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    What is Gods Unchained? Best NFT Card Game?

    What is Gods Unchained

    Wondering what is GODS unchained? This article will provide a full insight.

    What is Gods Unchained?

    Gods Unchained has risen to become one of the market’s most popular options for a multiplayer blockchain based game. The platform incorporates trading core cards and non fungible tokens (NFTs), transporting players to an online world where they can exchange these cards and generate income.

    Blockchain has been one of the gaming industry’s new forays recently. Players have become more interested in the prospect of generating income by playing blockchain games that incorporate the play to earn model. Gods Unchained provides this opportunity by allowing players to own their in-game assets completely.

    Gods Unchained has drawn comparisons to another fantasy blockchain trading card game called ‘Magic: The Gathering’,. Chris Clay, the former game director of ‘Magic: The Gathering’, oversees Gods Unchained’s development.

    Clay began working on the Gods Unchained video game after leaving his stint as game director in 2018. In October 2020, he (along with co-developers James Ferguson and Robbie Ferguson) developed Gods Unchained and launched its beta. 

    GODS is the native token of the Gods Unchained universe. Mortals on this platform can create NFTs, purchase packs and earn rewards. The asset operates like many blockchain gaming tokens, offering an opportunity for players to participate in governance and earn money from their gaming activity.

    How Does GODS Work?

    Snapshot of Gods Unchained Card Game

    Unchained Gods is a trading card game, created with a focus on fair competitive play, where you can acquire cards just by playing the game. Each Gods Unchained card is a unique NFT that is minted and stored on the Ethereum blockchain, and players can purchase and sell them as they see fit. 

    Players in Gods Unchained are transported to competitive arenas where they compete for glory – and earnings, collect trading cards and trade and sell in the game marketplace. 

    In most rival games, including Hearthstone, the cards are merely a component of the core game experience publishers own and provide to their customers. As a result, players lack true ownership.

    Gods Unchained, on the other hand, allows players to buy and sell these cards. As with physical card games, some rare cards in Gods Unchained can be very valuable; a “Mythic” card fetched $62,000 at a sale in February 2019.

    The Gods Unchained game consists of several impressive features: 

    • NFT Trading Cards (Collections): The NFT trading cards will be the most essential part of Gods Unchained. These are the game’s primary assets, and players must compete to collect as many as possible. Gods Unchained works by allowing players to trade the NFT trading cards, and they are also ideal for players looking to earn directly.
    • In-App Marketplace: Gods Unchained also has an in-app marketplace where players can trade these gods unchained cards. This is consistent with platforms such as Axie Infinity, which have developed resilient economies by cultivating activities and trading volumes within their ecosystems. 
    • GODS Token: Gods Unchained is a competitive trading card game that uses in-game cryptocurrencies. Following a successful public offering in which the game’s developers raised $35 million, the platform launched GODS – an ERC-20 token released in October 2021. GODS play an important role in the Unchained Gods ecosystem. The token is used by players to purchase card packs from the marketplace, construct card NFTs, and participate in the governance of the Gods Unchained platform. 

    Weakness of GODS

    Gods Unchained underlying Ethereum base is its primary weakness. The Ethereum blockchain is extremely popular, but its popularity has also resulted in significant network congestion, which has hampered its performance. As a result, gas costs can be high, and transactions in the Gods Unchained marketplace may be delayed.

    Nonetheless, the Ethereum Foundation has committed to resolving this issue by the release of Ethereum 2.0. Sharding is expected to significantly improve Ethereum 2.0’s overall throughput, making transactions faster and less expensive.

    How Is GODS Created?

    GODS is a proof-of-stake (PoS) cryptocurrency. This means that the asset is created through a process known as staking, in which holders stake their coins within the Gods Unchained game to earn more tokens, thereby driving the platform’s profitability and adoption higher.

    Which Blockchain Does GODS Use?

    As previously stated, Unchained Gods runs on the Ethereum blockchain. This is consistent with several other leading trading card games and blockchain gaming platforms that have chosen Ethereum as their operating platform.

    The trading card game also uses Immutable X to facilitate efficient trades. Immutable X is a decentralised exchange platform that scales Ethereum blockchain trades, allowing traders to enjoy high-speed transactions at low costs.

    How to Use GODS?

    The GODS token can be used for several functions: 

    • NFT Purchases: On the Gods Unchained platform, trading card NFTs are bought and sold. These transactions are also supported by GODS.
    • NFT Crafting: Players can spend GODS to fuse in-game cards into NFTs. The NFTs will be minted directly onto Immutable X and can be traded on the Ethereum blockchain. 
    • Staking: GODS can also be staked. This is the primary process of creating new tokens, with stakers enjoying additional units of the token whenever they stake.  
    • Governance: GODS also acts as the governance token for Gods Unchained. Players can stake the token to represent voting power and have their say in upgrades and developments on the online trading card game. 
    • Trading: Besides its use in the Gods Unchained universe, GODS can also be traded for the purpose of earning profits. 

    How to Buy GODS?

    Buying Gods Unchained Items on ImmutableX

    It is recommended that a trader purchase GODS through a centralised exchange. This example will utilise Coinbase, one of the market’s most popular exchanges: 

    Sign Up

    First, go to the Coinbase home page and sign up. Users can create accounts using their emails by entering their email addresses and passwords. Click Next and Download to go to the next phase.

