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    What is Battle Pets? An Adorable Pets Game

    Battle Pets Home Page

    What is Battle Pets?

    Battle Pets is a blockchain-based game about adorable pets running on the Binance Smart Chain. Each “adorable pet” is a Non-fungible token (NFT) that players can nourish, collect, and arm with weapons for use in battles against other pets.

    Battle Pets is powered by the PET token which is the utility token of the Battle Pets ecosystem. It is used throughout the Battle Pets ecosystem as the basis of interactions and transactions.

    How Does Battle Pets Work?

    Players called pet trainers in the game can get different battle pets then hatch and grow them by arming each pet to make them stronger for battles or trade them in the Non-fungible token marketplace. Once a player’s pet is grown they can battle other pets. Battle pets that defeat other opponents in battles win more pet eggs and PET tokens. Players can also get true love for their adorable pets and breed a baby.

    Battle Pets Features

    What Makes Battle Pets Unique?

    2 major features make this game stand out:

    • Each adorable pet in the game represents an NFT asset on the Binance Smart Chain
    • The game offers a custom utility token (PET token) as a reward

    How to Use PET Tokens?

    PET token

    The Battle Pets token (PET) offers the following use cases:

    • Used in forging and upgrading weapon NFTs
    • An option to use to purchase eggs at the in-game shop
    • When a player abandons a pet they can get 90% of the $PET tokens used to purchase the egg
    • When melting weapon NFTs players can receive 90% of the PET tokens used in forging the weapon
    • Users can stake PET on BakerySwap to receive liquidity provision rewards the DeFi way

    How to Buy PET?

    Battle Pets Token on Coinmarketcap

    The Battle Pets token is an ERC-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain. It can be purchased on exchanges like Gate.io, PancakeSwap V2, BakerySwap, MEXC, and MDEX. Unlike most cryptocurrencies, the tokens cannot be purchased directly with fiat currency. You will need to first buy BTC from any fiat-to-crypto exchange, before buying PET from an altcoin exchange. Below is a summary of how to buy PET tokens:

    • Create and verify your account on a fiat-to-crypto exchange. 
    • Buy Bitcoin on the exchange with fiat money
    • Create an account with an altcoin exchange like Gate.io
    • Transfer the BTC from your fiat-to-crypto exchange to your altcoin wallet address 
    • Go back to the altcoin exchange and click on the “Exchange” tab
    • Select “BTC” and type “PET” in the search bar displayed. 
    • Select PET/BTC pair. 
    • Go to the “Market” tab and click “Buy PET” 
    • Type in the amount of PET you wish to buy and click “Buy PET”

    Can You Stake Battle Pets?

    Yes, you can stake the PET token on BakerySwap for up to 200% APY.

    Should I Invest in Battle Pets?

    If you believe that the Battle Pets game will gain widespread acceptance in the future then investing in the PET token would be a profitable venture.

    Pet Shop on Battle Pets


    The BattlePets game like every blockchain game uses the play-to-earn model and offers rewards in its base token. However, where it stands out is that in-game assets represent NFTs on Binance Smart Chain providing additional value beyond token rewards. The game and its token’s future success is largely dependent on if it attracts more users as well as the general growth of the DeFi space in general.


    Most frequent questions and answers

    There are 1524 battle pets. These battle pets are also known as Minipets, Companions, Noncombat pets, and Vanity pets.

    The most valuable pet in Wow is Blizzard the Spectral Tiger Cub. It can only be obtained through a looting card from the Scourgewar Deck of the WOW Trading card game.

    The rarest pet in Shadowlands is Violet Drewding Pup. Other rare pets include: Bound Lightspawn, Char, Gilded Wader, Undying Death Roach, Decaying Mawrat, Devoured Wader, and Courage.

    Battle pets can be revived using the Revive Pet ability. This is an ability that enables players to resurrect dead battle pets and restore a Pet to full health. This ability is gained through learning.

    Battle Pets is a blockchain game about adorable pets running on the Binance Smart Chain. The pets can be collected, nourished, and armed to fight other pets in the battle pets ecosystem.

    You can grow and battle other players with your beloved pets. Winning battles with your Pets earns you XP. The amount of XP earned after a player wins is dependent on the difficulty encountered while playing the game. They can also be used to breed new baby battle pets.

    NFT Pet eggs are listed on Bakeryswap NFT Supermarket. The price of a pet egg is dependent on its Battle Power. Pets show their rank and strength through battles.

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