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    Which are the Top NFT Marketplaces in 2023?


    Best Aggregated NFT Marketplace


    Best Largest NFT Collections


    Best Largest Gaming NFT Platform


    Best for Exclusive and Rare NFTs


    Best for Rare NFT Digital Art Projects


    Best for Luxury NFTs


    Best Gas-free Minting NFT Platform


    Best for a Large Selection of Art NFTs


    Best for Limited Edition Art NFT


    Best Self-custodial Gaming NFT Platform

    This article covers the top NFT marketplaces by considering their pros, cons, unique features, and much more. To come up with our list of the top NFT marketplaces we got first-hand experience, analyzed expert reviews, and studied verified user reviews of each of these marketplaces. In comparison to other NFT marketplaces not on this list, these best NFT marketplaces stood out as the top choices for all types of NFT investors and creators.

    Top NFT Marketplaces: Our Opinion

    Our pick for the top NFT marketplace is OpenSea as the platform has the largest selection of NFT collections and unique NFTs, allows minting, offers low fees, and is easy to use for both beginners and experts.

    Rarible: Best Aggregated NFT Marketplace

    Rarible Home Page

    Rarible is one of the best NFT marketplaces that offers aggregated items from the largest NFT marketplaces. It is an easy-to-use, non-custodial NFT marketplace designed for both newbies and advanced traders. It was founded in 2020 by Alexei Falin and Alex Salniko. The platform is a community-owned marketplace that has a flexible and user-friendly interface that allows users to create, buy, collect, sell and auction NFTs and digital collectibles. It supports 6 blockchains: Polygon, Solana (it is one of the leading Solana NFT marketplaces), Ethereum, Tezos, Flow, and TezEthereum.

    Rarible has a great selection of NFTs in several categories including Metaverse, Art, Gaming, and photography. However, at the time of writing, NFTs in popular categories of some of the best NFT marketplaces like music, sports collectibles, domain names, and sports are currently unavailable on Rarible.

    In terms of fees, Buyers and sellers are charged a 1% fee each for every transaction on the Rarible platform. Creators can also earn royalties between 5% to 10% on secondary sales.

    Also, Rarible offers flexible payment options including credit cards and cryptocurrencies. Users must, however, have a crypto wallet to be able to use any of the payment methods. The platform supports different crypto wallets including Metamask, Coinbase wallet, GameStop, Phantom, WalletConnect, etc.

    Since Rarible is a noncustodial NFT market, users have full custody of their NFTs and are responsible for the security of the digital assets stored in their wallets.

    Key Features of Rarible

    RARI Token

    RARI token is the official token of the RARI foundation and Rarible Protocol. It is also used for the governance of the Rarible DAO. The token is used to buy NFTs in the NFT market and also used to reward traders for buying and selling NFTs in the Rarible marketplace. RARI token is traded under the ticker $RARI.

    Rarible Royalties

    Rarible NFT creators can earn royalties from secondary sales of their NFTs. The Rarible Protocol offers two types of royalties: Royalties V1 and Royalties V2.

    We summarized all the Rarible key features, but we also made an in-depth Rarible Review page that you can check out.



    OpenSea: Best NFT Marketplace with the Largest NFT Collections

    Opensea NFT Marketplace

    Founded in December 2017, OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain. It has over 80 million NFTs. It is backed by leading industry giants like Trust Wallet, Alexis Ohanian, Coinbase, Ben Silberman, Pascal Capital, Mark Cuban, etc.

    OpenSea is also the largest general marketplace for user-owned NFTs in different categories including Virtual worlds, utility, art, collectibles, trading cards, music, sports, etc. It supports Ethereum, Polygon, Klaytn, Arbitrum, Solana, Optimism, and Avalanche.

    The platform supports two types of NFT digital assets: Semi-fungible NFTs and 1/1 NFTs. 1/1 NFTs are KIP17 on the Klaytn blockchain and ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. While Semi-fungible tokens are ERC-1155 tokens on Ethereum and Polygon, and KIP 37 on Klaytn.

    The marketplace supports several wallets including Metamask, Coinbase, Trust Wallet, Phantom, Core, etc. Currently, OpenSea does not support Multisignature wallets.

