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Blue Guardian Review South Africa 2024: Pros & Cons

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Blue Guardian Review: Our Opinion

Leveraging our expertise in prop firms, we observed that Blue Guardian stands out from its competitors primarily for the free hand it gives traders

Professional traders can use Expert Advisors, use trade copiers, engage in crypto trading on weekends, and much more. 

It also offers a profit share that is equal to the prop firm industry average. 

That said, it is quite restricted in the platforms it supports. Users have also complained about there being no call center. 

Traders are also unable to withdraw funds more than twice every week.

Blue Guardian
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    Company Overview About Blue Guardian Capital Prop Firm

    Blue Guardian Capital prop firm was incorporated in 2019 and is headquartered in England. 

    The prop firm was originally designed to be a Forex signal provider as well as an education institution. But in June 2021, the Blue Guardian Capital team decided to rebrand and introduce their prop firm evaluations. 

    In 2023, Blue Guardian Capital redesigned its platform to push it to the top of the prop industry in South Africa and other supported nations. 

    Concerning its services, Blue Guardian Capital prop firm allows professional and experienced traders after a 2 phase evaluation to secure a funding account with them. 

    The founder and current CEO of Blue Guardian Capital prop firm is Sean Bainton. 

    Other senior staff include Eric Gairns (Chief Operation Officer) and Regan Hartland (Chief Financial Officer). 



    Blue Guardian Capital Prop Firm: Reviews

    Blue Guardian Capital has a Trustpilot star rating of 4.8/5

    In the breakdown of the reviews, 91% of traders reviewed Blue Guardian Capital as a 5-star prop firm, 5% of reviewers gave it 4 stars, while 1% and 3% gave the prop firm less than 2 and 1 star respectively. 

    That said, after our extensive hands-on analysis, we found that most traders are pleased with the platform’s quick customer support. Others are pleased that the prop firm allows traders to trade cryptocurrencies on weekends. 

    The rest of the users who complained about the platform focused primarily on not being properly informed about the reason why they didn’t pass the evaluation phases as well as slippage issues

    Key Features of Blue Guardian

    Guardian Protector

    Guardian Protector - 1280x720

    Guardian Protector is Blue Guardian’s built-in equity protector that helps to protect the equity of traders and also manages the risk. 

    With the Guardian Protector, your trades will be closed once your daily loss reaches a set amount or the set percentage loss. 

    Once Guardian Protector is enabled, all open trades are automatically closed when your daily loss reaches the set amount.

    Blue Guardian was one of the first Prop Firms to offer traders a risk management tool in the dashboard for the evaluation account. 

    Guardian Protector is available for free, the platform does not charge any additional fees for access to the risk management tool. 

    While the Guardian Protector was created to limit loss on your account to a set percentage, in some cases, Blue Guardian may not necessarily be able to limit your losses to your specified amount. 

    Market conditions may make it impossible for Blue Guardian to execute promptly which ensures that losses fall within the equity stop limit. 

    Information on the Blue Guardian platform shows that traders are responsible for ensuring that their trading activity is within applicable loss limits even after activating the Guardian Protector function. 

    Blue Guardian Affiliate Program

    Blue Guardian Affiliate Program - 1280x720

    The Blue Guardian Affiliate program enables users to earn passive income by referring traders to the Blue Guardian platform

    Affiliates for this Prop firm receive up to 15% commission from all traders they refer. 

    Unlike many other affiliate programs in the industry, Blue Guardian offers affiliates pre-designed graphics that can help them promote and generate sales. 

    This means that you do not need to bother about creating graphics for your promotions, the platform makes them readily available and easily accessible to you. It guarantees that promotions are done with only the best quality graphic materials. 

    You can monitor your affiliate order statistics and earnings via the Affiliate Dashboard in your account. 

    Payouts are processed bi-weekly. Affiliate commissions can be withdrawn every 14 days. 

    The commissions earned vary based on your Affiliate tier. 

    Your tier is determined by the number of referrals you bring to the platform. Below are the Tiers for Blue Guardian’s Affiliate program. 

    Tier 1

    • Commission(%): 10%

    • Number of Referrals: 1-10 Referrals

    • Discount Code: 5% Discount Code

    Tier 2

    • Commission(%): 12.5%

    • Number of Referrals: 10-50 Referrals

    • Discount Code: 5% Discount Code

    Tier 3

    • Commission(%):15%

    • Number of Referrals: 50+ Referrals

    • Discount Code: 5% Discount Code

    To participate as an affiliate, you need to log in to your affiliate dashboard.