    ID Verification 

    Coinbase is a regulated exchange. This means that traders’ accounts must be verified before they can buy or sell GODS. Traders can visit their profile and click “Settings” to commence ID verification. At the top, tap “Enable send and receive” and select the document to upload. Then, follow Coinbase’s instructions to complete this step. 

    Add a Payment Method 

    In the settings bar, tap on “Payment methods” to connect a payment channel. Coinbase allows users to deposit using bank transfers, cards, and third-party payment services.

    Buy GODS

    After adding a payment method, traders can click on the “Buy/Sell” button. Choose “GODS” among the available coins, and a purchase screen will be displayed. Using the number pad, input the desired purchase amount and tap “Preview Buy”. 

    After reviewing the terms of the purchase, confirm the buy.

    How to Store GODS?

    GODS, like all cryptocurrencies, are stored in crypto wallets. Crypto wallets function similarly to traditional wallets and bank accounts in that it allows users to store their coins while also allowing them to spend them. Since cryptocurrencies don’t have a physical form, wallets store private keys, which are authentication codes that allow a transaction to be completed using the wallet’s address.

    Crypto wallets come in a variety of shapes and sizes: 

    • Hardware wallets: These wallets store coins off the internet. Hardware wallets are physical devices that investors can connect to their computers via Bluetooth or USB ports. Since they store coins off the internet, hardware wallets are almost impossible to hack. However, their structure also means that they will take longer to process transactions. 
    • Software wallets: A software wallet makes transactions easier. They operate in seconds and are installed as apps on mobile phones or computers. However, these wallets are susceptible to hacking, and users are responsible for keeping malware off their devices. 
    • Paper wallets: These pieces of paper have users’ wallet addresses written on them. Some paper wallets come with QR codes, which can be scanned to process transactions. Paper wallets can’t be hacked; however, users need to ensure that they don’t get damaged or misplaced.

    Best Place to Stake GODS

    Investors interested in staking GODS should do so through the Gods Unchained platform. The platform allows users to stake, with rewards distributed from the central staking Rewards Pool.

    However, an investor must meet certain criteria to receive rewards. An investor must keep GODS in their Immutable X wallet, which must be linked to the Gods Unchained platform. Users must also have interacted in some way with the Gods Unchained platform during the week, with snapshots taken to determine eligibility.

    Gods Unchained Home Page

    What You Need to Know About the Future of GODS?

    The game is a relatively new in the digital card game space. Within a short time, it has distinguished itself from other blockchain games.

    And although the current market downturn has impacted the price of its token, preventing it from reaching its full potential, the GODS token have much to be excited about.

    NFTs and blockchain gaming continue to be hot-ticket in game items, thanks to the play to earn model. There are several reasons to believe that Gods Unchained will eventually become an industry leader and set the pace for future games to come. 

    With giant gaming studios themselves integrating blockchain into their operations, the future of the blockchain gaming space is bright. And Gods Unchained could benefit directly from that.

    Conclusion: Should You Put Your Money in GODS?

    GODS is a valuable asset with a distinct value proposition. Aside from its use as a tradable coin, the asset provides holders with benefits such as staking and governance within the ecosystem. And with Gods Unchained based on the play to earn model, GODS token offers a distinct opportunity for gamers to earn money. 

    Despite the market downturn that has affected crypto prices in 2022, GODS remains an appealing asset. Investors looking for profitable opportunities should consider GODS token.

    Risk in Investing in GODS

    Investors should keep in mind that GODS tokens, like all cryptocurrencies, are a risky investment. Because the cryptocurrency market is prone to significant price swings, investors must exercise extreme caution when selecting the coins to purchase.

    Before purchasing GODS, make sure to conduct thorough research and fully understand the token’s intrinsic value.


    Most frequent questions and answers

    Gods Unchained employs the play-to-earn model in its gameplay. In Gods Unchained, players are able to trade NFT cards in a simulated environment. These cards can be traded for real money, while players could also get GODS tokens for their activity in the game.

    There are no deposits required for Gods Unchained, making it completely free to anyone.

    Players can earn with Gods Unchained. The game provides several opportunities to make money, including participating in activities to earn tokens, trading NFTs via the in-game marketplace, staking and trading the GODS tokens.

    GODS appears to be an attractive investment. The in-game asset is tied to the Gods Unchained project, which has become one of the most popular blockchain games on the market. Gods Unchained aims to bring NFTs to the mainstream, and it is doing a relatively good job of that.

    Traders looking to invest in Gods Unchained can do so via a centralised exchange. Coinbase is the most popular and liquid exchange that offers access to GODS tokens; traders can utilise the San Francisco-based exchange.

    The game is currently unavailable on mobile platforms. Prospective players would need to download the game on their computers to access it. provides all its content for informational purposes only, and this should not be taken as financial advice to buy, trade or sell cryptocurrency or use any specific exchange. Please do not use this website as investment advice, financial advice or legal advice, and each individual’s needs may vary from that of the author. This post includes affiliate links with our partners who may compensate us. 

    To view our privacy policy read here.

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