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The 8 Best N26 Alternatives You Should Know in 2024

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N26 stands out as the pioneering 100% mobile bank, holding a full German banking license from BaFin. Founded in 2013 in Berlin by Valentin Stalf and Maximilian Tayenthal, N26 has become a prominent player in the world of digital banking.

Throughout its journey, N26 has received recognition for its achievements. Forbes named it the Best Bank in the World, and it became Germany’s highest-valued fintech following a Series E funding round that raised over $900 million, resulting in a valuation exceeding $9 billion.

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    Through our team’s direct experience and analysis, we have determined that beyond traditional banking services, N26 continues to evolve, celebrating its 8 millionth customer in 2022 and venturing into the realm of investments with the launch of N26 Crypto. However, if you’re looking for alternates to N26, then do not worry, we are going to introduce you to some incredible N26 alternatives that offer reliable digital banking services.

    Top Alternatives for the N26 Bank Account

    Below are some of the most often mentioned alternatives to N26 Bank Account among users and reviews of Mobile Banking Software. If you’re looking for N26 alternatives, we have created a list of the top account services and competitors currently available.


    Revolut - 1280x720

    Revolut positions itself as a financial super-app, offering a diverse range of account plans tailored to meet various user needs. The platform provides users with the flexibility to choose from a free Standard account or opt for fee-paid plans such as Premium and Metal, each unlocking additional functionalities for a personal or business account. One of Revolut’s key features is its support for 28 currencies, facilitating convenient international money transfers at mid-market rates. Users also benefit from a linked debit card, enabling spending in 140 currencies.


    1. Flexible Plans: Choose from a range of account plans to fit your needs.

    2. Mid-Market Rates: Currency exchange uses mid-market rates, with some limits and fees.

    3. Multi-Currency Support: Hold and exchange currency of 28 types.

    4. Linked Debit Card: Get a linked debit card for free in-network ATM withdrawals and up to 1,200 USD/month of free out-of-network withdrawals.

    5. Budgeting and Saving: Access budgeting and saving features.

    6. Many other perks and services.


    1. High Monthly Fees for Metal and Ultra Accounts: These account types have relatively high monthly fee.

    2. Variable Currency Exchange Costs: Costs may vary outside of exchange hours and for certain currencies.

    3. Account Limits and Fees: Account limits apply, with potential monthly fees beyond your account tier limit.

    Revolut stands out as one of the best N26 alternatives due to its versatile account plans, support for 28 currencies, and mid-market rates for currency exchange.


    MX - 1280x720

    The MX platform is designed to provide partners and financial institutions with a comprehensive omnichannel banking experience. This includes delivering a consistent user interface across various channels to enhance the overall banking experience. MX offers business accounts to help fintech companies analyze and make good use of their financial data.


    1. Strong Support: According to user reviews, the MX platform stands out for its strong support services. Users appreciate the responsiveness and effectiveness of the support provided.

    2. Premium Solution: MX offers a more expensive solution, indicating a focus on delivering advanced features. This may be attractive to businesses who are on the lookout for a sophisticated banking platform.


    1. Limited International Payments: One notable drawback is that you cannot send money online internationally. This limitation could be a concern for institutions or users engaging in cross-border transactions, as the platform may not fully meet their needs in this regard.

    2. No Domestic Wire Payments: MX does not support domestic wire payments. This drawback might impact users who frequently engage in domestic financial transactions that require wire transfers.

    3. Cash Advance Services with Fees: While cash advance services are available on the MX platform, users should be aware that fees apply. This cost factor may influence the attractiveness of this feature for both financial institutions and end-users.


    Starling Bank - 1280x720

    The Starling banking app is designed to offer a range of features to improve the banking experience for users. Some key attributes of the app include instant notifications, spending insights, no foreign transaction fees, and 24/7 support. One notable feature is the quick application process, allowing users to set up their account details within a matter of minutes. They also provide one-year fixed savings accounts that will reward you with a guaranteed return of 5.53%.


    1. Perfect Rating: The Starling banking app has a perfect 5.0 out of 5 rating. This high rating suggests a high level of user satisfaction, reflecting positively on the app’s overall performance, user interface, and features.

    2. Mobile Banking Focus: Starling places a strong emphasis on mobile banking. This focus on mobile platforms aligns with the growing trend of users preferring the convenience and accessibility offered by banking applications on their smartphones.


    • Limited Marketplace Options: One drawback is that the app exclusively features deals with Starling-affiliated companies. This means that users can potentially miss out on better deals available elsewhere.

    • Account Restrictions: Account opening is restricted to UK residents.

    • No Overdrafts for Joint Accounts: No overdrafts are available for Starling Bank joint accounts.

    • Confined Features: Some features are confined to personal accounts, limiting capabilities on joint bank accounts.

    BankWorld Mobile

    BankWorld - 1280x720

    BankWorld Mobile is a platform that focuses on providing self-service banking services to users. Key features include SMS texting, peer-to-peer (P2P) mobile payments, and card management capabilities. The focus on self-service implies an intuitive interface, empowering users to independently handle diverse aspects of their banking experience.


