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    Best Cold Storage Wallets 2024


    Best Next-Generation Crypto Hardware Wallet


    Best for Large Display

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    Traditional Hardware Wallet

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    Best Hardware Wallet with Hot Wallets Compatibility

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    Best Reputable Crypto Cold Storage Wallet

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    Best Budget-Friendly Wallet

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    Best Hardware Wallet for Access to DApps

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    Best Open Source Multiplatform Wallet for Bitcoin

    This article compares the best cold storage wallets for digital assets. We’ll look at the pros and cons, security, unique features, and cost of these hardware wallets. 

    To compile our list of the best cold wallets we carried out exhaustive research on all the cold wallets listed, analyzed user reviews, and got first-hand experience of each hardware wallet. 

    Best Cold Storage Wallet: Our Opinion

    Ngrave Zero cold wallet comes out on top as it is a truly air-gapped hardware walletThis is the ultimate security feature of cold wallets and makes them highly impregnable. 

    A lot of other cold wallets fail in offering 100% air-gapped security even though they succeed in the features offered like the number of cryptocurrencies, touchscreen, etc. And since the primary purpose of a cold wallet is enhanced security, NGrave Zero effortlessly takes the win. 

    Ngrave Zero: Best Next-Generation Crypto Hardware Wallet

    Ngrave Zero the coldest crypto wallet

    Founded in Belgium, Ngrave Zero is a blockchain and digital asset security company that was founded by Ruben Merre (CEO), Xavier Hendrickx (CTO), and (COO) Edouard Vanham. 

    Ngrave Zero is a secure, physically tamper-proof hardware wallet. 

    Ngrave Zero is tagged as the Coldest crypto wallet. This is because of the military-grade security the wallet provides. When compared to other hardware wallets, Ngrave Zero supports a limited number of cryptocurrencies. It currently only supports approximately 1,500 cryptocurrencies. 

    Also, it only supports ETH-based NFTs. 

    Key Features of Ngrave Zero

    Custom Operating System

    The Ngrave Zero has a custom operating system that was developed by a team of Ngrave wallet security experts. The custom operating system eliminates the vulnerability associated with using a third-party operating system. 

    The Operating system is EAL7-certified. Ngrave Zero is the first cold storage solution to integrate a custom EAL7-certified operating system.

    Biometric Sensor

    Ngrave Zero has a biometric sensor which adds an extra layer of security for transaction signing and authentication. 

    The Wallet owner’s fingerprint is used to create the Perfect Key that is used to unlock the device and sign transactions.

    A 4 Inch Touchscreen

    Ngrave Zero has a Touchscreen which allows users to easily manage their crypto wallets, verify transaction details, and sign transactions. 

    Ngrave Zero Security

    Ngrave Zero holds a CC EAL5+ as well as CE and FCC certifications. It is the only financial product to integrate an EAL7-certified OS.

    The Wallet device is water and dust resistant and 100% air-gapped.

    The Wallet is also secured with a fingerprint sensor which can be used to create a perfect key and for unlocking the device. Users can back up the generated Perfect Key with Ngrave Graphene. Ngrave Graphene is Ngrave’s backup solution and it consists of 2 plates which give it an additional encryption layer. 

    Other security features available on the Ngrave Zero wallet include a scrambled PIN pad, a built-in secure element, and cryptographic attestation.



    Cost of Ngrave Zero

    The Ngrave Zero wallet costs €398, this is more expensive than other hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor. The Ngrave Wallet plus the Ngrave Graphene costs €498. 

    Ledger Stax - Best for Large Display

    ledger stax price

    Ledger Stax is the newest cold wallet from Ledger’s suite of hardware wallets and the most expensive. It is a palm-sized device designed to make navigation seamless. 

    The Ledger Stax hardware wallet is best known for its large display and customization features. 

    It was manufactured for the day-to-day use of cryptocurrencies and NFTs with clarity and comfort being the main considerations for its design. 

    The cold wallet allows users to sign transactions with ease via a world-first curved E ink touchscreen. You can also customize your Ledger Stax lock screen with your favorite photo or NFT in black and white. 

    The hardware wallet supports the following functions:

    • Touchscreen navigation
    • USB-C cable connection
    • Bluetooth 5.2 connection
    • Wireless charging 
    • NFT support
    • Lock screen customization
    • Supports over 5000+ cryptocurrencies
    • Secure Element Chip
    • Available on Windows 10/11, macOS Big Sir/ Monterey/ Ventura, iOS14, Ubuntu LTS, and Android 10+

    Some technical specifications include an aluminum and plastic finish with embedded magnets for stackability, CC EAL5+ chip certification, embedded rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 200 mAh, and Qi wireless charging. 

