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Instantfunding.io Review South Africa 2024: Do You Really Receive Instant Funding?

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InstantFunding Review: Our Opinion

From our extensive testing of prop firms, we found that Instant Funding stands out for its quick access to proprietary trading capital. It operates with complete transparency, providing traders with detailed reports and analytics on their performance and profitability.

However, it has a steep pricing for its challenge program registration when compared to similar options.

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    Company Overview About the InstantFunding Proprietary Trading Firm

    InstantFunding was launched in June 2022

    It is headquartered in the United Kingdom, with offices in Wales and England. 

    The company has more than 10,000 funded traders. 

    Instant Funding proprietary trading firm offers quick funding for instant accounts with zero challenges or verification phases. Currently, it offers 3 account types at various prices and is one of the only prop firms to have no-limit challenge phases. 

    The prop firm offers its programs to more than 180 nations of the world.

    Instant Funding, like most proprietary trading firms, supports Expert Advisors and the popular trading platforms MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. 

    Its partner broker is ThinkMarkets, which allows Instant Funding to offer proprietary trading services.



    InstantFunding Proprietary Trading Firm: Reviews

    InstantFunding proprietary trading platform has a 4.7/5 rating on Trustpilot. The reviews are segmented as follows:

    • 5-star: 87% 

    • 4-star: 8% 

    • 3-star: 1%

    • 2-star: Less than 1% 

    • 1-star: 3%

    Positive reviews about InstantFunding on TrustPilot primarily focused on the prop firm’s customer service and the ease of opening an account. 

    The negative reviews from traders, on the other hand, were focused on issues with their trailing drawdown and non-refundable evaluation costs.

    Unique Features of InstantFunding.io

    Smart Drawdown

    The Smart drawdown model is designed to enhance users’ trading experience. It also offers better prices and trading conditions

    Instant Funding’s Smart drawdown model uses a combination of both static and Trailing drawdowns

    This provides South African traders with an unparalleled trading experience loaded with several benefits including reduced costs and improved profitability. 

    Instant Funding’s Smart Drawdown starts at -10% and remains static until you are well into profit before it moves once. This is unlike what is available with other Trailing Drawdown Firms that offer -5% or – 6% drawdown. 

    With Instant Funding, once you reach a balance gain of more than 5% or more, the system will automatically update your drawdown to -5% of your starting balance and it will remain at this level. 

    This means that you can trade freely without worrying about your drawdown percentage increasing beyond – 5% of your starting balance. 

    Once your drawdown has been updated, it will not move unless you scale your account. 

    Smart Drawdown updates based on your account balance. 

    As already stated, Smart Drawdown has several advantages. A major benefit is the elimination of all time limits on InstantFunding Challenges. This gives traders all the time they need. 

    It also enables the InstantFunding to effectively manage risk which results in the reduction of prices on all Smart Funded Accounts. 

    Smart Drawdown also makes scaling easier. It allows you to scale your account with every 10% gain, this means scaling happens faster and you can reach up to $1.25 million in funding. 

    When you scale your account, your drawdown is automatically set at -5% of your new scaled balance. This excludes any profits. 

    InstantFunding allows you to scale your account and withdraw your profit at the same time. And 5% of profits is used to scale on all Smart Accounts. 

    You can request your first payout after 14 days, provided you have made a 5% gain at least. You can request a subsequent payout via the dashboard every 7 days. You can also access your trading performance on the dashboard.

    The withdrawal does not affect your drawdown. The drawdown will still be locked at -5% of your starting balance. 

    Since your drawdown is locked for the majority of the time, you do not have to worry about it constantly trailing behind you and resulting in the breaking of rules. 

    InstantFunding Partners Program

    InstantTrading.io Partnerships - 1280x720

    InstantFunding offers 3 different types of partner programs: Affiliate Program for referring traders, the I.A. Program for referring affiliates and the Partner Program for referring businesses.

    Affiliate Program- Refer Traders

    Under this program, you can earn a 12.5% commission for every trader you refer to the platform. You can refer traders to InstantFunding via blogs, Forex trading communities, and other online or local resources. 

