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    Which is the Best crypto wallet South Africa in 2023?


    Best For Security


    Best For Beginners and Investors


    Best Bitcoin Wallet for Trust and Reliability


    Best Bitcoin Wallet for Security


    Best Bitcoin Wallet With Advanced Features

    If you live in South Africa and are interested in cryptocurrencies, you should consider storage. Whether you are an enthusiastic crypto investor or an experienced crypto trader, a safe Bitcoin wallet is essential to protect your digital assets.

    One of the key elements of holding digital assets is using a reliable crypto or Bitcoin wallet. A secure Bitcoin wallet is crucial to have to protect your digital assets, regardless of whether you are an advanced trader or an avid investor in cryptocurrencies. Finding the best crypto wallet in South Africa may be challenging because so many options are available. But you require a cryptocurrency wallet that ensures the safety of your money.

    This article describes some of the top crypto wallets in South Africa, their unique features, and how to create a Bitcoin wallet. We compared over 50 crypto wallets to assist you in selecting the best fit for your budget and cryptocurrency needs. To purchase digital currencies, you must choose a wallet where you may safely keep your money. Beginners may find it challenging and overwhelming to choose a wallet and learn how to utilize it.

    When seeking the best Bitcoin wallet in South Africa, there are several considerations that one must make. With so many options available, each with a different set of features, it could not be easy to pick the best one for you. In the section below, we explore various Bitcoin wallet providers in South Africa and list the top Bitcoin wallets in South Africa.

    Which is the best Crypto Wallets in South Africa? Our Opinion:

    Our choice of the best Bitcoin wallet is Trezor, the best Bitcoin wallet in the market. For newcomers, the Trezor One is the best hardware cryptocurrency wallet. It’s simple to set up and use. Through the Trezor Wallet app, you can buy assets and tokens instantly. Within the app, you can also exchange your cryptocurrency assets and tokens. The Trezor One bitcoin hardware wallet’s best qualities are its high level of security and Trezor’s comprehensive step-by-step setup, buying, and asset exchange functionality.

    Read on to know which Bitcoin wallets have made it to our top list.

    Best Bitcoin Wallets in South Africa

    Trezor - Best Bitcoin Wallet for Security


    When it comes to Bitcoin hardware wallet, the Trezor One and its more recent predecessor, the Model T, are excellent choices. These wallets are compatible with Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, and thousands of other cryptocurrencies. It makes it worthwhile if you want to expand your crypto investment portfolio and hold your assets in a secure offline cold storage wallet.

    Bitcoin Hardware wallets like the Trezor (One and Model T) are physical devices that store your private keys and enable you to verify each incoming transaction before it is processed.

    Trezor has a unique transparency strategy whereby they openly post known security flaws on their website and information on the impact, models affected, and the related repair. They are an excellent option for storing digital assets because of this and their long list of security measures.


    • The Trezor hardware wallet’s user interface is simple to use. Trezor Model T’s UI, unlike any other hardware wallet, may be used to manage a variety of cryptocurrencies.
    • Trezor wallets are multi-coin compatible, which is why the UI is dynamic. Users can change to firmware with a Bitcoin-only user interface, so the wallet is only utilized for Bitcoin transactions.
    • Trezor UI offers a number of in-wallet functions that are convenient for users. Most of these in-wallet functionalities integrate with exchanges like Coinbase and Binance. Users of Trezor T devices can move their digital assets to several well-known cryptocurrency exchanges and store them using these in-wallet tools.
    • Trezor Model T offers local support for Bitcoin transactions. Additionally, it facilitates numerous Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Zcash, and Vertcoin transactions.
    • Trezor Bitcoin wallets offer a wide range of support features and a wealth of educational materials. It is a comprehensive online resource for Bitcoin wallets. The Trezor devices include a comprehensive FAQ section that addresses many questions and provides definitive answers.
    • Trezor hardware gives consumers step-by-step instructions on how to start the wallet and use the hardware to run it. Users can use the troubleshooter feature of the Trezor software to look for quick fixes for usual problems.

    We summarised all the Trezor key features, but we also made an in-depth Trezor South Africa
     page that you can check out.


    TREZOR provides top-notch Bitcoin (BTC) security, protecting against physical and virtual theft.

    Since Trezor is a hardware wallet, you are in control of the private keys, and you can back up a full wallet using the 24 setup-generated words. The computer and device’s RNG produce the initial 24-word seed.

    The seed is generated offline and shown on the TREZOR’s screen to guarantee that the seed is never on an internet-connected device. PIN codes are necessary for setup and for making purchases.

    Similarly, the Trezor app software’s drop-down box requests two-factor authentication. The Trezor Model T complies with the Universal Second Factor (U2F) standard for the physical device through two-factor authentication. Additionally, you can use the FIDO2 security key to access a Trezor device. This key is compatible with other Trezor wallet services.