    On the dashboard, you will find your unique affiliate URL which you can copy and share with your community. 

    When a visitor visits the site using your link and makes a purchase, the order will be registered as a sale to you

    All orders made by your referrals are visible to you in your dashboard and you can process them for withdrawal every 14 days. 

    Blue Guardian supports the withdrawal of affiliate commissions via Wise, Bank Transfer, PayPal, and crypto-wallets. 

    Evaluation Process

    Blue Guardian Evaluations - 1280x720

    Like most prop firms, Blue Guardian Capital requires experienced traders to complete a 2 phase evaluation process to become a funded trader with access to an 85% profit share. 

    All challenges have a profit target of 8% in Phase 1 and 4% in Phase 2 and a maximum loss of 8% in both phases. 

    Phase 1

    This is the first step of the Evaluation process and traders must succeed here to move to phase 2. 

    Phase 2

    This is the second phase and last evaluation step towards becoming a funded trader. After you pass this stage and your results are verified, you will get funded by the prop firm.

    Guardian Trader

    At this point, you’re a fully certified trader and you’ll be able to make up to 85% in profit shared. Consistently profitable traders can have their account balance increased by the platform’s scaling plan. 

    To get started, you’ll need to choose one of the 3 available account types which include Unlimited Guardian, Elite Guardian, and Rapid Guardian. 

    Blue Guardian Capital Fees, Charges, and Profit-Share

    Refundable Fee

    As with most prop firms, Blue Guardian Capital charges a refundable fee that varies depending on the challenge you choose as well as the amount of funding you want. 

    The fee is refunded once you get funded. 

    Unlimited Guardian

    For this challenge and account type, you’ll need to pay a refundable fee that ranges from $87 to $947 depending on the funding amount you want. 

    Elite Guardian

    On this challenge and trading account type, you’ll need to pay a refundable fee that ranges from $120 to $1,090 depending on the amount of funding you want. 

    Rapid Guardian

    For this account and challenge type, you’ll have to pay a refundable fee that ranges from $97 to $947 depending on the amount of funding you want. 

    Profit Share

    Blue Guardian prop firm offers a flat profit share percentage of 85% on all account types. 

    However, if you get consistent profits the platform will scale your profit share. 

    Spreads and Commissions

    All Blue Guardian Capital accounts offer ECN spreads that go as low as 0.1 pips. 

    Also, all assets have a $6 commission charge per lot except cryptocurrencies. 

    Cryptocurrencies and Other Tradable Instruments on Blue Guardian

    Blue Guardian supports the trading of Crypto, FX, FX Exotics, Gold, Indices, and Commodities. 

    Forex Pairs

    The Prop Firm supports the following Forex Pairs: 



    Available Indices on the Platform include: FRA40, EUSTX50, NAS100, US30, SPX500, UK100, Dax, ESP35, and JPY225




    The following commodities are available: UKOil, USOil, NGAS, XAUUSD, XAGUSD, COPPER, XPTUSD, and NGAS. 

    Is Blue Guardian Legit?

    Based on our team’s first-hand trials with this Prop Firm, we can confirm that Blue Guardian is a legit Prop Firm registered in England and Wales under company number 12087566.

    That said, Blue Guardian is not regulated or authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority and does not undertake any regulated activities. 

    The majority of user reviews on third-party review platforms indicate that they have had a very positive experience with the Prop firm and this is evident in the 4.8 stars Blue Guardian has on Trustpilot. 91% of these customer reviews gave Blue Guardian 5 stars for excellent service.

    Security: Is It Safe to Use Blue Guardian?

    Our meticulous research on this crypto product indicates that the platform is safe to use. 

    It is not authorized or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority but this is because it does not offer any regulated financial activities. It does not hold traders’ money. 

    Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their accounts, user identification codes, passwords, and other vital information issued as part of Blue Guardian’s safety measures and for restricting access to their computers. 

    Blue Guardian accounts cannot be transferred to any other user other than the original registered account holders. 

    If you suspect that anyone other than you has access to your account or knows your user identification code or password, you must immediately notify the support team via email at suapport@blueguardian.com. 

    While users are responsible for ensuring the safety of their accounts, the prop firm has several measures in place to ensure the safety of the platform. 