    When you reach 100+ referrals, you can negotiate a custom offer for your commissions. 

    Affiliate earnings are paid out every 14 days. 

    Introducing Affiliate (I.A) Program

    Under the IA program, you can earn 12.5% of the commission your affiliate earns

    Your commission does not affect your affiliate’s commission. 

    InstantFunding offers you the option of building a custom deal after 1,000 referrals. 

    This allows you to choose to either earn a larger percentage, have a revenue share of payouts, or a fixed amount per introduced trader. 

    The onboarding process for the I. A Program is simple, to get started, send an email to partners@instantfunding.io. You will be required to tell the team a little about yourself and also explain your interest in the program. 

    Once your request is approved, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will support you and your affiliates. 

    You can request payouts every 14 days. 

    Partner Program -Refer Businesses 

    The Partner Program is suitable for account management companies, trading communities, and other similar businesses. 

    InstantFunding offers partners a custom deal, you can earn commission from sales, a percentage of payouts, or a hybrid of both. 

    Partners have access to a discount code which you can give your traders, this will help you keep track of all sales. 

    You also get a dedicated account manager who will provide support for you and your traders.

    Evaluation Process

    InstantTrading.io Evaluation Process - 1280x720

    InstantFunding prop trading firm has 3 model phases with no evaluations: Instant Funding, One-phase, and Two-phase. 

    Traders get instant funding without having to pass any of the phases, but with a low-profit split and can scale up to $2,500,000 in trading capital plus up to 90% profit split.

    Instant Funding

    This phase has a profit split of 70% with the potential to scale to 80% and is evaluation-free. But it does have a maximum loss limit of 10% (smart drawdown).

    One Phase

    This model has only one phase with a profit split of 80%. There are also no minimum or maximum time limits

    In this phase, when you pass the evaluation process you get access to up to 80% profit split. 

    It includes a smart drawdown starting at 10% and a maximum daily loss of 3%, which restarts every day at midnight. 


    This Instant funding phase has a profit split of 80% and can be increased to 90%. 

    The daily loss limit is 5% and can be taken out after your first payout if you want. 

    The smart drawdown and maximum loss limit is 10%. And as is the case with all Instant Funding challenge accounts there is no time limit. 

    In this phase, you can use Expert Advisors and copy trading as well.

    Instant Funding Prop Firm Fees, Charges, and Profit-Share

    InstantFunding charges account registration fees based on the particular program and capital you’re applying for. 

    • Instant Funding Account: For this program InstantFunding charges from $79 to $3,460. 

    • One-phase: InstantFunding charges from $99 to $925 for this challenge phase. 

    • Two-phase: The prop trading firm charges from $99 to $925 for access to this 2-challenge phase. 

    Profit Split

    InstantFunding offers up to a 90/10% profit split on all challenge accounts. 

    Cryptocurrencies and Other Tradable Instruments on Instant Funding

    InstantFunding supports the trading of Forex, Metals, Indices, and Crypto


    • InstantFunding supports the following indices: US30, AUS200 (AUS200 Cash), CAN60 (Canada 60 Index), EUSTX50 (EUSTX50 Cash), FRA40 (FRA40 Cash) GER30 (GER30 Cash), HK50 (Hang Seng Cash), JPN225, NDX100 US Tech 100 Cash, NTH25 (the Netherlands 25 index), SPX500 (SPX500 Cash), SWI20 (Switzerland 20 Index), UK100 (UK100 Cash), US2000 (Russell 2000 Cash) USDX (US Dollar Basket Index), and VIX. 

    • The Prop trading firm only supports the trading of 2 metals against the US Dollar: Silver-XAGUSD and Gold-XAUUSD. 

    • The following crypto pairs are available on Instant Funding: ETHUSD, BTCUSD, BCHUSD, and LTCUSD. 

    Note: MetaTrader 5 offers more trading instruments than MetaTrader 4.

    Is Instant Funding Legit?

    After our direct and extensive analysis, we have concluded that InstantFunding is a trusted proprietary trading firm. 