    OpenSea supports payment with cryptocurrencies, as well as, credit and debit cards. It charges a transaction fee of 2.5% for every sale on the platform. Creators can also earn up to 10% royalties on secondary sales.

    To prevent users from scams, OpenSea has a security feature that automatically prevents suspicious NFT transfers from being viewed in its own NFT marketplace.

    Key Features of OpenSea

    NFT Gifting

    This feature allows users to gift NFTs to friends and loved ones. The NFT gifting is done by transferring the NFT to the wallet of the recipient. NFTs can be gifted directly from the item page, the profile page, or directly from the owner’s crypto wallet.

    Bundles Sale

    Bundle sales is a feature that allows users to sell a group of items or list them all for sale at a single price. A bundle contains a maximum of 100 items. Items that are listed as bundles are gas-free. They also remain in the creator’s wallet until they are sold. Every bundle has a unique URL that potential buyers can click to view the items in the bundle.

    OpenSea Ecosystem Grants

    This is a grant program created to empower community members, creators, and developers that are committed to the growth of the NFT ecosystem. The grant focuses on 3 major areas: Accessibility and Inclusivity, usability and tooling, and community education. The amount given in the grant is dependent on the size of the project.

    We summarized all the OpenSea key features, but we also made an in-depth OpenSea Review page that you can check out.



    Binance NFT Marketplace: Best Largest Gaming NFT Platform

    binance nft marketplace review

    The Binance NFT marketplace is a low-fee platform founded in June 2021 by Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, the Binance NFT marketplace supports both the Ethereum blockchain and the Binance Smart Chain.

    It hosts over 1 million gaming NFTs and about 1.5 million NFTs in other categories including art, entertainment, premium, sports, collectibles, and NFT for good. Users can filter their NFT search by sale, currency, category, or file type.

    Binance NFT offers an IGO for new game projects. This allows users to buy land and in-game items during the early stages of a gaming project.

    Binance NFT sellers can sell their NFTs with different sale formats. They can use the “Make an Offer” format, mystery box, auction, or fixed price format. Asides from buying and selling NFTs, Binance NFT marketplace creators can also mint NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Chain via the Binance NFT platform.

    Fees on the Binance NFT marketplace are divided into different categories: gas fees, platform fees, third-party fees, minting fees royalty fees, and Smart contract deployment fees.

    The platform offers five payment methods: credit or debit card, Binance Coin, Ethereum, Binance Pay, and Binance USD.

    Users can store their NFTs in the Binance Chain Wallet or other noncustodial wallets like WalletConnect, Ledger, or Metamask. NFTs stored in the Binance Chain Wallet is secured by Secure Asset Funds for Users (SAFU), an insurance fund built by Binance.

    Due to regulatory challenges, the Binance NFT marketplace is not available to users in the United States.

    Key Features of Binance NFT

    Binance NFT Mini App

    This is a mobile version of the Binance NFT marketplace available in the Binance app. It is available on both Android and iOS. However, due to Apple’s guidance restricting the purchase of NFTs in apps on the iOS device, the NFT app is not available for all iOS Binance Apps version 2.52.1 or above.

    Mystery Box

    This is a box containing random NFTs from a dedicated NFT collection. Mystery boxes cost as low as $20. The buyer of the Mystery Box does not know the content of the box until it is unpacked. Mystery boxes cannot be returned after being purchased. The buyer can however resell to another Binance NFT marketplace user.

    We summarized all the Binance NFT key features, but we also made an in-depth Binance NFT Review page that you can check out.



    Nifty Gateway: Best for Exclusive and Rare NFTs

    Nifty Gateway review

    Nifty Gateway is an exclusive digital NFT marketplace founded in 2018 by Duncan and Griffen Cock Foster. In November 2019, it was purchased by Gemini Exchange. This NFT market only supports the Ethereum blockchain. It is perfect for investors who are only interested in shopping for rare and exclusive NFTs from top artists and brands.

    Because the platform focuses on top-tier buyers, Regular NFTs in popular categories like Metaverse, gaming, sports, collectibles, music, or video are not available on Nifty Gateway. Most NFTs listed on this platform are exclusive and expensive.

    NFTs listed on this platform are divided into two categories: Curated and Verified. Curated NFTs are NFTs that were handpicked by the Nifty Gateway team while verified NFTs are NFTs made by artists that have been reviewed and verified by the Nifty Gateway team.

