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What is The Sandbox (SAND)?

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      What is the Sandbox (SAND)?

      The Sandbox is a blockchain mobile gaming platform that runs the blockchain version of The Sandbox video game. The Sandbox is a voxel-based game that allows user-generated content. The Sandbox is similar to games like Minecraft and Roblox, where players can build objects in the virtual environment. Like these games, it features a sandbox game maker toolkit. Players can create NFTs on the Sandbox blockchain by buying and staking ERC-20 tokens called SAND that also function as the game’s native cryptocurrency. It is one of the most popular games in the gaming industry today.

      The Sandbox was cofounded by Arthur Madrid (CEO) and Sébastien Borget (COO). Madrid is also the CEO of Pixowl, the studio of the game. Pixowl is currently owned by Hong Kong-based Animoca brand, where Madrid is also a board member.

      what is sand crypto

      How does SAND work?

      SAND is the main utility token of the Sandbox metaverse. It is an ERC-20 token and includes all the benefits present in this token standard.

      Key Features of SAND

      Medium of Exchange: SAND can be used in the Sandbox marketplace to purchase LAND and ASSET tokens. Each of these tokens is an NFT that can be used by Sandbox players to buy plots of land or in-game items.

      With LAND plots, players can create custom worlds in the metaverse with unique experiences. Players can combine their LAND plots to form ESTATES and DISTRICTS which open up options for creating and governing worlds in the metaverse. ASSETS are digital assets that serve as in-game items. They can be used in games created on LAND plots. ASSETS can be traded with other players for SAND.

      Both ASSETS and LAND allow players to monetize their creations in The Sandbox, giving it a play-to-earn flavor. LANDs and ASSETs utilize ERC-1155 and ERC-721 standards which allow efficient gas usage to lower transaction costs. While there is no limit to the number of ASSETS, the number of LANDs in The Sandbox’s metaverse is limited to 166,464.

      There are other in-game currencies such as Gems and Catalysts that can be purchased with SAND.

      Governance Token and Collaboration: SAND is also the main governance and utility token on the blockchain. It allows users to make community decisions, invite artists for collaboration, and also create content and other events in the metaverse.

      Staking: Players can stake their SAND into an Ethereum liquidity pool. Staking allows players to earn a share of the sales and proceed from transactions in The Sandbox, including any trades on their LANDs. A higher staked amount of SAND returns a higher yield from these transactions. The ERC-20 functionality also allows players to claim rewards after a fixed period just like a standard smart contract investment.

      Monetization: Players are required to spend SAND to upload voxel art onto the Sandbox item store to sell to players.

      the sandbox monetization crypto

      Weakness of SAND

      Inflationary: Unlike its rival metaverses, Decentraland, SAND tokens are not deflationary. Even though there is a fixed supply of 3,000,000,000, SAND tokens are not burned.

      Eventually, all tokens will be distributed into the wallets of players and investors. If investors find SAND tokens interesting, they will become rare and expensive, and game items will also be expensive.

      Rising Ethereum Gas Prices: SAND is based on the Ethereum blockchain, and over time its transaction fees are going up. That makes trading tokens costlier in the long run.

      How is SAND created?

      SAND cannot be mined. It is issued in a fixed amount of 3,000,000,000 by The Sandbox DAO. The total supply of SAND in the market is 1.5 Billion. The max supply is expected to be released by the foundation in 2024. Players can earn SAND in-game by buying LAND plots, creating games on LAND plots and charging SAND from other users to play these games, and creating ASSETS to sell.

      Which blockchain does SAND use?

      sand ethereum blockchain

      SAND is based on the Ethereum blockchain. All cryptocurrency transactions using SAND are recorded on this blockchain. Additionally, staking in the Sandbox metaverse is done on the Polygon network, a Web3 layer on Ethereum. When tokens are staked in the game, they are added to the Polygon network dAPP. The native token on this layer is MATIC and it allows faster and more scalable Ethereum transactions.

      How can I use SAND?

      Most of the value of SAND is in-game. To get the best value from SAND, you should first buy a LAND plot. This should then be populated with ASSETS. Players can then use the sandbox games maker tool to use visual scripting to create objects, animate them, and make games on their LAND. Once a game is ready, it is a good idea to create avatar-oriented equipment and items for other players to use. You can then sell these items on the marketplace. SAND can also be used in smart contracts to earn rewards.

      How to buy SAND?

      how to buy the sandbox

      You can buy Sand in-game and through approved cryptocurrency exchanges. You can also buy SAND using ERC-20 protocol networks like Uniswap. Some of the most popular exchanges to buy SAND include: Binance, Bitmart, Bithumb, Gemini, Kraken, LAtokens, MXC, Poloniex, TokyoCrypto, UpBot, and WazirX. For more information, you can visit their official medium page.

      How to store SAND?

      SAND is stored in a wallet. Players can use any wallets capable of holding Ethereum-based crypto coins and tokens. Some examples of wallets are Bitski, Arkane, MetaMask, Trustwallet, and Brave. The Sandbox does not provide its wallet at this time.

      However, a SANDBOX account can only be associated with one wallet. If you want to transfer your tokens, LAND, and ASSETs, you will have to create a new account. You can also use a hardware wallet or a custodial exchange wallet (such as a Gemini wallet) to store your Sandbox crypto tokens. While this option is more secure, it is more expensive and cumbersome to use.

      Best place to stake SAND

      You can stake your SAND on two blockchains. One is the standard ETH blockchain ledger. The other is the Polygon MATIC blockchain ledger. The former may be easier to use if you are a power user and familiar with Ethereum staking. It is also a suitable option for governance staking. However, layer2 staking on the MATIC blockchain will allow faster withdrawals and smart contract rewards.