    Concerning its size, the Ledger Stax is a credit card-sized with dimensions of 85mm x 54mm x6mm. 

    Key Features of Ledger Stax

    Ledger Live App

    The Ledger Stax can be interfaced with the company’s proprietary application, the Ledger Live which allows the user to securely manage their digital assets while keeping the private keys offline on the cold wallet

    Ledger Live provides access to 500+ different tokens and crypto as well as Ethereum and Polygon NFTs. 

    It also gives users access to third-party hot wallets which increase the number of digital assets available to the user to over 5,000 tokens, NFTs, tokens, and cryptocurrencies. 

    Recovery Sheet

    Every Ledger Stax hardware wallet comes with a recovery sheet out-the-box that allows users to write down the 24-word recovery sheet phrase shown to them when activating the Ledger Stax device.x\x\

    Ledger Stax Security

    All Ledger hardware wallets including the Ledger Stax feature the Secure Element Chip, a technology that is used to generate and store all valuable data like the recovery phase. 

    They also have a custom operating system known as BOLOS which isolates the Ledger Stax cold storage wallet from other third-party apps on its interface. 

    BOLOS technology also prevents blind signing, ensuring that transactions cannot be verified remotely without being physically confirmed on the hardware wallet.



    Ledger Stax Cost

    The Ledger Stax goes for $279, which is higher than the industry average for cold storage devices. 

    Ledger Nano X - Traditional Hardware Wallet

    Ledger Live App to easily manage your crypto on Ledger Nano X - 1280x720

    This pocket-sized hardware wallet is as traditional as it gets when it comes to cold wallets. It is the size of a USB stick and is easy to carry anywhere. 

    The portable device uses a PIN code for access and allows users to store digital assets (NFTs and cryptocurrencies) offline. 

    Some technical specifications include a security certification level of CC EAL5+, a USB Type-C connector, a lithium-ion 100mAh battery, and a weight of 34g

    The cold storage wallet is compatible with Windows 10/11, macOS Big Sir/Monterey/Ventura, and Ubuntu LTS 20.04/ 22.04 without ARM Processors

    That said, the Ledger Nano X has the largest capacity of all Ledger cold wallets, as it allows users to store up to 100 apps and hot wallets simultaneously. 

    Key Features of Ledger Nano X

    Bluetooth Low Energy

    This feature of the Ledger Nano X allows users to connect to iOS and Android devices without using a USB cable. The Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) feature only transmits public data. Sensitive data such as digital asset private keys and the recovery seed phrase never leave the hardware wallet. 

    The BLE function also enforces authentication for security by using pairing, which is numeric-comparison based. 

    For users that do not feel comfortable with the wireless connection, the Ledger Nano X allows you to deactivate Bluetooth connectivity.

    Compatibility with iOS

    Unlike the Ledger S Plus, the Nano X is compatible with the Ledger Live for iOS devices. This means that users of Apple handheld devices can safely interface with the hardware wallet to manage their coins. 

    Security of Ledger Nano X

    The Ledger Nano X offers a ton of security features starting with the BOLOS, it’s custom operating system. 

    BOLOS OS isolates all applications on the Ledger hardware wallet. The result is that all supported apps are incapable of interacting with each other. 

    Besides isolation, BOLOS ensures that all transactions require physical confirmation. This eliminates remote signing and further boosts the security of the wallet. 

    The second major security feature is the Secure Element Chip which is used to safeguard users’ details on the cold storage wallet. 



    Cost of Ledger Nano X

    The Nano X hardware wallet cost $149. This is the industry-average cost of cold storage wallets like the Nano X. 

    Trezor Model T - Best Hardware Wallet with Hot Wallets Compatibility

    Trezor Model T overview

    This touchscreen cold wallet allows users to securely store the private keys of over 1,000 cryptocurrencies and NFTs

    As with most cold wallets, it provides digital asset management features via the Trezor Suite app, its custom interface. 

    However, the Trezor Suite has limitations on NFTs and staking as you will be unable to manage them on it. To do so, you would need to connect your Trezor hardware device to third-party NFT hot wallets like OpenSea, MetaMask, or Exodus wallet by using your public keys

    The Trezor Model T isn’t compatible with iOS devices so you won’t be able to connect it to your Apple handheld devices. 