    This includes the monitoring of users’ activities to ensure that no user misuses the site by knowingly introducing worms, viruses, logic bombs, Trojans, and other materials that are malicious or technologically harmful. 

    Users are also prohibited from trying to attack the site via a distributed denial-of-service attack or a denial-of-service attack

    Anyone guilty of trying to sabotage the security of the platform will be reported to the relevant law enforcement authorities for prosecution. 

    Also, any account that violates a rule or trading parameters in the evaluation will no longer be eligible for the funded account. Accounts that breach the trading parameters or rules on the funded account will be closed and the Trader Agreement terminated. 

    Your account can also be terminated or suspended if you fail to pay any amount due on the due date of payment. Your account can also be terminated or suspended if your financial position deteriorates to an extent that in Blue Guardian’s opinion, your ability to fulfil your obligation has been placed in jeopardy. 

    Trading Conditions on Blue Guardian Capital Prop Firm

    Blue Guardian Capital’s trading conditions vary depending on the account type you opt for. 

    The Unlimited Guardian plans

    • 0 minimum and maximum trading days

    • Allows Expert Advisors and Trade Copiers. It permits trading of cryptocurrencies on weekends 

    • Supports Hedging 

    • Supports Martingale

    • No stop-loss (offers Guardian Protection)

    • The maximum allowed loss is 8% 

    Elite Guardian Plan

    • 5 minimum and maximum trading days

    • Allows Expert Advisors and Trade Copiers 

    • Permits trading of cryptocurrencies on weekends 

    • Supports Hedging 

    • Supports Martingale

    • No stop-loss (offers Guardian Protection)

    • The maximum allowed loss is 10% 

    Rapid Blue Guardian Capital Plan

    • 0 minimum and maximum trading days

    • Allows Expert Advisors and Trade Copiers 

    • Permits trading of cryptocurrencies on weekends 

    • Supports Hedging 

    • Supports Martingale

    • No stop-loss (offers Guardian Protection)

    • Maximum drawdown is 6% 

    Trading Experience

    After our team’s extensive use of Blue Guardian Capital, we found that it offers a straightforward trading experience and gives traders a lot of free hand. You can for example participate in news trading without any reprimand as well as trade crypto on weekends. 

    It also allows trading strategies like hedging, copy trading, and Martingale

    That said, there have been some negative reviews with complaints about slippage on the platform. 

    Different Platforms Used to Trade

    Unlike most popular prop firms, Blue Guardian Capital only supports one trading platform: MetaTrader 4 via EightCap, its partner broker. 

    Does Blue Guardian Offer Education?

    No. Blue Guardian Capital does not offer education.

    How Does Blue Guardian Compare with Other Prop Firms

    Blue Guardian’s 2 main competitors are True Forex Funds and FTMO. When compared to FTMO, Blue Guardian falls short in available trading platforms as FTMO offers both cTrader and MetaTrader 5 in addition to MetaTrader 4. 

    Also, when compared to True Forex Funds, Blue Guardian offers a lower maximum funding (without funding).

    That said, Blue Guardian Capital outshines both options when it comes to trading conditions as it gives traders a lot of free hand to execute news trading, copy trading, hedging, etc. 


    Blue Guardian stands out for its free-hand trading conditions that allow South African users to trade without restrictive rules. 

    However, it only supports 1 trading platform and charges high commissions though its registration fees align with the industry average. That said, the proprietary firm is partnered with one of the leading forex brokers in the world, EightCap, which gives it a strong reputation in the industry.

    Exploring multiple prop firms can significantly enhance your trading career in South Africa. After reviewing this firm’s features, consider our The Funded Trader Prop Firm Breakdown for another perspective.


    Most frequent questions and answers

    The prop firm uses EightCap as their facilitating broker. The Forex broker is licensed and regulated by both the Australian Securities and Investment Commission as well as the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. The forex broker supports multiple trading platforms including MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and a TradingView integration that gives traders access to 800+ CFDs markets. EightCap also features several options such as code-free automation for complex trading strategies, exclusive access to the Crypto Crusher platform, and much more.

    Blue Guardian Capital was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in England.

    The profit split is 85/15%.

    Blue Guardian Capital has 3 challenges with 2 phases each. The challenges include Unlimited Guardian, Elite Guardian, and Rapid Guardian. There are no required trading periods and each challenge requires the user to pay a refundable registration fee

    This fee will be refunded once you become a trader on the platform. 

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