    The price starts from $99; hence it is costly for beginners.



    Trust Wallet - Best Bitcoin Wallet for Beginners and Investors


    The Trust Wallet is an open-source, decentralized, mobile crypto wallet. It is one of the best Bitcoin wallets for novice users and investors. It supports more than 160K assets and blockchains and enables traders to stake their crypto coins to earn interest. The wallet now handles other popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and the initial ERC20 and ERC223 tokens. Users of the wallet can purchase cryptocurrencies via the native DEX (decentralized exchange) that runs on the Kyber Network, thanks to the built-in Web3 browser. The Trust Wallet app lets users immediately access the numerous DApps (decentralized applications) created on the Ethereum network.


    • Trust Wallet’s user interface is straightforward, simple, and convenient to download and install on mobile devices. Because of this, the wallet has attracted more than 5 million active users to date and secured a relationship with Binance, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.
    • Trust Wallet downloads from the Apple Store or Google Play Store is free. Additionally, the platform does not charge its users any setup costs or monthly fees for using its services.
    • Because it is a non-custodial official crypto wallet app and does not keep any user data on its servers, Trust Wallet does not request any KYC compliance from its users when they are setting up their accounts on the Trust Wallet app.
    • The Trust Wallet app includes built-in charts that let users follow cryptocurrency prices without ever leaving the Bitcoin wallet app.
    • Trust Wallet overcomes the backup issue with most wallets by including a 12-word recovery phrase when users set up the wallet on their mobile devices. To retrieve and regain access to the wallet in the event of problems, users must write down these phrases and maintain them in a secure location.

    We summarised all the Trust key features, but we also made an in-depth Trust Wallet page that you can check out.


    Trust Wallet makes an effort to ensure that the assets are secure, even though, by its very nature (being a software wallet), it cannot guarantee security measures as strong as hardware wallets. It regularly conducts audits using the top security company Stateful.

    The app also uses various security features, including pin code scanning and fingerprint scanning, to offer an additional layer of security. Once the user registers for the program, the user can manually activate these protections by modifying the “Settings” feature.

    Trust Wallet users can keep their wallet keys on their personal computers instead of on the Trust Wallet servers. As a result, users are now solely responsible for safely storing private keys.


    Trust Wallet may be downloaded and set up for free, requiring only a few simple steps to get started. Users are liable for any associated gas costs when transmitting cryptocurrencies and NFTs from Trust Wallet to another wallet or smart contract. Users must also pay fees when buying cryptocurrencies from one of the six third-party providers. Those who own the app’s exclusive TWT token in their wallets are exempt from the additional cost Trust Wallet levies on crypto purchases made through their app.



    Luno Wallet - Best Bitcoin Wallet for Trust and Reliability

    luno wallet south africa

    One of the first Bitcoin exchanges to launch was Luno. It provides Coinbase-like services while expanding its reach even in nations where Coinbase is not available. Currently, it is South Africa’s most well-known cryptocurrency exchange. It has the nation’s highest trading volume, closely followed by Nigeria. It provides prestigious characteristics such as quick trade, fast deposit & withdrawal, direct bank account transfer, simple trading, price alert, etc.


    • Investing in cryptocurrencies is made simple with Luno. If you’re new to crypto and want an exchange with a low learning curve, it’s worth checking out because it features a user-friendly web platform and mobile app. You only need to add your debit card, choose how much money to spend, and authorize the transaction to purchase cryptocurrency.
    • Luno Bitcoin wallet has some of the best educational resources. Its learning portal offers general articles on cryptocurrencies and in-depth analyses of several cryptocurrencies. Additionally, it has a blog with the most recent cryptocurrency news and video content.
    • All clients of authorized cryptocurrency exchanges must have their identities verified; some exchanges are much faster than others. Luno is unquestionably on the quick side. Luno Bitcoin wallet usually verifies your identification within a few minutes of receiving the necessary data, your ID, and a selfie.
    • The company’s mobile wallet is the mobile version of Luno’s first top crypto wallet. The mobile wallet, frequently ranked among the top cryptocurrency wallets online, is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. It allows investors and traders to transact anytime and from any location.

    We summarised all the Luno key features, but we also made an in-depth Luno South Africa page that you can check out.


    Any crypto exchange must be secure, and Luno excels in this department. Most cryptocurrency is kept offline in cold storage, and the keys to this cryptocurrency are in safe deposit boxes. Luno significantly reduces the likelihood of someone stealing its customers’ money by storing cryptocurrencies offline and making them difficult to access.