    1. Mobile Payment Convenience: With peer-to-peer (P2P) mobile payments, users can easily transfer funds using their mobile devices, adding flexibility to financial transactions.

    2. Alignment with N26 Bank Account: The platform is recognized for its compatibility with the N26 Bank Account in the Mobile Banking category. This suggests that it shares similar features, making it a potential option if you prefer the features of the N26 Bank Account.


    1. Limited In-Person Support: The strong emphasis on self-service may result in limited in-person assistance, which could be a drawback for users who prefer more direct support.

    2. Mobile Device Dependency: Users without access to smartphones or mobile devices may face challenges in accessing the platform.

    After our direct and extensive analysis of this platform, we observed that self-service banking via SMS texting, P2P mobile payments, and card management features distinguish BankWorld Mobile as a credible alternative to N26.


    Finflux - 1280x720

    Finflux is a Software as a Service (SaaS)-based banking platform that provides a suite of comprehensive banking solutions. These include features such as loan origination, management, financial accounting, and more. Being SaaS-based implies that Finflux operates on a cloud infrastructure, offering flexibility and accessibility to users.


    1. Supports Various Loan Types: Finflux Cloud stands out for its versatility by supporting a wide array of loan types, including group loans (JLG), SME loans, personal loans, payday loans, digital lending, auto loans, and more.

    2. Strong Support: Finflux is recognized as excelling in customer support when compared to the N26 Bank Account.


    1. Absence of Flexibility for Bulk Operations: Some users note a limitation in flexibility for bulk operations, indicating that the platform may have constraints in handling large-scale processes efficiently.

    2. Localization Needs Improvement for CRIB: Users have identified a need for enhanced localization, specifically in the context of CRIB (Credit Information Bureau) and other interrogations.


    Bunq - 1280x720

    Bunq is a Dutch financial technology company and active mobile bank that provides a variety of online financial services through its dedicated mobile app. The emphasis on being a mobile bank suggests a focus on providing users with accessible banking services on their smartphones.


    1. Cost-Saving Benefits: Bunq offers several cost-saving benefits, including no fees for spending in Europe, the provision of 25 sub-bank accounts each with unique IBANs, and free ATM withdrawals globally, with a limit of 10 free withdrawals per month.

    2. Multiple Account Opening: Bunq allows customers to open multiple accounts for a monthly fee. This feature can be beneficial for users who want to manage various financial aspects separately or for specific financial goals.


    • Euro-Only Plans: Bunq only offers the Euro for most plans; transactions in other currencies are automatically converted and charged.

    • Available Only for Permanent Residents: Bunq’s services are restricted to permanent residents of the EEA(European Economic Area), limiting accessibility for those outside this geographical area.

    • Unavailability of Overdraft: Overdraft and other services are unavailable from the digital bank. Account holders cannot receive printed bank statements.

    Drawing from our in-depth analysis of this exchange, we can confirm that Bunq can meet almost all of your financial needs, just like N26.

    Alkami Platform

    Alkami - 1280x720

    The Alkami Platform, developed by Alkami Technology, offers cloud-based digital banking solutions. These solutions aim to facilitate the digital transformation of financial institutions by providing a range of modern banking services.


    1. Advanced Features: While not explicitly mentioned, cloud-based solutions often imply accessibility, scalability, and the potential for advanced features. Financial institutions may find value in these aspects as they want to adapt to evolving customer expectations.

    2. Acknowledged as More Expensive: The platform is noted as being more expensive compared to the N26 Bank Account. This recognition of higher cost could indicate that Alkami positions itself as a premium solution, potentially offering advanced features and capabilities.


    1. Release Quality Issues: Some users faced challenges with the quality of releases, including problems with release testing and frequency. Additionally, there were reported difficulties in pulling reports from FLUX, and users noted limitations in API interactions.

    2. Implementation Process: Several users found the implementation process to be challenging, describing it as bumpy. Some felt that the rollout didn’t go well, possibly due to overconfidence from project management in resolving issues.

    Someone thinking about N26 Alternatives - 1280x720


    In the diverse landscape of banking alternatives to N26, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re intrigued by Bunq’s innovative approach, or other mobile-centric options, the key is finding what suits you best.

    Through our research we’ve ascertained that N26 is a great choice for crypto enthusiasts. However, should you have problems with using the N26, then we are sure that one of the options above will do well for your trading journey. So, as you explore N26 alternatives, keep in mind your needs – whether it’s flexibility, innovation, or simplicity.

    Our deep dive into the Neobanks world doesn’t end here, you can also read about the best Revolut alternatives, let us know which one is yours!


    Most frequent questions and answers

    Revolut is a similar mobile bank offering great services and perks.

    The answer is preference-based; both have distinct features.

    Limited physical presence, and occasional customer service issues.

    Chime and Simple offer similar mobile banking in the US.

    N26 chose to exit the US market to focus on its European business. 

    Depends on personal banking needs and preferences.

    Nubank has amassed the greatest funding to date, as of July 2023.

    N26 is a solid choice for day-to-day banking needs but lacks in investment opportunities.

    Yes, it holds a full German banking license.

    Yes, N26 is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

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