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    The 7 Best Blockchain Courses Singapore 2023

    Blockchain Courses Singapore

    Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have been massively influential in the global banking and commerce industry, forcing us to rethink our current financial system. Major banks and corporate firms worldwide are showing interest in this new technology more than ever before. According to Blockdata, 81 of the top 100 public companies in the world are directly or indirectly involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space

    While countries like Australia and Canada are leading the race to leverage blockchain technology in different areas, Singapore is also among the top countries moving forward with blockchain development

    Ever since the launch of the Smart Nation initiative, in which Singapore officially recognised crypto and blockchain companies as legal businesses, capital flow and institutional attention has been shifting to this sector on a large scale. 

    As a result, top universities and educational service providers in the country have started offering academic courses to meet the rising demand for blockchain education. From one-day courses to full-time degrees, there are multiple options for everyone to take advantage of. 

    In order to help you avoid spending too much time searching and looking for the perfect blockchain learning program, we’ve put together a list of the finest blockchain courses available in Singapore. This way, you can easily find the right educational opportunity without any hassle.

    To create this list, our experts reviewed the various programs offered by the country’s top educational institutions. In the process, we considered several important factors, including course content, fees, and reviews from people. 

    1. Certificate in Fintech and Innovation

    Certificate in Fintech and Innovation​ Course

    The Certificate in Fintech and Innovation is one of the many blockchain training programs offered by Singapore Management University. The institution is globally respected for its quality research and a broad-based education approach.

    It is a two-day intermediate-level course which includes lectures, creative exercises, case studies, project work, discussions, and class presentations. The course is designed and targeted toward professionals working at organisations which deal in financial services and creative work practices. 

    The blockchain course focuses on the design model of innovative technologies, such as blockchain and fintech. It also helps students learn how to critically evaluate these models and create innovative solutions for the financial services industry. The primary objectives are understanding the fundamental principles of design thinking and using them to solve problems creatively. 

    The course fee is $642 for Singapore citizens aged below 40 years and $242 for citizens aged 40 years or more. International participants have to pay $2,140.

    2. Fintech Talent Programme

    Fintech Talent Programme

    The Fintech Talent Programme was first launched in 2017 by the collaboration of Singapore Polytechnic, the National Trade Union Congress, and the Singapore Fintech Association. 

    The three-month course (80 hours) is a blend of classroom lectures, lab, and online sessions. It covers a wide range of hot new trends and technologies in fintech, along with sessions on design thinking, big data, blockchain, digital currencies, cybersecurity, RegTech, cloud computing and the Application Programme Interface (API) economy.

    The programme aims to equip emerging professionals, managers, and executives (PMEs) with the required leadership skills in the fintech sector, which will help Singapore achieve its vision of becoming the hub for smart finance. 

    The course is conducted by 50 mentors and 25 leading industry practitioners and lecturers. It is held at the NTUC centre, and the total course fee is set at $3,200.

    3. Leveraging Fintech for Business

    Leveraging Fintech for Business Course

    The Leveraging Fintech for Business course is a fintech program offered by the business school of the National University of Singapore. NUS is globally considered one of the best universities having a think tank dedicated solely to the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and fintech technologies, called Crystal Centre

    The duration of the program is just three days, designed specifically for leaders and managers. The seminars, discussions, reflections, and case studies will help you understand the rapidly evolving fintech landscape and how to benefit from the emerging opportunities in the blockchain space. 

    The course has dedicated sections to different blockchain concepts, i.e., cryptocurrencies, initial crowd offerings (ICOs), and crowdfunding. Moreover, it will also teach students how to use blockchain technology to streamline business processes and establish accountability and trust in your organisation.

    4. Introduction to Blockchain and DLT for Enterprises

    Introduction to Blockchain and DLT for Enterprises Course Finder

    Introduction to Blockchain and DLT for Enterprises is another useful course offered by the National University of Singapore. It is a part of the Software Engineering and Design Series offered by the Institute of System Science at NUS. 

    It is a one-day course designed for enterprises to understand the fundamentals of blockchain and digital ledger technologies (DLTs). The students will also learn how these innovations can be integrated into organisations and different business models. The syllabus includes studying different DLT projects, such as Hyperledger, Corda, and Ethereum blockchain. Moreover, it will also focus on real-life use cases of these platforms and the underlying technologies.