    Instant Bitcoin transactions are possible using a multi-signature hot wallet. Key backups are in geographically dispersed safe deposit boxes as offline backups. Three keys are needed, one of which must be kept by an outside custodian for added security. Furthermore, the external custodian imposes velocity restrictions.

    Two-factor authentication (2FA) is supported to add an extra verification level and guarantee total security. By enabling 2FA, you will give your account an additional layer of protection—a one-time code you can create on your smartphone.



    Ledger - Best Bitcoin Wallet for Security


    Ledger has developed into a dynamic, expanding business that creates blockchain applications for businesses and individuals and infrastructure and security solutions for cryptocurrencies.

    The business has now sold 1,500,000 Ledger wallets in 165 countries. To create a secure chip for its series of wallets, Ledger created a unique operating system called BOLOS. Ledger takes pleasure in being the only market participant to offer this technology thus far.

    There are different types of Ledger hardware wallets, such as Nano X and Nano S


    • Each wallet from Ledger has a straightforward user interface. You may confirm your transactions at any moment using the display screen, and using the two navigation keys on the gadget is a breeze. The menu and app selection, PIN code entry, and backup passphrase input are all made easier by the navigation buttons.
    • Ledger Live is the only software that works with the Ledger. It is essential for managing your cryptocurrency assets. The program also contains features like staking, which enables you to generate passive income on a selection of crypto assets, acquire Bitcoin through its partner Coinify and lend cryptocurrency in exchange for interest.
    • The software is supported on Android and iOS using a Bluetooth connection. Ledger Live’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to manage all of your transactions and keep track of your balance in real-time.

    We summarised all the Ledger key features, but we also made an in-depth Ledger South Africa page that you can check out.


    The Ledger wallet uses the highest security measures to ensure that the wallet cannot be compromised. To begin with, each hardware wallet from Ledger has a verified chip built to withstand the most advanced attacks and safely store cryptographic information like private keys.

    To ensure that your physical device is impervious to malicious attacks, Ledger has gone a step further and developed a unique operating system (BOLOS) for its wallets. In addition, the bespoke OS creates additional protection on top of the secure chip by ensuring that your apps are kept separate from one another. Ledger also increases security by employing its genuine check, an authentication tool it developed that makes sure your wallets haven’t been compromised or modified by a third party.

    Ledger has a special security lab called Donjon Labs, where ethical hackers check their products for any weaknesses. These experts work tirelessly to test the security measures of Ledger’s goods and make sure that users’ assets are safe from any harmful attempts to gain unauthorized access.

    Any attempt to hack into your wallet would be unsuccessful because they would need your unique PIN, which only you have. Ledger enters a timed lockout after three unsuccessful PIN entry attempts, at which point you must input your backup passphrase to regain access to your wallet.


    Ledger offers the greatest bang for your buck when compared to other cryptocurrency wallets. The Ledger Nano S, which is their basic wallet, provides the same high level of security as the Ledger Nano X, their premium model. Here are the prices for Ledger wallets, bundles, and additional items:

    • Ledger Nano S: $59
    • Ledger Nano S Plus: $79
    • Ledger Nano X: $149
    • Ledger Backup Pack: $179



    Blue Wallet - Best Bitcoin Wallet With Advanced Features

    blue wallet south africa

    The BlueWallet is a Lightning Network-compatible, non-custodial Bitcoin wallet. It incorporates most of the most recent Bitcoin features and offers a comprehensive set of usability features. With a streamlined user interface, it also intends to be usable by beginners. The BlueWallet, which runs on iOS and Android and includes everything you need from a software wallet, is great for novice and experienced users.


    • To conduct transactions, you may connect BlueWallet with several hardware wallets, including the Coldcard. Thus, you benefit from having both a safe hardware wallet and a user-friendly software wallet.
    • The basic look of the wallet may make you initially believe it lacks the functions it advertises. Although it appears sparse, the user experience has been carefully thought out and is subtly crammed with features to safeguard your Bitcoin.
    • BlueWallet offers versatility on your chosen platform and is available on both desktop (Mac only) and mobile (iOS and Android).
    • On top of the Bitcoin blockchain, there is a “layer two” payment technology called the Lightning Network. Peer payments are made considerably quicker than with Bitcoin’s layer one network. You can use BlueWallet’s node to establish a Lightning wallet, or if you’re more experienced, you can link it to your own node.
    • In contrast to a single signature from a single key, multisig (multisignature) refers to the requirement of multiple keys to authorize a Bitcoin transaction. It raises the bar for transaction security while using Bitcoin.

    We summarised all the Blue Wallet key features, but we also made an in-depth Blue Wallet page that you can check out.


    The wallet makes use of the well-known 24-word recovery seed. Never bother keeping the private key for any unique public addresses your wallet creates.

