Crypto Trading Bots Creators

    stoicai review

    Stoic crypto automated trading bot was founded by Cindicator’s hedge fund team in 2020 as an automatic portfolio manager. 

    The automated crypto trading bots service can best be described as a crypto quant hedge fund available to anyone with the minimum investment amount required. 

    Stoic automatically manages your crypto portfolio on your digital asset exchange account including Binance Global account, Coinbase account, and Binance US account. 

    The trading strategies for managing your crypto portfolio were developed by the team behind the Cindicator Capital hedge fund. 

    The Cindicator Capital hedge fund team has been collecting financial forecast data since 2015 and then processes them by ML models to deliver trading signals. 

    These trading signals are then used to create trading strategies. 

    The company started with the long-only index strategy for the top 100 altcoins using a portfolio rebalancing strategy. This portfolio rebalancing strategy is done daily to make sure the investment remains stable and grows. 

    In 2022, the Stoic team added the Fixed income strategy, and then in 2023 they began accepting clients on Meta and Meta Long-Only trading strategies.



    Unique Features

    Stoic.ai Mobile App

    The Stoic.ai mobile app grants you access to automated crypto trading on the go

    With the mobile app, you can access private, secure hedge-fund grade automated trading from your Coinbase and Binance exchange account. 

    The auto trading occurs within the stoic app software, this allows each specified trading strategy to capitalize on various market inefficiencies. 

    Also, the Stoic mobile app has a user-friendly interface suitable for both beginners and advanced traders. 

    The mobile app gives you access to 4 automated trading bot crypto strategies:

    Fixed Income, Meta, and Long Only.

    The mobile app has several features and advantages including the following:

    • Regular Rebalancing 
    • 24/7 automatic trading 
    • Zero Manual trading 
    • Low price with a range of robust features 
    • Binance bot trading 
    • Withdraw at any time with no penalty fees 
    • No portfolio limits

    To start trading with the Stoic.ai mobile, download the app from your Google Play Store or Apple Store. 

    Next, connect your Coinbase or Binance account and view the demo for free. 

    Finally, choose a pricing plan and your trading will be automated. 

    The mobile app does not have access to your crypto assets, the crypto assets remain in your exchange account.

    Stoic Referral Program

    The Stoic.ai referral program allows you to get a discount on service fees when you refer active users to the app. 

    You can invite referrals to sign up for Stoic through email, social invitation, or text via the Stoic web app or mobile app. 

    The Stoic program is available to all users who have paid Stoic service fees

    Below is a breakdown of the service fee discount for every new qualified user you refer to Stoic. 

    • 1 invited user: your Service Fee will be 4.5%
    • 2 invited users: your Service Fee will be 4%
    • 3 invited users: your Service Fee will be 3,5%
    • 4 invited users: your Service Fee will be 3%
    • 5 and more invited users: your Service Fee will be 2.5%

    You will only receive a discount as a referee if your referrals have paid the service fee and have deposited over $1,000. 

    The service fee for qualified new users is 4.5%. Qualified new users can also participate in the Referral Program. 

    Referees are not allowed to invite family, friends, or people they know. All invitations can only be done via the interface in the mobile app. 

    Referees are also not allowed to give referrals, investment advice, or recommendations.

    Supported Crypto Exchange

    The Stoic.ai crypto trading bot supports three crypto exchanges: Binance Global, Coinbase, and Binance US.

    Trading Strategies

    strategies stoic ai

    The Stoic trading bot support 4 trading strategies as mentioned below:

    Long Only

    This is a spot crypto trading portfolio strategy that purchases rebalances altcoins daily and is best used when the market trend is rising (bull market). The weight of every digital asset is calculated hourly based on its most recent performance. 

    It is targeted at crypto traders who want to invest long-term in a diversified list of altcoins and don’t mind taking a huge risk for large returns. 

    Additional Details: 

    • Performance: 97.56%
    • Risk level: High
    • Min. Portfolio: $1,000
    • Exchange: Binance account and Coinbase account

    Stoic trading bot recommends the use of this strategy during upends or during market corrections. It also states that the trading bots using this strategy do not guarantee returns.

    Fixed Income

    Stoic crypto trading bots using this steady performance strategy earn a Binance account funding fee, which is a commission paid out to futures sellers every 8 hours. 

    The Fixed Income strategy is a market-neutral strategy / steady performance strategy with moderate risk and modest yield. It purchases spot assets and shorts them simultaneously on the futures market. It consistently rebalances buy and sell positions to mitigate risks and boost profit. 

    It is best for crypto traders looking to hedge against market swings and works best during periods of high volatility and downward trends. 

    Additional Details

    • Performance: 40.41%
    • Max drawdown: -1%
    • Risk level: Low
    • Min. Portfolio: $500
    • Exchange: Binance


    This futures crypto trading strategy is a market-neutral strategy that allocates funds across 12 sub-strategies simultaneously to ensure effectiveness in any market environment. 

    Its performance isn’t based on market trends and it maintains returns even during market crashes. 

    META is best used for crypto traders looking for uncorrelated but stable returns even in high market volatility. 

