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Tradesanta Review 2024: Did Christmas Come Early?

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Tradesanta Review: Our Opinion

TradeSanta is an easy-to-use crypto trading bot. It offers the simple services you’d expect from a bot service like access to pre-built bots templates and the option to create custom crypto trading bots. 

The TradeSanta automated trading software stands out for its Trading Terminal feature that allows you to manage all supported crypto exchanges from one dashboard. The trading platform is also one of the more affordable crypto trading bots services on the market. 

However, like most cryptocurrency trading bots, the TradeSanta bot has complaints about it shutting down from time to time and users experiencing losses. 

Also, TrustPilot has stated that TradeSanta is breaching their terms of use in how they’re displaying TrustPilot user review content

This may discourage customers looking for a fully honest platform.

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    An Overview of Tradesanta

    Tradesanta homepage - 1280x720

    TradeSanta was launched in 2018 and by the fall of the same year, the bot cloud service welcomed its first customers. 

    Over the last couple of years, TradeSanta has since grown to host thousands of crypto traders interested in running automated trading bots. 

    In 2020, TradeSanta grew its available markets by integrating with new cryptocurrency trading exchanges as well as introducing new advanced trading tools. 

    The TradeSanta bot seeks to simplify crypto trading by making automated cryptocurrency trading available to users of all experience levels. 

    To achieve this, TradeSanta offers a range of features which include: A bot, access to a trading terminal, a mobile app, trading signals, manual trading strategies, and copy trading. 

    It also allows integration with over 7 crypto exchanges including Binance, Kraken, and Coinbase Advanced. 

    Users can use pre-built bot templates or create automated trading strategies to trade over 100 crypto coins and tokens.



    TradeSanta Review: Unique Features

    TradeSanta Smart Order

    smart trading with tradesanta terminal - 1280x720

    The TradeSanta smart order feature is designed to sell a specified amount of cryptocurrency at the current price level split within a period

    Smart Order is perfect for traders who need to buy and sell large amounts of crypto. 

    To use this feature, you need to choose a trading pair you wish to trade and specify the amount. 

    The bot will take care of the complex aspects of placing the orders and keep them on top of the exchange’s order book. It will split the desired amount to buy/sell into multiple orders executed at market price. 

    To set up a TradeSanta Smart Order, do the following: 

    First, choose a name for the Smart Order bot and choose an access point you want to trade with. 

    Select the cryptocurrency and how much you want to buy

    Smart Order routing lets you choose whether you want to sell or buy a certain amount of coins. No matter the price change, you will be able to sell/buy exactly the amount of crypto set. 

    Alternatively, You can set a time frame for the crypto bot to finish the deal. The order will be split into different orders based on the parameters set and placed on the crypto exchange. 

    TradeSanta has a calculator that lets you know if you have enough coins in your balance for the smart order to complete. 

    It also shows you the approximate amount that will be needed/bought and the current market price of the trading pair you chose. 

    Since each order is placed at market price, the amount may vary depending on the market. 

    Finally, once everything is set, save and start the Smart Order.

    TradeSanta Mobile App

    tradesanta mobile app - 1280x720

    The TradeSanta mobile app allows you to trade crypto on the go on Binance and other major cryptocurrency exchanges with automated cryptocurrency bots

    With the mobile app, you can connect your TradeSanta automated trading platform to your cryptocurrency exchange, manage your bots and execute user-specified algorithms right from your smartphone. 

    The mobile app is suitable for both beginners and expert traders as it’s intuitive and simple to use. 

    Beginners can automate their trades using the pre-built trading bot templates while experienced traders can customize bots parameters to suit their trading style. 

    You can also place new orders 24/7, select how many trading pairs you want to trade, and customize bot settings. 

    The TradeSanta mobile app has a user-friendly interface and is easy to set up. Connection to a supported exchange is via API. 

    You can choose long/short trading bots or easily build your trading bot from scratch. You can choose between DCA and Grid crypto trading strategies

    The mobile app features a select number of extra orders according to your crypto trading strategy. It also features RSI, Bollinger bands, and MACD signals. You can choose one or use all of them all at once. 

    The app also features additional tools like Stop Loss, Trailing Take Profit, and Trailing Stop Loss. Bitcoin chart analysis is also available. This gives you key information like volatility dynamics and other vital information needed to give you a clear picture of the state of the crypto market. 

    TadeSanta does not charge any commissions. 

