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    Coinspot vs. 2023: Features, Fees and Security

    CoinSpot Review

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    crypto com review australia

    In this article, we compare CoinSpot and after carrying out extensive research and using both cryptocurrency exchanges. We considered their fees, payment methods, security, and more.

    CoinSpot vs. Verdict

    Our pick is as it offers more features beneficial to the Australian cryptocurrency market.

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    CoinSpot vs. Unique Features

    Unique Features of CoinSpot

    CoinSpot Bundles

    CoinSpot Bundles

    A Bundle is a pack of cryptocurrencies that can be bought in a single transaction. Buying bundles allows CoinSpot users to diversify their crypto portfolio. And enables users to avoid paying multiple fees on the crypto exchange.

    Bundles available on CoinSpot include Bitcoin Bundle, DeFi bundles NFT bundle, Green bundle, AI bundle, Metaverse bundle, Social bundle, Supply Chain bundle, and Gold/Silver ratio bundle.

    When you purchase a bundle, each coin in the bundle is separated and stored in the right wallet in your CoinSpot crypto exchange account.

    CoinSpot Mastercard Debit Card

    CoinSpot MasterCard is a prepaid debit card that allows users to pay for goods and services directly from their CoinSpot crypto balance. The card is topped up with cryptocurrencies supported on the crypto exchange.

    It is compatible with both Apple Pay and Google Pay. which enables users to pay with the card directly from their mobile phones. The card can be used anywhere the Mastercard debit card is accepted worldwide.

    Unique Features of Free Visa Debit Card Card

    The card is a prepaid Visa debit card that enables users to spend cryptocurrencies on the go. The card can be topped up with other credit/debit cards, cryptocurrency, or bank account transfers.

    To be eligible for the card, you must stake CRO tokens for at least 180 days. To do this, sign into your account, complete your KYC verification and buy CRO tokens.

    Deposit the tokens in your preferred crypto wallet. After this, go to the “Card” tab in the app and select your preferred Visa card and click “Stake”.

    Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process. The amount of CRO staked on the crypto exchange will determine the card tier you can apply for. The exact exchange rate used for the card is dependent on the card tier and the user’s jurisdiction.

    Winner in Unique Features

    CoinSpot wins in unique features as it has more features than whose primary standout feature is its free Visa debit card.

    CoinSpot vs. Cryptocurrencies Available

    Cryptocurrencies Available on CoinSpot

    CoinSpot users can buy, sell and swap over 370 cryptocurrencies. This includes Ethereum, Bitcoin, USD Coin, Binance USD, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Cosmos, Ripple, Cardano, etc.

    Cryptocurrencies Available on

    cryptocurrencies available on crypto com supports over 250 cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Polkadot, Cardano, Tether, Polygon, Uniswap, Shiba Inu, etc.

    Winner in Crypto Availability

    CoinSpot wins in crypto availability as it supports more cryptocurrencies than

    CoinSpot vs. Can You Buy and Sell NFTs?

    Can You Buy and Sell NFTs on CoinSpot?

    CoinSpot crypto exchange allows users to buy NFTs via CoinSpot NFT, which features popular collections like The Humanians, Heart Project, Bored Ape Yacht Club, VeeFriends, etc. The NFT marketplace also features an instant buy and sell feature, that enables users to carry out cryptocurrency bank transfer transactions quickly. CoinSmart NFT charges a flat 0.90% fee for NFT purchases and does not support NFT minting. Creators will have to go elsewhere to mint their artwork before selling it on CoinSpot.

    Can you Buy and Sell NFTs on

    The NFT marketplace enables its users to buy, sell, and participate in drops. It supports over 10 million NFTs. Some of the top NFT collections on the marketplace include Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, ArtBlocks, CloneX, etc.

    It offers a variety of NFTs including Gaming, Art, celebrities, and sport. The marketplace charges a fixed 1.99% in fees for buying or selling. And allows users to buy NFT using their credit or debit card directly. It is also the only NFT marketplace based on the chain.

    Winner in NFTs Availability wins in NFT Availability as it offers more NFTs to users.

    CoinSpot vs. Fees

    CoinSpot Fees

    CoinSpot fees

    CoinSpot cryptocurrency exchange offers the following fees:

    • Market Order: 0.10%
    • OTC: 0.10%
    • Instant Buy, Sell, and Swap: 1%
    • Recurring Buy: 1%
    • CoinSpot NFT: 0.90%
    • Take Profit, Limit Orders, and Stop Loss: 1%

    For its various deposit methods CoinSpot charges the below:

    • PayID: Free
    • POLi: Free
    • Direct Deposits: Free
    • BPAY: 0.9% Fee
    • Cash Deposit: 2.5% Fee
    • Card Deposit: 2.58% Fee

    There are no AUD withdrawal fees. It also supports free cryptocurrency deposits. Fees

    For spot trading, uses a maker-and-taker model based on trading volume. They also offer fee discounts based on the amount of CRO you hold. That said, charges up to 0.07% for both maker and taker fees. This is for trade volumes below 250,000 AUD and a held amount of 50,000 CRO coins.

