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    What is Outer Ring MMO? Sci-Fi Fantasy MMORPG

    What is Outer Ring MMORPG

    For those who don’t know, an MMORPG is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. There are a lot of MMORPGs out there, popular names being World of Warcraft and Genshin Impact. What makes this MMORPG special?

    What is Outer Ring MMO?

    Outer Ring is an MMORPG video game that will be launched as early access in June 2023.

    Outer Ring is based in the outer regions of space, where various species have amassed together to live in settlements called Rings.

    Everything in the world of Outer Ring is tokenized – with all of its assets being NFTs. The system is driven by the game’s native token, GQ, the official in-game currency. Outer Ring is the first project to be done on such a massive scale and has been in development for three years. 

    Let’s take a look at the world in which the game is set in. We’ll then go into the developmental phases of the game dynamics, take a look at its Native Token, and see how viable the project is.

    The World of Outer Ring Saga

    Outer Ring has rich lore behind it. Outer Ring is based in the outer regions of space, where various species have amassed together to live in settlements called Rings. The inner Ring collapsed from constant wars and rising empires.

    The refugees settled in the Outer Ring. There were more than enough planets to accommodate everyone, but the accommodation was not enough. Thus began the Outer Ring saga, a blend of fantasy and science fiction.

    The Outer Ring Civil War

    Races present in Out Ring

    After the first Outer Ring war, the Outer Ring civil war started, which is where the game takes place. There are four factions:

    1. The Rebirth Coalition fights for change, and it wants all races to escape from the traditions of the past and form a new system.
    2. The Bastion of Traditions Alliance fights for tradition and believes that the old ways worked and are the only way to end the conflicts.
    3. The Interplanetary Sovereign League fights for power and expansion and wants to completely dominate the Outer Ring.
    4. The Multi-Planetary Pacification Coalition is the only one standing against the Sovereign League’s thirst for power.

    The player will presumably be dropped into this world and choose a faction to play the game. It is interesting to see how the developers will fill a world as massive as this one and yet be able to make it interesting and different areas unique.

    The Player-Driven MMO

    Outeer Ring Gameplay

    The Outer Ring ecosystem’s in-game economy is driven by a player-driven economy system that follows a Play to Earn philosophy in a persistent virtual world. It mixes old-school games like Ultima Online and Meridian 59 with newer concepts like Planeside and SMITE, with the differentiating feature being a complete focus and devotion toward NFTs and blockchain technology.

    Outer Ring MMO has been dubbed “The Player Drive MMO” by the developers because the community is an integral part of any blockchain project, especially a video game. Currently, the community can interact on forums and give developers insights into how the development of the game should progress. The developers plan to create a living ecosystem in which cities, laws, and economies will be derived based on how players interact with each other and the world at large. The game will be fully dynamic, and how it spans out to be will all be dependent on what players will do in it, powered by the game’s premium currency, GQ – Galactic Quadrant.

    To fuel this player-driven system, the game currently has English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Polish languages. The developers plan on adding more as the development of the game progresses.

    Driving in the desert on Outer Ring

    GQ Tokenomics

    GQ, or Galactic Quadrant, is the native token of Outer Ring MMO. The initial supply was capped at 10 billion GQ and was sold in different phases. The first phase was the angel investor phase, in which 3% of the supply, amounting to 300,000,000 tokens, was sold. $8,100,000 were raised, with a three-month Cliff and 18-month linear vesting period.

    In the next phase, the seed funding was started. 10% of the supply was sold here, amounting to 1,000,000,000 tokens, with a single token priced at $0.0015. $1,500,000 were raised in funds, with 5% TGE and a 12-month linear vesting period. 20% of the tokens, summing up to 2,000,000,000, were sold in the private sale, with a single token priced at $0.0025. $5,000,000 were raised with 6% TGE and a 12-month linear vesting period. 4% were sold in an IDO, 5% were reserved for advisors, and 2% for the team. Out of the rest, 10% are held to provide liquidity, 20% are held in the treasury, and 26% are held for staking and in-game rewards.

    The Tokenomics of GQ is quite interesting since almost 63% of the tokens are out of circulation for a variety of reasons, as mentioned above. Outer Ring managed to raise a significant amount of money through its sales, and it is hoped that it will be put to good use.

    Where to Buy and Hold GQ tokens

    You can currently buy GQ tokens on crypto exchanges such as Gate.io, Huobi Global or Biswap. Alternatively, you can swap other tokens on the BEP-20 chain for Galactic Quadrants on PancakeSwap or ApeSwap.

    Holding GQ or other Outer Ring MMO tokens can be done on hot wallets such as MetaMask, or cold storage devices such as Ledger Nano, Trezor, or DCent.

    Marketplace and Galactic Pools

    In Space city on Outer Ring

    Everything can be traded in the Outer Ring MMO marketplace. The process of NFT weapons generation, loot box sales, and construction and equipment creation have already started to boost the presence and hype of the game before it is even launched. 

    Outer Ring partnered with the Babylon Marketplace to allow users to trade assets without any issues freely. However, Out Ring does not want to continue outsourcing the marketplace and will be launching its marketplace in the Outer Ring ecosystem at the start of October. Outer Ring plans to integrate all the functionality that the blockchain has to offer into its system, where the DEX would be a place where players could get “crafting materials,” create their own NFTs and then sell them on the marketplace.

    The loot boxes will initially have 350,000 NFTs. This is just the seed number of NFTs, with the sky being the limit as players start crafting their own NFTs. 

    The Outer Ring dApp also offers various staking options, such as single-sided GQ staking and liquidity pools to earn additional GQ token rewards in the Galactic Pools. GQ tokens can further be staked to earn other in game “currencies” and “tools”.

    What the Future Holds

    Virtual Reality with Outer Ring

    Outer Ring is a massive project that wants to do unique and interesting things by bringing together the blockchain world and the gaming world. The project has set its sights pretty high since they are trying to make a massive game like No Man’s Sky, but with the added complexity of having perhaps hundreds of thousands of players playing in one connected system instead of separate game rooms like traditional games.

    This is a huge feat, and countless have tried and failed to make a good game in this genre. If this wasn’t enough, there is the blockchain side of the project. The game will supposedly exist on the blockchain, with all of its assets connected through blockchain technology. No one knows how this will play out practically since such a massive endeavor hasn’t been tried before.

    And now, for the heart of the matter, should you invest in it?

    Since the game is completely focused on the community, the crux of the matter lies in whether you believe that the community behind the game is enthusiastic enough to put in the effort and the hours to make the game into something extraordinary. If you believe in the project and think that the community will come through to make it a great game, it is not too late to jump on the bandwagon and buy some GQ tokens, the in-game currency of Outer Ring.

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