    Sales in the Nifty Gateway marketplace are made via silent auctions, auctions, open editions, and First Come First Serve. Supported payment methods include Gemini balance, Ethereum, and credit or debit cards.

    Nifty Gateway is a custodial marketplace that stores users’ NFTs in the platform. It, however, has a non-custodial option known as Wallet 2 Wallet, which enables users to use Metamask wallet on the platform.

    Key Features of Nifty Gateway

    Omnibus Wallet

    This is a master holding account designed by Nifty Gateway to enable users to transfer digital assets to the platform and move them within the platform. Users can buy, sell, gift, and store NFTs in the omnibus wallet without incurring gas fees on the blockchain. Despite being a custodial wallet, all digital assets stored in the omnibus wallet belong to the owner. The wallet is secured by Gemini.

    Verified Projects

    These are projects that were not created by the Nifty Gateway team but were reviewed and verified by the team. Only projects that have met the legal standard and Nifty Gateway’s basic smart contract standard are listed as verified projects. Verified creators on Nifty Gateway have access to two support teams: Collector services and the support team.

    We summarized all the Nifty Gateway key features, but we also made an in-depth Nifty Gateway Review page that you can check out.



    SuperRare: Best for Rare NFT Digital Art Projects

    superrare homepage

    SuperRare is an exclusive NFT platform founded in 2017 by Jonathan Perkins, John Crain, and Charles Crain. It is a decentralized NFT art marketplace geared towards the current digital crave and features art focused digital assets from preselected artists.

    It is built on the Ethereum network and supports Ethereum-based wallets like Metamask, crypto.com, and Trust Wallet.

    NFT creators on the platform can mint NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain and sell them to other users in the marketplace. Creators can earn royalties from secondary sales of their artworks.

    The SuperRare marketplace has a social network feature that allows users to follow, comment, like, and engage with other creators and NFT collectors on the platform.

    Because it focuses on rare NFTs, SuperRare restricts the number of artists accepted on the platform. Asides from art NFTs, SuperRare does not offer any other type of NFT.

    SuperRare has one of the highest fees in the industry. It takes a 15% commission on the first sale. All payments on the platform can only be made with Ethereum.

    Key Features of SuperRare

    $RARE Token

    This is SuperRare’s governance token. $RARE token is used to vote in SuperRare Spaces. It is available on popular exchanges like Gemini, Binance, and Uniswap.

    SuperRare Spaces

    SuperRare Spaces are galleries that have been vetted by the SuperRare community. They are created for collectors, curators, and community members to highlight and release their works through SuperRare. Every SuperRare Space is overseen by designated operators chosen by a community vote of $RARE token holders.

    SuperRare DAO

    This is the governing council of the SuperRare community tasked with voting on decisions concerning the future of SuperRare and how the funds in the community treasury are spent.

    We summarized all the SuperRare key features, but we also made an in-depth SuperRare Review page that you can check out.



    Quint - Best for Luxury NFTs

    quint nft marketplace review

    The Quint NFT marketplace introduces a revolutionary concept in the world of NFTs which is connecting the digital item space of NFTs to the real world. It does this by delivering luxury minted NFTs in physical token frames to users’ doorsteps who purchase boutique NFTs on the platform.

    Quint also allows users to get tailor-made NFTs to their taste as well as offers a luxury Metaverse club that users can belong to. Concerning its technology, the platform supports multiple blockchains including Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche.

    It accepts payment from several tokens as well. The primary issue with this platform is its fees. Quint NFT marketplace charges traders 6% for all transactions on the platform. And if a user intends to use the luxury club to display their NFT they’ll be charged an additional 4% that’s 10% in fees which is way more than platforms like OpenSea and Rarible which cost just 2.5%.

    In general, Quint appears on this list because of its luxury offers and unique concept of bridging the digital NFT space to the physical world.

    Key Feature of Quint

    Boutique NFT Marketplace

    This feature enables connoisseurs from various countries to not just get custom NFTs but have their minted NFTs installed in Token Frames which are delivered to their houses.

    Super-staking Pools

    These are staking pools that yield real-world incentives such as discounts on property purchases, stay-in dream destinations, supercar experiences, and hotel bookings.

    Quint Token

    The Quint Token offers is one of the first tokens to offer real-world incentives and asset creation.