    Some technical specifications include:

    • Size: 64x39x10 mm (2.52×1.54×0.39 in)
    • Weight: 22 g (0.77 oz)
    • 168 MHz embedded ARM processor (Cortex-M4) running Trezor Core
    • USB-A to USB-C cable to connect to computer and mobile
    • 1.54” Color LCD 240×240 pixels

    Key Features of Trezor Model T

    Touchscreen Computer Isolation

    The primary focus of the Trezor Model T is its large touchscreen display that offers a full-color 240×240 pixel resolution

    This enables all sensitive data input to be made directly on the Model T device, completely isolated from the host computer at every step including passphrase and PIN entry. 

    Shamir Backup

    The Shamir Backup which is only available in the Trezor Model T is a security protocol that protects against the 2 greatest threats to the recovery seed, which are theft and destruction

    The Trezor Model T is one of the first hardware wallets to implement the completely functional SLIP-0039 security standard Shamir Backup

    In its working, the Shamir Backup comprises 2 steps:

    • Generation: At this point, the user chooses the number of shares they want to generate and picks how many they want to use for recovery. 
    • Distribution: This step involves the distribution of the generated shares, which can be among trusted friends and secure locations. 

    Security of Trezor Model T

    The Model T, like most hardware wallets, offers a ton of security features to safeguard the user’s digital assets.

    The primary security measure is the cold wallet’s opening image (when turned on for the first time) which if altered would reveal that the cold wallet has been tampered/swapped with by a third party

    Secondly, the crypto wallet implements PIN, Multi-Factor Authentication, and Passphrase, which must be inputted by the user whenever they intend to use the crypto wallet. 

    Users can also set a wipe code to erase all data including the recovery seed phrase from your hardware crypto wallet. 



    Cost of Trezor Model T

    This hardware crypto wallet costs $219, which is expensive when compared to similar cold wallets.

    Trezor One - Best Reputable Crypto Cold Storage Wallet

    Trezor Model One Overview

    The Trezor One crypto storage wallet is one of the most reputable and affordable crypto wallets available. 

    This Trezor Model was launched in 2014 and has had little to no major security challenges since its launch

    It supports over 1,300 cryptocurrencies and like other Trezor crypto wallets does not bond with iOS devices. Trezor One supports NFT transactions and staking but only through connection with third-party software crypto wallets like MetaMask and Exodus wallet.

    Unlike most hardware crypto storage wallets these days that feature touchscreen navigation, the Model One offers a two-button pad feature

    Key Features of Trezor One

    NFT Wallet

    The Trezor One cold storage wallet allows users to store their NFTs on the hardware device. But this is only by connecting the Trezor One hardware wallet to a third-party software or hot wallet that supports the management of NFTs such as OpenSea or MetaMask. 

    Unfortunately, you cannot manage your NFTs on Trezor One via the Trezor Suite

    In addition, the cold wallet only supports NFTs created according to the EIP-721 Ethereum standard which facilitates the receiving, storage, and sending of NFTs on the network. 

    Trezor One does not support other blockchain networks for NFTs.

    Trezor Suite

    The Trezor Suite is the only official interface recommended for management use with your Trezor One hardware wallet. With Trezor Suite you can manage your digital assets (send, receive, buy, and sell). 

    The Trezor Suite app has various exchanges integrated (MetaMask, for example) into it, which extends the capability of the app. 

    Trezor One Security

    The Trezor One hardware wallet is packed with thin plastic and protected with 2 seals and strong glue. This makes it impossible to open the package without tearing it.

    Users are pre-warned of alerting customer support if the holographic seals protecting the package are torn or missing. 

    The cold wallet itself is safeguarded by a PIN code selected by the user. 

    If a bad actor gains access to the physical cold wallet and inputs the wrong PIN, they’ll experience a wait time, which increases by the power 2 after every attempt. After 16 attempts, the Trezor One cold wallet will wipe all data from the device. 



    Cost of Trezor One

    Tagged one of the most budget-friendly hardware wallets available, the Trezor One costs $69. However, the price goes over $80 if you add other accessories to the purchase cart. 

    SafePal S1 - Best Budget-Friendly Wallet That Supports Unlimited Crypto Assets and NFTs

    SafePal S1 product overview

    The SafePal S1 hardware wallet is the best hardware wallet for users looking for budget-friendly wallets that supports unlimited crypto assets and NFTs across different blockchains. 

    It is the first and only crypto hardware wallet to be supported by Binance Labs, the venture arm of Binance

    The SafePal S1 wallet supports over 30,000 cryptocurrencies from over 54 blockchains. Supported cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Ethereum Classic, Polygon, Avalanche, Solana, Tron, Polkadot, etc. 

    The SafePal S1 hardware wallet features a true random number generator, multiple layers of security sensors, self-destruct mechanism, and an independent secure element. 