    After attending this course, students will be able to explore different implications for blockchain and make decisions regarding the adoption of DLTs.  The course costs $103-272 for Singaporean citizens and $910 for others.

    5. MCS in Fintech

    MCS in Fintech Course

    Nanyang Technological University is a top-notch school that offers excellent blockchain education. In 2019, they took a step further by establishing a fintech research center that focuses on the exciting field of blockchain programming.

    MCS in fintech, hosted by the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at NTU, is a one-year full-time and two-year part-time program based around a cluster of several innovative technologies in finance, including financial cryptography and financial automation, and blockchain systems. The curriculum aims to provide students with data science, Artificial Intelligence, and information technology skills necessary to navigate the quickly changing financial technology industry. 

    The total fee for this program is $35,000 for Singaporeans and $55,000 for international participants.

    6. Blockchain: Embarking on the Journey

    Blockchain: Embarking on the Journey Course

    Blockchain: Embarking on the Journey is another blockchain workshop offered by Singapore Management University. It is a beginner-level introductory course targeted at professionals who need to develop a basic understanding of blockchain technology and its use case in the business sector. 

    After completing the workshop, students will be able to understand the basic principles of blockchain technology, its workings, and how businesses from diverse industries can benefit from this technology. It will teach them not only how to integrate blockchain with their existing enterprise model but also how they can design a new blockchain for their business ecosystem. 

    The course fee is set at $97-$257 for Singaporean students while $856 for others.

    7. Blockchain Security and Privacy

    Blockchain Security and Privacy Course

    Offered by the Singapore University of Social Sciences, Blockchain Security and Privacy is a modular graduate and certificate course which is primarily focused on security and cryptography techniques used in fintech technologies and blockchains. 

    The Finance and Blockchain Group at SUSS has been working together with various companies to organize blockchain forums and events both online and offline. Lately, they joined hands with the Blockchain Association Singapore, Least Authority, and Electric Coin Co. to arrange a Zoom session called Zero-Knowledge Privacy in Regulated Financial Transactions.

    The Blockchain Security and Privacy course help students understand the different properties of secure cryptographic function techniques. Moreover, it teaches how these techniques can be applied in data integrity protection, authentication, and user privacy in different blockchain and fintech applications. On top of that, you also develop a key understanding of public-key infrastructure, peer-to-peer security, and network security models. 

    It is a six-month course, and the course fee is about $1,100.

    A Comparison of the Best Blockchain Courses in Singapore

    How to Choose the Right Blockchain Courses?

    When you’re picking the best blockchain course for you, there are a few things you should think about.

    Your goals

    The first step is to decide what you desire from the course. Do you want a general introductory knowledge about blockchain technologies? Or do you want to develop professional blockchain programming skills? Not every course is suitable for every candidate. Hence, before researching and starting online registration, establish your exact requirements.

    How much time can you spare?

    Time is another very important factor to consider. Assess how long you can stay dedicated to a program and how much you can spend learning each day. Usually, in-depth skill-learning courses have a duration of 3-6 months, but you can also find some short workshops.b

    Your budget

    Before you sign up, you must look at how much money you are willing to invest. Moreover, many institutes provide several fee concession programmes that you can benefit from. Always check them out to find out if you are eligible for any of them.

    Final Thoughts

    As the Singapore government maintains a positive attitude toward blockchain technology and welcomes crypto enterprises, investors and organisations are shifting their focus to decentralised applications and the DLTs technologies. 

    To stay up with the rapid advancement of fintech and data-distribution technologies, every financial practitioner needs to make sure that he is prepared to meet the upcoming breakaway in the industry.

    Our extensive analysis of the Singaporean Crypto Space doesn’t stop here. You can also check out our Guide on the Best Cryptocurrency Courses Singapore if you are interested on improving, even more, your knowledge in this new fintech sector.


    Most frequent questions and answers

    To become a blockchain developer, you need a sound knowledge of different blockchain concepts, such as consensus models, cryptography, smart contracts, hash functions, etc. Moreover, you need a clear understanding of public and private blockchain platforms.

    The rise of blockchain and cryptocurrencies has generated a number of new job opportunities. Anyone, after completing a blockchain training program and earning a blockchain certificate, can apply for different jobs in diverse sectors.

    Yes, as blockchain relevance grows in different industries, many educational institutes have started offering different degrees programs and short courses in blockchain technologies. For example, NTU has an MCS in Fintech program which focuses on financial cryptography, financial automation, and blockchain systems.

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