    The Quint Shop

    If you hold Quint NFTs and tokens you’ll get exclusive access to the Quint Shop. Users on the shop can purchase any merchandise outrightly or bid for several items including limited edition merchandise via an embedded auctioning facility.

    We summarized all the Quint key features, but we also made an in-depth Quint Review page that you can check out.



    Mintable - Best Gas-free Minting NFT Platform

    mintable review

    Mintable is an NFT marketplace based on Ethereum that gives users an easy way to buy, sell, and create various NFTs. The platform is dependent on Ethereum and users must hold ETH in their connected wallets to transact on the platform.

    Mintable offers a vast array of NFT collections breaking its offerings into unique categories such as collectibles, arts, music, videos, website domains, 3D models, Metaverse real estate, etc. Now where Mintable stands out is that since the last quarter of 2021 Mintable has offered a gasless way to mint your NFTs.

    This means free minting. However, this is only free for the seller as the buyer would have to pay for the gas cost in fees on the sale price. Artists can also choose to set secondary royalties from their work.

    This means that creators can make an NFT and set the royalty they’ll receive. So if their work is resold again for $2000 and they set 10% as a royalty fee, the artist will get $200 for the next sale.

    Concerning fees, they add up on the buyer’s end especially for gasless purchases setting the purchaser back by 5% instead of the standard 2.5%.

    Also, printable items which mean items that are not minted until they are purchased cost 10% in fees. So fees can get up to 15% depending on the type of NFT purchased.

    Key Features of Mintable

    Gasless Minting

    Mintable enables creators to opt for gasless minting, which cuts down the cost of creating NFTs. However, the burden of network cost is carried by the buyer who must pay 5% in fees.

    Multiple Supported Blockchains

    Mintable was developed on the Ethereum network. However, the NFT marketplace also supports Immutable X, which is a protocol that aids scalability for NFTs on Ethereum. The platform also supports the Zilliqa blockchain which is quite similar to Ethereum and adheres to the same rules.

    Printable NFTs

    Mintable offers the creation of printable series which is a feature that supports the creation of any number of NFTs (say 500) for sale. However, these NFTs are not minted until they are purchased. So the creator can create 600 NFTs and if only 3 are purchased then only 2 exist.

    We summarized all the Mintable key features, but we also made an in-depth Mintable Review page that you can check out.



    Foundation - Best for a Large Selection of Art NFTs

    Foundation NFT Marketplace

    This NFT marketplace was designed specifically for digital art enthusiasts. It hosts a large selection of art NFTs and makes sure that the primary creator receives a royalty for their work. Unlike other platforms that focus on particular types of NFTs and offer alternatives, Foundation only offers art and you won’t find any other type of NFT here.

    The NFT marketplace is built on Ethereum and only supports ETH for payments. However, when it comes to fees for minting and purchasing Foundation gets quite high. But this is understandable considering it is an online gallery that charges less commission than a physical gallery house would.

    That said, Foundation charges 5% in fees for primary sales and 10% for secondary sales. Now, where Foundation stands out is with its split NFTs feature that allows users to create a Split when creating NFTs and include up to 4 wallet addresses alongside individual percentages. More than 1 individual can receive royalties on an artwork.

    Key Features of Foundation

    Split NFTs

    For NFTs that involve more than one person to mint, users can add multiple individuals to an NFT enabling each person to receive a unique percentage of the sale price into their respective wallet addresses.

    Royalty Fee

    Foundation enables artists to receive royalty fees (10%) on all secondary sales of their work. This ensures that artists are continuously rewarded for their work.

    Digital Art Focus

    This NFT marketplace only offers art NFTs in various media types like videos, 3D, and images. Users are unable to buy any other type of NFT and the artwork on the platform is exclusive to it.

    We summarized all the Foundation key features, but we also made an in-depth Foundation Review page that you can check out.



    KnownOrigin - Best for Limited Edition Art NFT

    knownorigin review

    The KnownOrigin NFT marketplace is built on Ethereum with a primary objective of offering limited edition art NFTs. The platform prides itself in fostering collaborations with selected creators who are experts in minting rare digital artwork.

    Once an artist creates or mints an NFT they can put it up for sale with a set price or create an auction. Collectors can then buy the work or bid in an auction for it. KnownOrigin charges artists 15% of the sale price for primary transactions and collects an additional 2.5% on secondary sales.