    InstantFunding is based in the United Kingdom and has over 10,000 funded traders across over 180 countries around the world including South Africa. 

    InstantFunding has also partnered with ThinkMarkets, an award-winning international Forex broker.

    Security: Is Instant Funding Safe to Use?

    Yes, through our first-hand exploration of this exchange, we discerned that InstantFunding is safe to use

    Aside from being a registered proprietary trading firm, it is also committed to providing a secure trading environment and the protection of users’ data. 

    To ensure the safety and legitimacy of its services, InstantFunding has a KYC process that is quick and user-friendly. This KYC process is mandatory for all clients who want to have an InstantFunding account. The prop firm accepts identification documents and photo IDs from over 200 countries. 

    InstantFunding has several security measures in place to ensure that user’s personal information is not accidentally lost or accessed by unauthorized parties. 

    The InstantFunding system uses cutting-edge technology like Secure Socket Layer certificates to verify its identity in users ‘ browsers. It also encrypts all user data received via the website.

    The Prop Firm also has security measures and procedures in place to prevent and handle any suspected data security breach. 

    Trading Conditions on Instant Funding Prop Firm

    Below are the trading conditions of the various InstantFunding accounts:

    Instant Funding Smart Account (IFSA)

    • Profit Target: Not Applicable

    • Daily Loss Limit: No Limit  

    • Max Loss Limit: 10% (Smart Drawdown) 

    • Time Limit: Not applicable

    • Scale Target: 10% 

    • Scale Speed: x2 (Double each time) 

    • Scale Limit: $1,250,000 for all accounts  

    • EAs: Yes  

    • Copy Trading: Yes

    One-Phase Challenge Account (OPCA)

    • Daily Loss Limit: 3% (Can be stopped after your first payout if you want) 

    • Max Loss Limit: 10% (Smart Drawdown)  

    • Time Limit: Not applicable

    • Scale Target: 10% 

    • Scale Speed: x2 (Double each time) 

    • Scale Limit: $1,250,000 for all accounts  

    • EAs: Yes  

    • Copy Trading: Yes

    Two-Phase Challenge Account (TPCA)

    • Daily Loss Limit: 5% (Can be stopped after your first payout if you want)  

    • Max Loss Limit: 10% (Smart Drawdown)  

    • Time Limit: No Limit  

    • Scale Target: 10% 

    • Scale Speed: x2 (Double each time) 

    • Scale Limit: $1,250,000 for all accounts  

    • EAs: Yes  

    • Copy Trading: Yes

    Trading Experience

    Drawing from our in-depth analysis of this prop firm, we observed that InstantFunding offers a wide range of trading instruments in cryptocurrencies, metals, Forex, and indices.

    It offers tight spreads and familiar trading platforms (MetaTrader 4 and 5), which simplifies the process for most South African traders. 

    You can also execute copy trades as well as integrate Expert Advisors

    InstantFunding offers a fully automated dashboard. The fully automated dashboard is the all-in-one hub where traders can view their trading performance, request payouts, and view analytics.

    Different Platforms Used to Trade

    InstantFunding supports MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. 

    Does Instant Find Prop Firm offer Education?

    No, InstantFunding does not offer education.

    How Does InstantFunding Prop Firm Compare with Other Prop Firms

    Instant Funding’s 2 main competitors include Blue Guardian and FundedNext. It stands out primarily for its no-profit target instant funding and no evaluation programs. 

    However, with regards to its pricing, Instant Funding is quite steep in comparison to both other options. 


    InstantFunding is best suited for both beginner and experienced traders looking for quick access to capital and a large selection of trading instruments. 

    However, it is one of the most expensive options for a prop trading firm


    Most frequent questions and answers

    Yes, InstantFunding pays users using a maximum 90/10% profit split model. The first payout is 14 days after your first trade. Instant Account payouts are delivered through Deel using several payment methods including bank transfer, crypto, and Paypal.

    The maximum profit split is 90/10%, where the trader gets 90%.

    InstantFunding offers a maximum leverage of up to 1:100.

    InstantFunding is a prop trading firm that provides financial traders with trading capital (up to 2,500,000) without evaluation. 

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