    You can also choose from all the trading pairs available on your crypto exchange without any trading volume limitations. 

    A major advantage of the mobile app is that it lets you track the ever-volatile crypto market on the go. This way you can keep track of your TradeSanta bots. 

    Once you have signed up for TradeSanta’s web version, you will be able to access the mobile app as well

    From the mobile app dashboard, you can view several pieces of information including the number of active bots, your plan’s type, indicators of all-time profit, total balance, and today’s profit. 

    There is also a bots page where you can view charts and technical indicators needed to estimate the bot’s performance.

    TradeSanta's Crypto Profit Calculator

    tradesanta's crypto profit calculator - 1280x720

    TradeSanta’s Crypto Profit Calculator lets you calculate your crypto profits and losses before making trades

    With the calculator, you can plan your investments and calculate hypothetical profits that you can make without actually executing the trades. 

    TradeSanta lets you calculate your crypto profits or loss using 2 methods:

    The first method involves using the total value of your crypto holdings and comparing it with the price at which you bought them. And the second method entails looking at how much profit you have gained or lost in fiat currency. 

    The profit calculator can be used to calculate potential profit and loss for common cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Binance Coin, Dogecoin, Avalanche, Polkadot, Shiba Inu, etc. 

    To calculate your crypto profit/loss, do the following:

    Choose your preferred crypto from the list of available cryptocurrencies. 

    Scroll to the “Investment” field and input the amount of funds you have already or will like to invest. 

    In the “Initial price” field, enter the buying price of the cryptocurrency and in the “Selling Price” field, enter the selling price of the crypto. 

    Next, scroll to the “Investment fee” field and enter the fees that your crypto exchange charges for buying the crypto. 

    Scroll to the “Exit fee” field and enter the fees charged by your exchange for selling the crypto

    This will be taken from your profit when selling the crypto. 

    Once you have filled out every available field in the profit calculator, you will see your profit or loss at the bottom of the calculator.

    Tradesanta Supported Crypto Exchanges

    crypto exchanges compatible with tradesanta - 1280x720

    The TradeSanta platform supports 8 crypto exchanges. Supported cryptocurrencies include Binance, Binance US, Binance Futures, Huobi, Okex, Upbit, Coinbase Advanced, and HitBTC.

    TradeSanta Review: Trading Strategies

    TradeSanta supports 4 pre-built trading strategies for the Spot Market and Futures Market. 

    These include:

    • DCA Bot (Dollar Cost Averaging trading strategy)
    • Grid Bot (Grid trading strategy)
    • Futures DCA Bot
    • Futures Grid Bot

    Customizable Strategies

    TradeSanta allows you to create custom trading strategies. 

    To do so, log into the TradeSanta dashboard, tap the menu button, and then click “Create Bot“. 

    You can create a DCA Bot or Grid Bot. Select your preferred option by clicking “Create DCA Bot” or “Create Grid Bot”. 

    Enter the trading parameters of the bot and execute.

    TradeSanta Review: Plans and Pricing

    tradesanta price plans comparison - 1280x720

    TradeSanta offers 3 pricing plans which include Basic, Advanced, and Maximum plan

    The pricing for each plan differs based on whether you’re paying monthly or annually. If you opt for the annual option it is cheaper than the monthly plan. 

    These plans are priced as follows:

    Basic Plan

    The Basic Plan costs $17.5 per month if you’re paying annually. If you’re paying monthly it costs $25 monthly. This plan gives access to the following features:

    • Up to 49 bots
    • Trading terminal
    • All strategies
    • Unlimited trading pairs

    Advanced Plan

    This plan costs $31.50 per month if you’re paying annually. If you’re paying monthly it costs $45 monthly and gives access to the following features:

    • Up to 99 bots
    • All strategies
    • Trading terminal
    • Trailing Take Profit
    • Unlimited trading pairs
    • TradingView Screener signals

    Maximum Pricing Plan

    This plan costs $45 per month if you’re paying yearly. If you’re paying monthly it costs $90 monthly. It gives access to the following features:

    • Unlimited number of bots
    • All strategies
    • Trading terminal
    • Trailing Take Profit
    • Unlimited trading pairs
    • TradingView Screener signals
    • Custom TradingView signals

    Payment Methods

    TradeSanta supports a wide range of payment methods including Credit card and debit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express), Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether (USDT), Binance Coin, and USD Coin (USDC).

