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    Windvane Review 2023: NFT Marketplace powered by Kucoin

    windvane review

    Windvane Review: Our Opinion

    The Kucoin NFT marketplace Windvane is the new kid on the block in the NFT space and is still finding its footing. It is easy to use and offers a beginner-friendly interface. 

    That said, it lacks support for mainstream NFT blockchains such as Polygon or Solana, only supporting Ethereum at this stage. 

    It’s also quite limited in features when compared to other more established options in the NFT world such as Opensea or Rarible. 

    An Overview of Windvane

    windvane homepage

    Launched in 2022, the Kucoin NFT marketplace Windvane is a decentralized NFT marketplace powered by the popular crypto exchange (Kucoin). 

    As one of the largest exchanges in the world, Kucoin intends to take advantage of its huge user traffic to market Windvane launchpad projects to top KOLs and communities within the exchange’s ecosystem. 

    Kucoin has also stated that although the marketplace currently supports only Ethereum, they are committed to creating a highly compatible platform for other mainstream NFT blockchains. 

    Concerning services offered, the Kucoin NFT marketplace allows you to buy and sell NFTs, mint NFTs and gives you access to top NFTs on the Kucoin cross-chain aggregator. 

    The driving force behind the Kucoin cross-chain aggregator model is to make Kucoin NFT marketplace a one-stop-shop for top NFT collections. 



    Key Features of Windvane

    Windvane Genesis NFT

    Genesis NFTs are the first-ever digital collectibles launched by Kucoin. Genesis NFT was unveiled to celebrate the launch of the Windvane NFT marketplace. 

    The main image of the Genesis NFT collection is the LAZY Rooster

    Just like the name implies, The Lazy Rooster looks lazy, it is a symbol of Web 3.0 ethos and disruption. It represents the reform spirit of innovation of the world of Web 3.0 and the original practitioner of Web 3.0.

    At the launch of Genesis NFT, 4,500 NFTs were minted. 4,000 Genesis NFTs were reserved to be offered to the first customers of the Windvane NFT marketplace (in three rounds) the remaining 500 were distributed among Windvane Genesis NFT team members. The platform intends to distribute all profits made from the sake of Genesis NFTs between the platform’s first and second NFT holders. 

    As stated earlier, the sale of the collections in Genesis NFT was done in 3 rounds: The Hurricane round, the Storm round, and the Typhoon round. 

    During the hurricane rounds, 300 NFTs were issued and given to users for free. The participants in the Hurricane Round will share the income from the Storm and Typhoon rounds as well as a free mystery box. 

    During the Storm round (second round) 1,500 collections from the Windvane Genesis NFT were issued. Participants in this round got free mystery boxes and also shared rewards from the Typhoon Round. 

    2,200 Genesis NFTs will be distributed in the Typhoon round. Participants in this round have the highest probability of drawing an SSR mystery box. Windvane Genesis NFT offers normal, SR, and SSR mystery boxes. 

    These act as semi-fungible utility tokens for the Kucoin ecosystem. 

    Mystery box holders enjoy several benefits like service fee dividends, voting rights, token airdrops, zero service fees for 2 years, and other benefits. 

    The platform announced the launch of a buyback program that allows you to decide if they want to keep their NFT.

    Types of NFT you can Buy and Sell

    windvane nft

    Kucoin NFT marketplace Windvane supports several types of NFTs from trending to collectibles to Metaverse. 

    It uses a cross-chain aggregator so it gathers a variety of options from other platforms. 

    Some popular collections include Azuki, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Moonbird, etc. 

    You can find any popular Ethereum NFT collection on the platform.

    Supported Blockchains

    Windvane NFT only supports the Ethereum blockchain. It has a cross-chain aggregator that supports all Ethereum-based NFTs. 

    Supported Wallets

    Windvane supports the Kucoin wallet.

    NFT Minting

    Yes, the Kucoin NFT marketplace Windvane supports NFT minting via its NFT Launchpad program.

    How to Buy NFT on the Kucoin NFT Marketplace Windvane

    To buy NFT on the Kucoin NFT marketplace, go to windvane.io.

    Next, connect your wallet (MetaMask or Halo Wallet).

    After connecting your wallet, search for the NFT collection you intend to buy NFTs from using the search bar. 

    Click the particular collection and choose an NFT from the displayed options. 

    It’s important to state that prices are listed in Ethereum and can only be paid for using ETH. You also need to consider ETH gas fees as well. 

    So when you’re funding the trade ensure you add enough to cover the cost of the NFT and gas fees. 

    Windvane Fees

    Kucoin does not disclose its NFT platform fees. However, users will have to pay the dynamic gas fees that come with the Ethereum blockchain. 

    Payment Methods

    Windvane NFT supports only Ethereum as its payment method

    The Windvane team has, however, stated that they intend to introduce other options like Solana and Polygon in the future. 


    Despite being a decentralized NFT marketplace with a low barrier to entry, the Kucoin team has assured users that the security of Windvane and the privacy protection of the ecosystem meet the highest requirements of the crypto industry. 

    Users have been assured of the security of their data and NFTs. The platform has security measures in place to ensure that both creators and collectors are protected. 

    Customer Service

    Windvane has communities on Discord, Twitter, Telegram, and Medium where users can interact with each other and stay up to date on all Windvane news

    Final Thoughts

    The Kucoin NFT marketplace Windvane is a fresh NFT platform that aims to bridge Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, it is also committed to creating a comprehensive and highly compatible platform that will support mainstream NFT blockchain, while getting the needed support from top KOLs and communities. But it still has a lot to figure out. Its knowledge base for new users is almost non-existence and you have to test out everything on the platform to figure it out

    That said, if you’re used to NFT marketplaces, Windvane is pretty straightforward though very limited in features offered. 


    Most frequent questions and answers

    Yes, as with most popular crypto exchanges, Kucoin offers NFTs via the NFT marketplace and 2 other options. 

    Kucoin Windvane is a decentralized web 3.0 NFT platform that allows users to buy and sell NFTs via a cross-chain aggregator model. The platform is committed to creating an integrated NFT world with a lower barrier of entry for users.

    Yes, Windvane Genesis NFTs were released in June 2022. Since its launch, over 4,000 Windvane Genesis NFTs have been released. 

    The Genesis NFTs were released to celebrate the launch of the Windvane NFT marketplace and to introduce its service to the Web3.0 audience. 

    Lazy Rooster is the image of the collection and according to the Windvane team the character represents Web3 ethos and disruption.

    The sale of the Lazy Rooster (Genesis NFTs) included 3 rounds Hurricane, Storm, and Typhoon. In the first round 300 NFTs were issued and in the second round over 1,400 NFTs were issued. 

    The third round had mystery boxes where users were able to claim one of the available 2,200 NFTs. 

    Kucoin is a crypto exchange that supports futures trading, margin trading, spot trading, and NFT platforms such as Windvane. Kucoin is currently one of the top crypto exchanges in the world with huge user traffic. In 2018, the exchange got $20 million in funding from IDG Capital and Matrix partners. In 2022, Kucoin announced the launch of its NFT marketplace.

    That said, like most advanced crypto exchanges, Kucoin requires a steep learning curve. 

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