    Additional Details

    • Performance: 77.34%
    • Max drawdown: -14.5%
    • Risk level: Moderate
    • Min. Portfolio: $500
    • Exchange: Binance Futures

    META Long Only

    This is a dynamic crypto portfolio trading strategy that adjusts sub-strategy weights in favor of top performers in a shifting market environment. The bots adapt exposure to altcoins and Bitcoin based on the current market conditions for profit optimization. 

    It is best for crypto traders looking for long-term exposure to the market. 

    Additional Details

    • Performance: 941.97%
    • Risk Level: High
    • Min. Portfolio: $1,000
    • Exchange: Binance

    Customizable Strategies

    Stoic crypto trading bots do not support customization. All trading strategies are pre-built.

    Plans and Pricing

    stoic review pricing

    Stoic offers 2 pricing plans and accepts payments monthly or annually.

    If you opt to pay the subscription fee yearly, Stoic will shave off 50% of the crypto trading bots’ cost.

    Plus Pricing Plan

    The Plus Pricing plan requires you to hold a crypto trading investment of up to $10,000. It costs $50 if you’re paying monthly and $300 if you pay annually ($25 monthly).

    Pro Pricing Plan

    This Stoic subscription package requires a minimum crypto portfolio of over $10,000. The subscription cost is 5% annually in management fees. It is billed in crypto transfer. There is no monthly subscription for this package.

    Payment Methods

    Stoic supports only 2 payment methods: Credit and debit cards and cryptocurrency transfers. 

    That said, you cannot pay for the Pro Plan with a credit or debit card, only cryptocurrency. 

    Opening a Stoic Trading Bots Account

    To open a Stoic crypto trading bots account go to https://stoic.ai

    Next, click the menu button and tap Sign Up. 

    Enter your email address. 

    Stoic will send you login verification digits to your email address. 

    Enter these digits in their respective fields on the Stoic page. 

    That’s all! You’ve successfully created a Stoic crypto trading bots account. 

    Setting Up Stoic Trading Bots with Exchange

    To set up Stoic trading bots with your preferred exchange, log into your Stoic account. 

    You’ll land on your Overview page with all supported trading strategies listed. 

    Choose your preferred strategy then click on it. 

    Once the new page opens, click on the Connect Exchange button. 

    Tap on your preferred Exchange then hit the Choose button. 

    Choose Auto-Connect and then tap the Log in with Binance Account button. 

    This will automatically link your Binance account to Stoic and takes less than a minute.

    You can then run Stoic trading bots on Binance.

    Trading Experience/Using Stoic Trading Bots

    Stoic offers a limited trading experience as it offers only 4 trading strategies, most of which are hedging techniques.

    It also doesn’t offer customization, which restricts its use for advanced crypto traders. 


    Stoic.ai is an official Binance Broker and has been vetted by the exchange. The automated trading platform has also been featured on Nasdaq, The Verge, and Fidelity Investments. 

    Stoic.ai is operated by Cindicator Ltd., a Gibraltar private company. 

    Stoic.ai has several departments that work on strategy development for the AI crypto trading bot. This includes the Trading Platform team, Products team, Quant team, and DevOps team. 

    Each Stoic.ai strategy is hand-selected and subjected to extensive testing by the team before it is released to the application. 

    You do not need to transfer funds outside your exchange account to use the trading bot. This means your funds are safe at all times and will not be affected if Stoic experiences a security breach. 

    The app cannot withdraw funds from your account.

    It can only execute trades on your behalf. 

    All you need to do is to connect Stoic via API just like you would any AI crypto trading bot. You have full control of your crypto exchange account and can withdraw whenever you want to. 

    The platform has a team of security specialists focused on ensuring security across its products and infrastructure. The company executives are also directly involved in overseeing the security strategy for the platform. 

    Cindicator, the parent company of Stoic.ai adheres to the principle of least privilege in access management processes. 

    It does not sell users’ personal and sensitive data to advertisers or other third parties for advertisement purposes. Also, it implements zero trust principles in its products and systems. 

    Customer Service

    Stoic.ai has a dedicated team of customer success managers that offers one on one service to customers in need. The customer support team can be contacted via the in-app support feature or email. 

    Information on the Stoic.ai website shows that the customer support team responds to support requests within 24 hours or 48 hours max. 

    That said, Stoic.ai has limited educational materials available on its site. But the parent company Cindicator however has a whole section in its Help Center dedicated to Stoic.ai support articles.

    Does Stoic Offer Education?

    No, Stoic does not offer crypto trading or automated trading education.

    Stoc.ai Review: Final Thoughts

    The Stoic automated trading platform is best for crypto trading investors who don’t mind using a limited set of trading strategies. It offers affordable pricing plans and is straightforward to use as it supports instant connection to your preferred exchange. 

    That said, it lacks trading features popular with other crypto trading bots like arbitrage and DCA strategies.

    Stoic.ai’s features are vast, but the crypto trading landscape offers more. Explore another perspective with our Upbots Breakdown and get a comprehensive overview on our page featuring the best crypto bots.


    Most frequent questions and answers

    If you’re interested in using hedging techniques, the futures market, and have a Binance account, Stoic would be a good option. However, it has limited strategies available

    Stoic costs $300 annually or $50 monthly on the Plus plan. On the Pro plan, it costs $25. 


    To use Stoic.ai sign up, log in, choose a trading strategy, connect to your Binance or Coinbase account, then run the trading bot. 

    The minimum investment for Stoic is $500

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