    Your device keeps the private keys safe by encrypting them. These keys are only used when you sign a transaction, and you don’t actually see them. If you forget your wallet PIN or your phone goes missing, you can easily recover your funds by using the mnemonic recovery seed.

    Users of Blue wallet can choose a different password to decode a phony wallet. In this manner, you can quickly input the password for the fictional account if you ever need to be forced to release your wallet (cf. wrench attack). This function is only accessible after you have configured wallet encryption.

    To unlock, destroy, export a wallet, or sign a transaction, users of the wallet can activate biometrics. The ability to encrypt your wallets with an additional password is another feature of BlueWallet. BlueWallet does not offer 2FA.



    Wallets Comparison Table

    Trezor WalletSecurityProduct Price1800+
    Trust WalletBeginners and InvestorsNetwork Fees1,000,000+
    Luno WalletTrust and ReliabilityNetwork Fees10
    Ledger WalletMulti-asset StorageProduct Price5500
    Blue WalletAdvanced FeaturesNetwork FeesBitcoin Only

    What is a Crypto Wallet?

    A Crypto or Bitcoin wallet is a bit of software that lets you transfer and receive cryptocurrencies, store and keep track of your asset balances, and more. Similar to requiring an email client like Yahoo, Outlook, or Gmail to manage your emails, you’ll need a Bitcoin wallet to manage your funds. Using cryptocurrency wallets, one can access the Bitcoin blockchain. On the blockchain, they maintain track of Bitcoin addresses, updating their own balances when transactions take place.

    How Does A Crypto Wallet Work?

    • You must take an address (sometimes referred to as a public key) out of your wallet to receive money. If someone wants to send you cryptocurrency, find the “create address” option in your wallet, click it, then copy the alphanumeric address or QR code and give it to them.
    • To send funds, you need the Bitcoin wallet address of the receiving wallet. To transmit coins to another wallet, find the “send” feature in your wallet and enter the address of that wallet. Click “Confirm” after selecting the quantity of cryptocurrency you want to send. Before sending substantial sums of cryptocurrency, think about sending a tiny test transaction. Keep in mind that a fee must be paid to send Bitcoin, which goes to the miners in return for handling the transaction.

    Types of Crypto Wallets

    The two main types of cryptocurrency wallets are software wallets and hardware wallets.

    Software wallets are desktop applications or browser add-ons that facilitate cryptocurrency sending, receiving, and storing. Similar functions are served by hardware wallets, tangible objects that plug into a computer.

    A hardware wallet is a little gadget that can offline store cryptocurrency. A hardware wallet keeps your keys off of your phone or computer. Typically, a USB port is used to connect the hardware wallet. Because none of the signings takes place on your computer, this is far more secure.

    How to Choose the Right Wallet?

    If you’re planning to buy, trade, or invest in cryptocurrencies, you’ll need crypto wallets to store. While they serve similar functions, a crypto wallet differs from a regular wallet. So, what is a crypto wallet? It’s a physical or digital storage device for proof of the cryptocurrency you own. Unlike a normal wallet, it doesn’t store physical coins and bills. Instead, it holds the public and private keys required to authenticate and transfer your cryptocurrencies.

    While some crypto exchanges offer crypto wallets, their users can also choose them by storing cryptocurrencies with computer storage devices like external hard drives. To find out which crypto wallet is best for your needs, you’ll need to weigh several factors, like security and convenience.


    To store their cryptocurrency funds, every investor requires a wallet. Any investor who wants to buy, sell, or store Bitcoin in South Africa must select the best crypto wallet. Despite the wide range of choices, we believe the Trezor wallet is the best wallet for South African investors.

    The Trezor One is a great way to store your crypto. One of the top hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies is the Trezor, which is reasonably priced. The Trezor One Bitcoin hardware wallet’s best features are its high level of security and Trezor’s comprehensive step-by-step setup, buying, and asset exchange


    Most frequent questions and answers

    A private key is a confidential code that gives its owner access to their bitcoin holdings and allows them to prove their ownership of them. A 256-bit string that is especially used for bitcoin keys is represented as a mix of letters and digits.

    Yes you can have multiple crypto wallets. It makes sense for an investor to distribute a significant amount of cryptocurrency tokens over several wallets. This can improve privacy and help with risk management (for example, if you lose one private key, you still have access to all of your other wallets).

    Your Bitcoin wallet address will display as a lengthy string of numbers and letters. You can use this address to withdraw funds from your preferred broker or cryptocurrency exchange or to receive payments from other individuals.

    Many cryptocurrencies provide a desktop wallet made especially for their coin. Due to the fact that they can only be accessed from the computer they are installed on; desktop wallets offer a comparatively high level of security.

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