    The Wallet is also completely air-gapped and 100% offline. It does not support NFC or USB cable connection, Bluetooth, or wifi. 

    Below are the technical specifications of the SafePal S1 wallet 

    • Camera for scanning QR codes 
    • Connectivity: None
    • 400mAh battery ( the battery can last for 20 days if used for 10 minutes every day).Charged with type C USB cable 
    • 1.3’IPS screen 

    Key Features of SafePal S1


    The SafePal S1 has several built-in sensors designed to detect intrusive attacks, semi-invasive attacks, and non-intrusive attacksThe Secure Element is programmed to self-destruct when the sensors detect any of these attacks. 

    Available sensors in the SafePal S1 hardware wallet include Light Sensors, Pulse Sensors, Filters, Metallic Sensors, Temperature Sensors, High and Low-Frequency Detection Modules, and High and Low Voltage Detection modules.

    Safepal Mobile App

    This is a decentralized wallet app that allows SafePal S1 wallet owners to manage their assets on the go without compromising the security of the hardware wallet. 

    The mobile app does not read or store sensitive account information and has several security features in place to ensure the security of the user’s assets always. 

    The mobile app allows users to create and manage several accounts. 

    SafePal Security

    To ensure that the wallet delivered to you has not been tampered with, every SafePal S1 hardware wallet must undergo an authentication process before use. This is done by generating a 6-digit code.

    The Wallet also has an independent inbuilt secure element that ensures the security of the user’s private keys at all times. It also has an air-gapped signing mechanism which ensures that all communication with the SafePal mobile app is done via encrypted QR codes. 

    Other security features available on the SafePal S1 hardware wallet include a dual-chip architecture, RAM verification, Unreadable Verification Area, data verification, and RAM encryption scrambler. 



    Cost of SafePal

    The SafePal S1 hardware wallet currently costs $49.99. This makes it one of the most affordable cold storage wallets.

    Ellipal Titan: Best Hardware Wallet for Access to DApps

    Ellipal Titan Cold Wallet

    Ellipal Titan is 100% air-gapped and is best for advanced users who want a hardware wallet that gives them access to dApps and financial tools like staking. 

    Ellipal Titan is a Web3 cold storage wallet that supports over 10,000 cryptocurrencies. The wallet is 100% air-gapped; this means that it cannot be connected to the web for transactions using Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, cellular networks, or a USB cable

    Ellipal Titan works together with the Ellipal software wallet which gives access to features like coin swap, dApp connection, market quote analysis, etc. 

    Key Feature of Ellipal

    QR Code Scanner 

    The Ellipal Titan wallet has a built-in code scanner. All transactions and all connections to the blockchain are done via QR codes. All QR codes are generated by the Ellipal Titan wallet and verified by the QR code scanner. 

    The Wallet comes equipped with a spacious display screen, enabling you to thoroughly verify transaction details prior to giving your approval.

    NFT Support

    Ellipal supports NFTs and allows users to buy, trade and sell in over 50 NFT marketplaces. It supports NFTs on the Ethereum and Polygon blochains. It also supports NFT 3D model display. 

    Ellipal Security

    Ellipal Titan is 100% air-gapped and it has several security features in place to ensure that the security of the user’s private keys is not compromised if the wallet gets into the wrong hands. 

    It has a sensor that detects physical attacks on the device. The sensor is programmed to self-destruct once an attempt to open the device is detected. 

    The Wallet is also protected against supply chain attacks. 

    Ellipal Titan is made with a strong metal frame and it has a screen that is sealed tightly into the metal. Any attempt to tamper with the device will leave serious marks on the wallet. 

    Access to the wallet is protected by a password. Users who wish to add a layer of security to their devices can activate the passphrase protection. 

    Unlike other hardware wallets, Ellipal Titan does not have a secure element. 



    Cost of Ellipal

    The Ellipal Titan costs $139.00. If you decide to buy it with the Ellipal wallet case, you will end up paying $178.90.

    Blockstream Jade: Best Open Source Multiplatform Wallet for Bitcoin

    Blockstream Green app

    The Blockstream Jade hardware wallet offers cold storage for Bitcoin and other liquid assets. 

    Since the wallet is only designed to store your private keys, you will need to integrate it with Blockstream Green or any other supported platform to be able to manage your assets. 

    Blockstream Green is an open-source Multiplatform Wallet for Bitcoin. It has a user-friendly interface that both beginners and experienced traders can use. Blockstream Green is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for Android and iOS devices. 

    Key Features of Blockstream Jade

    The Blind Oracle Mode

    This is a unique security model that allows the wallet to remain fully open-sourced but well-protected from physical attack. The Blind oracle is used instead of the regular secure element. It acts as a virtual secure element.

