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    What is The Three Kingdoms (TTK)? NFTs Games

    The Three Kingdoms (TTK) Home Page

    What is The Three Kingdoms (TTK)?

    The Three Kingdoms is a third-generation play-to-earn battle game that runs on the Binance Smart Chain that allows users to conquer lands and win NFT characters. It is based on an old Chinese game and features in-game assets based on China’s three kingdoms period. The objective of the gameplay involves players building their teams to win battles in exchange for rewards as each user attempts to subdue the three kingdoms.

    The Three Kingdoms is powered by several tokens, however, its primary token is TTK, which is used within the game for buying new NFT avatars, lands, and performing upgrades.

    How does The Three Kingdoms Work?

    The Three Kingdoms is built on the Binance Smart Chain and can be played using a web browser. Players can use a Web3 wallet like MetaMask to interact with in-game items which are represented as NFTs on the blockchain and completely owned by players. Users can play against the environment or other users to win battles and earn CHI tokens, collect NFT characters, etc. Players that opt to play against the environment take on the role of a military leader seeking to take over the 3 kingdoms of Wei, Shu, and Wu.

    This will necessitate them going on several quests and battles. The Three Kingdoms features NFT-backed characters with different scarcities and each character possesses some of the following 6 attributes: leadership, energy, attack power, luck, intellect, and defence. The idea is for users to ensure their team has a balance of these attributes to boost their effectiveness during battles.

    What makes The Three Kingdoms (TTK) Unique?

    The Three Kingdoms Game Features

    Because The Three Kingdoms is a third-generation NFT game it builds on the success of first-generation and second-generation games by offering multiple revenue streams, better gameplay graphics, low entry costs, and story gameplay.

    How to Use The Three Kingdoms (TTK)?

    The TTK token offers 3 major utilities within the game’s ecosystem which include: 

    • Staking for more CHI tokens to improve gameplay
    • Buying new land and characters
    • Paying for all upgrades in the game

    How to Buy The Three Kingdoms (TTK)?

    Buying TTF on PancakeSwap

    TTK is an ERC-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. It can be bought on decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap V2 and centralized exchanges like Gate.io

    Since TTK is on the Binance Smart Chain, you can easily buy the token by connecting your Binance account to a decentralized exchange where you will be able to buy a base currency that you can use to buy TTK. Below are simple steps you can follow to buy TTK from your Binance account:

    • Get a suitable Binance wallet
    • Set up your wallet
    • Buy BNB. This will serve as a base currency. You cannot buy TTK directly with fiat currency, a base currency is required
    • Withdraw the BNB to your crypto wallet
    • Choose a decentralized exchange that is compatible with the wallet you are using. If you are using the Binance wallet, PancakeSwap is your best option
    • Connect your Binance wallet to the decentralized exchange
    • In the decentralized exchange, select the BNB Chain as your preferred payment method and select TTK as the coin you wish to buy
    • Confirm your order

    If The Three Kingdoms does not show in the decentralized exchange, you can find the smart contract address and paste it into PancakeSwap. After pasting the address, you can click on the “Swap” button to get your TTK tokens.

    Can You Stake The Three Kingdoms (TTK)?

    Yes, you can stake $TTK-BUSD and your hero NFT to earn $CHI tokens in return via its Dapp on the homepage. The more you stake the more CHI tokens you’ll get in return.


    The Three Kingdoms (TTK) seeks to offer a third-generation blockchain game to improve first and second-generation blockchain games. But does it succeed in its mission in the eyes of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts? The answer to that will determine the overall success of the game and its native token TTK. If the game attracts and keeps more players interested, it will succeed. However, if not, the value of its native token will drop. So, TTK’s success is dependent on the widespread acceptance of the game.


    Most frequent questions and answers

    You can buy TTK tokens on PancakeSwap V2 and Gate.io.

    TTK represents The Three Kingdoms token. It is the token that fuels the economy of the Three Kingdoms.

    The Three Kingdoms is a blockchain play-to-earn and NFT-project based on the Three Kingdoms storyline based on the old Chinese classic The Three Kingdoms. It enables users to play engaging games and receive rewards for their achievements while playing the games.  It is also the first game to be based on the ancient Chinese classic on the Metaverse.

    The Three Kingdoms is the first game to be based on the historical figures of The Three Kingdoms period in ancient China. These three kingdoms in ancient China are the Wei, Shu, and Wu regions.

    Since TTK runs in the Binance Smart Chain, players are required to create a wallet before starting the game. The recommended wallet for this is Metamask because of its user-friendly interface. 

    Once you have your Metamask wallet, you will need to connect it to the Binance Smart Chain with the following steps:

    Go to the menu and click on “Settings” 

    Click on “Add Network” 

    Add the following details – Network Name: Smart Chain, New RPC URL: https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/, ChainID: 56, Symbol: BNB, Block Explorer URL: https://bscscan.com.

    Crosscheck the details and click “Save”. Once you do this, your wallet unit will be denominated in BNB, and the network will be automatically set by default to the one you entered. 

    Go to the TTK website and link your wallet. Once you do this, you will be granted access to the TTK ecosystem.

    This isn’t investment advice but if you believe in the objective of the game, wish to collect NFT characters, and that it will be widely accepted by blockchain gamers then it may present a viable investment opportunity.

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