      What you need to know about the future of SAND?

      Since the launch of the Sandbox metaverse alpha in November 2021, it has grown a steady user base. In early 2022, the platform reached a milestone of 2022 users. It is now launching season 3 of the alpha build. The team behind The Sandbox project is busy making partnerships with other brands, app developers, and content creators.

      The Sandbox has so far partnered with CryptoKitties, Shaun the Sheep, The Smurfs, The Walking Dead, Adidas, and Rabbids to launch in-game apps and NFTs in the Sandbox’s marketplace. It has also garnered the attention of celebrities like rapper Snoop Dogg and the EDM artist Deadmau5. According to one report, the value of SAND rose by more than 14,500% in 2021 alone. Its great run continued in January 2022, at which point it reached its peak price.

      The platform has been publishing steady updates and has an active development team. At this point, it looks like this metaverse is here to stay for a long time. However, the coin has been losing its value for several months. While we cannot recommend it as a reliable investment, its current price makes it easier to buy a SAND token. This also means it is a good time to play games on the Sandbox platform.

      Conclusion: Should you put your money in SAND?

      In most of 2022, the crypto market has seen a downward trend, and there may be no positive forecast in the short term. The SAND token is also following a similar downward trend. So as an investment, we recommend that you be careful when buying it. However, some cryptocurrencies may spike in value at the start of next year.

      The value of SAND is also dependent on the performance of the game itself, especially the mobile version. To increase the value of SAND, The Sandbox game needs to attract more players. On this front, the platforms appear to be doing well, and several brands and companies are working with them. It is one of the few AAA metaverses out there in the market that allows users to earn a passive income.


      Most frequent questions and answers

      SAND tokens are used for the in-game purchase of LAND, ASSETS, and other items like GEMS and catalysts within The Sandbox metaverse. It is also used as a governance token. Players can also use it to enter premium LANDs and participate in unique gaming experiences.

      You can buy SAND directly from the in-game dashboard. The game offers options for buying SAND from Binance, Uniswap, or through Simplex. ETH will be used to buy SAND crypto and you will have to pay the gas price according to the speed of the transaction.

      Like all crypto investments, SAND comes with an inherent risk. If you like spending time in metaverses and buying NFTs, SAND can be a viable option for you.

      SAND coins are usable in The Sandbox marketplace. They are losing value at the moment, but the price can spike if demand for it improves.

      You can earn SAND coins and trade them on crypto exchanges to earn ETH. Therefore, the token can be used to earn other digital currency assets. However, if its value increases, you can use it to earn significantly more money. You can earn money by staking SAND on the virtual metaverse.

      No, we don’t believe SAND can reach $100 anytime soon. Its all-time high price was $8.4 and it is trading close to 10% of this value in cryptocurrency markets. SAND token transaction volume has also declined, showing a loss in demand at the moment.

      You can use Sandbox games maker to create digital experiences on your LAND. You can also use it to place your creations for display in a virtual world or sell to the Sandbox community.

      SAND is an ERC-20 token, meaning that it can be traded on the Ethereum blockchain in exchange for ETH.

      The Sandbox is an online metaverse game like Minecraft and Roblox. It allows user-generated content which can be traded in the in-game marketplace. Players can also buy SAND cryptocurrency with ETH and use it to buy non-fungible tokens, and other in-game tokens to play games and interact with the community. Players can also stake their crypto in the Sandbox DAO to earn rewards.

      Yes, the Sandbox is a metaverse project based on the Ethereum blockchain. It has a Sandbox ecosystem where players can trade digital assets.

      SAND is a better cryptocurrency in terms of current market value and growth potential. The platform developers have a clear vision and post consistent updates. MANA owners, however, have complete control over the DAO and have a greater voice in the Decentraland blockchain.

      It is hard to predict the value of SAND in the next 3 years. However, predictions vary from $2.93 to $5 for the average price of SAND in 2025.

      Yes, SAND is now listed on Coinbase, among many other reputable cryptocurrency exchanges.

      The Sandbox game allows people to buy virtual real estate, create voxel art and games, and trade user-generated NFTs (digital pieces of art). Players can also interact with each other using an in-game virtual world (LAND) as a social hub.

      The Sandbox game is a blockchain metaverse project that has a diverse range of player-created experiences. Players can create a variety of in-game experiences from arcade games to RPG games in a digital place on LAND they have purchased.

      The Sandbox metaverse is a virtual world platform for creative players to show their digital creations and share unique experiences with other users using the power of blockchain technology.

      Playing The Sandbox is free. However, some games on the platform require a minimum fee to play. Each LAND has a different fee.

      Sandbox crypto is owned by the players using the platform, the team, board advisors, and the Sandbox foundation. Here is the distribution of the sandbox token supply according to the Binance IPO:


      Binance Launchpad Sale – 12.00%

      Seed Sale – 17.18%

      Strategic Sale – 4.00%

      Foundation – 12.00%

      Sandbox Team – 19.00%

      Advisors – 10.00%

      Company Reserve – 25.82%

      Sandbox is mostly regarded as a good investment. However, many investors are concerned about its decreasing value. Therefore, we can say it is a risky investment.

      Yes, The Sandbox is an NFT game. It has 2 main types of non-fungible tokens: ASSETS and LAND.

      To start playing the game, you need to register an account on the website. You can register with your Ethereum wallet, your social media credentials, or by email. Once you are inside the game, you can view the metaverse map by clicking on the map indicator on the left toolbar. This will show you the entire map of the metaverse. You might need to update a version of the map.

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