    The blind oracle stores the decryption mechanism of the Blockstream Jade wallet off the device and there is no direct communication between the blind oracle and the wallet device. This makes the extraction of physical keys from the wallet very difficult. 

    The blind oracle is truly blind and knows nothing about the wallet data, Bitcoin addresses, the user’s actual PIN, and private key. 

    Blockstream Jade Security

    The Blockstream Jade wallet is a secure hardware wallet with several security features. 

    The blind oracle used in place of the secure elements is equipped with several features to ensure that the security of the wallet is not compromised.

    The blind oracle does not communicate directly with the wallet and does not have access to the wallet’s data.

    All keys are generated with strong randomness. The wallet also has Anti-Exfil in place to prevent the device from leaking private keys through the signatures it creates when it is compromised. Anti-Exfil is used to re-randomize the nonce and prevent attacks. 



    Cost of Blockstream Jade

    When compared to the other best hardware wallet, the Blockstream Jade is less expensive, but only supports BTC and its liquid assets. The wallet costs $64.99. 

    You can receive a 10% off the full price when you use the code “SKRUMBLE” at check out.

    What is a Cold Wallet for Crypto?

    A cold wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that stores the private keys of your digital assets (NFTs and cryptocurrencies) offline typically on a physical device. 

    It is also known as a hardware wallet and it safeguards the user’s digital assets from online hackers since it doesn’t store the coin’s private keys on the web. 

    How Does a Cold Crypto Wallet Work?

    Hardware wallets or cold wallets store cryptocurrency and NFTs offline. These are physical devices that usually resemble a USB drive, which functions as single-purpose computers. 

    With a cold wallet, cryptocurrency transactions are digitally signed into the physical device using your private key and then uploaded securely to your blockchain via a crypto bridge

    Types of Crypto Wallets

    There are 2 major types of crypto wallets:

    Hot Wallets/Software Wallets

    A hot Wallet or Software Wallet is a crypto storage app that allows you to store your digital assets online. Hot wallets can be custodial or non-custodial. The custodial wallets hold the private keys of crypto coins for the user while non-custodial wallets allow users to fully own their coins by giving them ownership over the private keys. Types of hot wallets include desktop wallets, mobile wallets, and online wallets.

    Cold Wallets/Hardware Wallets

    A cold wallet or hardware wallet is a physical crypto storage device that allows users to store the private keys of their coins offline. To use the device the user has to connect it to a desktop or mobile device using a USB or QR code. A paper wallet is often considered a type of cold wallet.

    How to Use Your Cold Wallet

    To use your cold wallet you’ll need to connect it to your desktop computer or mobile device depending on what it supports. You can connect it using a QR Code, USB, Bluetooth, etc depending on what it supports. 

    Next, you’ll need to integrate your hardware wallet with its native app, for example, Trezor Suite or Ledger Live. From there you’ll be able to initiate transactions. 

    To finalize transactions you’ll most likely have to sign them via your hardware wallet. 

    How to Choose the Right Cold Wallet?

    The right cold wallet depends on your particular needs. If you’re looking for a hardware wallet that supports multiple features, for example, you’ll need to go for an option that supports the same like Ledger, Trezor, or Ellipal Titan. But if the consideration is security then you’ll need to choose a cold crypto wallet that is 100% air-gapped like the NGrave Zero or SafePal. 

    Final Thoughts

    The best cold storage wallets offer enhanced security for your digital assets by isolating the private keys of your crypto coins offline. 

    Each cold wallet offers varying levels of security with some like the NGrave Zero offering 100% air-gapped protection. Other options like Ellipal Titan and SafePal give users an ample selection of cryptocurrencies in addition to hardware protection features. 

    In general, the best cold wallet depends on your particular needs. 


    Most frequent questions and answers

    Yes, a cold storage wallet is worth it as it gives you complete ownership of your coins and provides better security than software wallets that keep the private keys of your coins online. Hot wallets like desktop wallets and mobile wallets do not provide security like cold crypto wallets.

    The SafePal S1 is arguably one of the best Bitcoin cold storage wallets for investors interested in coin security. It is 100% air-gapped and offers military-grade protection of your digital assets.

    The safest place to store your crypto is in a cold crypto wallet as your private keys remain offline and hackers will be unable to access it.

    A cold wallet is best for users who want to store their cryptocurrencies safely for a long time without day trading. A hot wallet or software wallet is best for crypto investors who need to access their funds daily and quickly. However, in terms of security, a hot wallet is vulnerable to several attacks, so a cold wallet would be the best option. 

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