    For a trading volume greater than AUD 10,000,000, charges zero maker fee and a 0.0500% taker fee. This is with a CRO held amount greater than 50,000 CRO. If you stake more than 10 million CRO and trade more than 10 million in AUD you’ll only pay 0.0350% in taker fees as well as get a 0.10 bps rebate.

    Winner in Fees wins in fees as it offers cheaper fees and discount/rebate offers for staking its native token CRO.

    CoinSpot vs. Payment Methods

    CoinSpot Payment Methods

    CoinSmart offers 6 deposit methods which include:

    • Bank transfer via PayID
    • Bank transfer via POLi
    • Direct deposits
    • BPAY bank transfer
    • Cash Deposit
    • CoinSpot debit card deposit Payment Methods

    The exchange offers the following deposit methods:

    • Bank transfer via NPP (PayID)
    • BPAY bank transfer
    • Credit/Mastercard and Visa debit card
    • Google Pay and Apple Pay
    • Cryptocurrency bank transfer

    Winner in Payment Methods

    Both CoinSpot and offer flexible deposit methods so it is a draw-in payment method.

    CoinSpot vs. Security

    CoinSpot Security

    CoinSpot holds both Blockchain Australia Certification and an ISO27001 Certification for Information Security Management. It has also completed an external audit undertaken by SCI Qual International. CoinSpot also holds the majority of users’ assets in cold storage offline.

    All CoinSpot users can customize their account security by using several security settings like two-factor authentication, session timeout limit setting, and custom withdrawal restrictions. Security security commitment holds an Australian Financial Service License (AFSL). It holds 100% of users’ cryptocurrencies in cold storage and all users’ fiat currencies in regulated custodian banks. The cold storage used integrates Ledger Vault’s institutional-grade custody solution.

    All funds held in cold wallets are corporate funds and they are secured with HSM and multi-signature technologies. monitors all transactions and screens all deposits for compliance. All transactions on users’ accounts are protected by multi-factor authentication including email, phone, password, and biometric authentication. All withdrawal addresses must also be whitelisted Via email verification.

    Winner in Security

    It's a tie. There is no clear winner here as both exchanges have good security measures in place to ensure the security of users' assets.

    Coinspot vs. Earn/Staking Rewards

    CoinSpot Earn/Staking Rewards

    The CoinSpot exchange allows users to earn on their digital assets by staking them in the CoinSpot Earn program. The program offers up to 70% APY and supports more than 20 cryptocurrencies including CRO, AVAX, SOL, KAVA, and BNB. Earn/Staking Rewards

    With you can stake over 40 cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. The exchange offers up to 12% p.a.

    Winner in Earn/Staking Rewards wins here. The crypto exchange offers a larger selection of eligible staking assets including stablecoins.

    CoinSpot vs. Usability

    CoinSpot Usability

    CoinSpot offers an easy-to-use trading interface that’s best for beginners. Actions like deposits and withdrawals are seamless for most users. It offers a mobile (iOS and Android) and web interface. Usability has a steep learning curve. However, once you get a hang of it, the desktop, browser, and mobile apps are quite simple to navigate. In general, is best for advanced users.

    Winner in Usability

    CoinSmart wins in usability as it is easier to use for beginners.

    CoinSpot vs. Customer Service

    CoinSpot Customer Service

    CoinSpot Live chat

    CoinSpot offers 24/7 customer service via its live chat support. Information on their website shows that the average reply rate for live chat support is 30 seconds. Customer Service

    The support team can be reached via email. It also offers 24/7 live chat support.

    Winner in Customer Service

    CoinSpot wins in customer service. It has a 4.5 stars rating on Trustpilot while has just 2.0 stars.

    Conclusion: Final Verdict comes on top as the overall winner as the platform has way more to offer crypto investors. It offers lower fees, a larger NFT marketplace, instant payment methods, advanced trading features, etc. CoinSpot offers more crypto assets but it supports primarily basic features and is more geared toward users who want to execute simple transactions.

    Overall Winner with a 4/5 rating.


    Most frequent questions and answers

    Yes, is a legal cryptocurrency exchange and it operates under the Australian Financial Service’s License (AFSL).

    CoinSpot uses a tiered pricing system based on trade volume.

    • Copy your wallet address from CoinSpot
    • Go to, click Wallet, find the coin you want to withdraw, select withdraw, input the address, and finish the transaction.

    Yes, recently expanded its free crypto tax reporting service to Australia.

    No, CoinSpot has a clear free structure.

    If you want a larger selection of cryptocurrencies, CoinSpot offers more (370+) than Coinbase (160+).

    No, CoinSpot does not give a tax report to the ATO.

    Yes, but it is not a legal tender in Australia.

    AUD withdrawals are processed on the same day if the request was submitted before 2 pm AEDT on a business day.

    Crypto lending is when users lend their assets to other traders for interest over a particular period. supports crypto lending.