    The NFT marketplace only supports Ethereum as a payment method so you cannot use any other cryptocurrency here. Like most art NFT platforms, KnownOrigin enables artists to earn a 10% royalty on secondary transactions.

    That said, where KnownOrigin stands out is that it offers exclusive art. The platform is quite picky when choosing which artist they’ll work with and in so doing they craft a selection of rare artwork only available on the platform.

    Key Features of KnownOrigin

    Limited Edition Art NFTs

    Unlike other platforms that allow artists to create any form of NFTs and sell them on their platform, KnownOrigin specifically selects its artists and only permits them to create quality NFTs according to the overall theme of the platform.

    NFT Drops

    The drops feature on KnownOrigin is a promotional service offered to artists on the platform with a limit of 1 drop per artist. Drops take place every Thursday with a 4 artist group displaying 1 work each.

    We summarized all the KnownOrigin key features, but we also made an in-depth KnownOrigin Review page that you can check out.



    GameStop NFT - Best Self-custodial Gaming NFT Platform

    buy and sell nft gamestop

    GameStop NFT is a self-custodial NFT marketplace that allows users to discover, collect, create, and trade NFTs.

    The platform was built on the Ethereum blockchain and utilizes the layer 2 scaling product Loopring to facilitate transactions.

    Just like its name and overall brand, GameStop NFT is focused on gaming NFTs. It is backed by the largest gaming retailer in America – GameStop where consumers can purchase gaming accessories such as consoles.

    Though the platform was launched in the early part of 2022, there are currently over 50,000 unique NFTs on it. Besides gaming NFTs users can find other options like art, music, trading cards, collectibles, and cards. That said, GameStop is still growing and more listings are expected to be added soon.

    Key Features of GameStop NFT


    GameStop NFT marketplace was built on the Loopring network, a scaling solution of the Ethereum blockchain. It also supports Immutable L2 to enable the integration of additional gaming NFTs into the platform. This, however, limits the type of NFTs that can be purchased on the platform.

    We summarized all the Gamestop NFT key features, but we also made an in-depth GameStop NFT Review page that you can check out.



    Best Crypto Exchanges Singapore Comparison Table

    What is an NFT Marketplace and How does it Work?

    An NFT marketplace is a platform that allows users to buy, sell, mint, and trade digital items called NFTs. On the platform, creators can upload their media files, mint them, and put them up for sale. Once the art is listed, collectors can purchase it using cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

    How to Buy an NFT on a Marketplace?

    Buying NFT on a marketplace is fairly straightforward. The buyer or collector must connect their Ethereum or supported crypto wallet to the platform. Next, they must browse through the list of available NFTs usually split into various categories such as art, domain names, etc.

    After doing so, they’ll need to choose an NFT, click it, and select a method to buy the item. The typical options include a Buy Now button for immediate purchase or using an auction where the buyer would need to bid for the NFT and the highest bidder would take the item.

    How to Choose the Right Marketplace?

    To choose the right NFT marketplace you must consider features such as available payment methods, fees, blockchain support, number of NFTs, types of NFTs, minting availability, and how to buy and sell on the platform. When these aspects are considered you can make an informed decision that fits your budget and specific needs.


    These top NFT marketplaces all offer great features and services, however, OpenSea stands out as the best option because the platform offers the largest selection of NFTs (over 80 million). It also offers low fees and caters to both beginner and expert NFT traders.


    Most frequent questions and answers

    There are several great NFT marketplaces but the best NFT marketplace with the most selections is OpenSea.

    OpenSea is the biggest and largest NFT marketplace.

    Non-custodial NFT marketplaces are the safest. Some excellent options include GameStop, OpenSea, etc.

    Most NFT buyers reside in Thailand which is home to 5.65 million NFTs.

    NFT marketplaces that allow the use of credit/debit cards to buy NFT directly like Nifty Gateway offer the easiest way to buy NFTs.

    Art is the most popular type of NFT available, which makes it the type of NFT that sells best.

    NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, Nifty Gateway, Coinbase NFT, etc.

    The richest NFT collectors include Eric Young, Justin Sun, WhaleShark, Metakovan, and Anonymous.

    Yes, you can sell NFT without gas fees on Mintable.

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