    Opening a TradeSanta Bot Account

    tradesanta sign up page - 1280x720

    To open a TradeSanta account go to https://tradesanta.com.

    Next, click or tap on the blue “Get Started” button at the center of the page. 

    Choose a username and enter your email address.

    Select a password and tick the “I Am Not a Robot” box.

    Click the “Sign Up” button

    You’ll be signed in to your TradeSanta trading bots dashboard. 

    On your dashboard, you’ll see a message stating “First, check your email address for a link to verify your email”.

    Tap on the open Gmail link and click on the verification link from the TradeSanta trading bots platform. 

    You’ll be redirected to your TradeSanta account. 

    You’ve successfully created a TradeSanta trading bots account.

    Setting Up TradeSanta with Exchanges

    To set up TradeSanta with your preferred supported crypto exchange, log into your account.

    Next, tap on the menu button on your dashboard.

    Click on the Access Point button (it has a key sign beside it). 

    On the new page that opens, select your preferred exchange. 

    Next, you need to go to your exchange and create API Keys without IP addresses.

    To do so, log into Binance, for example, and go to Profile – API Management – Create Key – then choose to do so without the IP address. 

    Copy the generated API Key and Secret Key.

    Go back to TradeSanta and then paste the API Key and Secret Key in their relevant fields.

    TradeSanta says they’ll be responsible for handling IP restrictions. 

    Tap on the blue “Create” button. 

    That’s all! Your TradeSanta account is now connected to your cryptocurrency exchange account.

    Trading Experience/Using TradeSanta Crypto Trading Bot

    tradesanta trading features - 1280x720

    The TradeSanta crypto trading experience is simplistic. It only supports 2 trading strategies: DCA and Grid bots trading, even if you want to create a custom crypto trading strategy. 

    It also only supports the Candlestick chart

    In addition, there have been numerous complaints from customers on user review platforms about the cryptocurrency trading bot experiencing glitches when executing a trading strategy.


    TradeSanta is a good bot with good security. It does not have access to your funds and does not require any deposit. The bot has access to your exchange accounts via API keys. The API keys only have permission to trade. Withdrawal permissions are not required for the API keys. 

    Also, the API keys are in your full control, which gives you total control of your funds. 

    TradeSanta, though not having direct access to your exchange account, asserts its operation exclusively with cryptocurrency exchanges renowned for their stringent adherence to elevated security protocols.

    It also takes extra security measures that ensure the security of users’ accounts and personal information. TradeSanta also conducts regular security audits of the TradeSanta website to ensure a secure trading environment. 

    To further protect their accounts, TradeSanta users are urged to ensure that they keep their API secret keys and do not have withdrawal permissions enabled. This is to ensure that no one, even the trading bots can access your funds. 

    TradeSanta also offers two-factor authentication. This is recommended for both the TradeSanta account and the cryptocurrency exchange being used to trade.

    Customer Service

    TradeSanta offers customer support via email at team@tradesanta.com and Telegram chat. 

    You can also contact the customer support team by filling out the support form on the “Contact Us” page on the website. 

    TradeSanta has a FAQ page and a blog where you can find answers to common questions and other important information about automated crypto trading.

    Does TradeSanta Automated Crypto Trading Bot Offer Education?

    No, TradeSanta does not offer crypto education.

    Final Thoughts

    TradeSanta is an affordable automated crypto trading bot. However, its affordability comes with a price as TradeSanta offers limited features and trading bots that many have labelled as glitchy or not as profitable as expected.

    Tradesanta features are notable, but the crypto world is diverse. Explore another major player with our ATP Bot Review and get a holistic view on our Best bot for cryptocurrency trading page.


    Most frequent questions and answers

    Bot trading works, but you can only make profitable trades if you use a profitable strategy in the right markets.

    There are a couple of good trading automation software including Cryptohopper, Upbots, and ATPBot.

    There is no predefined success rate for trading bots. The profitability of a trading bot is defined by the strategy used and the expertise of the crypto trader

    Yes, TradeSanta is legit but there are several complaints about the honesty of the platform in handling customer complaints.

    Using automated trading bots is quite straightforward. The idea is that you’re simply automating a trading strategy that you’ve discovered is profitable. 

    To do so, the user will usually have to connect the trading bot service to their crypto exchange via an API Key obtained from the exchange platform. 

    Next, they’ll need to either use the pre-built bot templates or create a custom trading bot. 

    Once that’s done, the automated trading bot will execute trades using your exchange account balance.

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