Voyager App - Is Voyager safe & legitimate?

Voyager is an established cryptocurrency exchange and crypto investment app available on iOS and Android. The platform aims to provide investors with easy entry into the world of cryptocurrency trading. It is particularly popular with US users, as many major cryptocurrency exchanges do not accept US citizens, unlike Voyager (except New York).

This Voyager crypto review aims to outline the platform’s main features to help you decide if it is suitable for your crypto trading and investment needs.

Voyager's history

Voyager Digital, LLC. VOYAGER is a trademark of Voyager IP. The services are provided by Voyager Digital, LLC, a publicly traded company registered in the United States with FinCEN. 

The company is based in the United States and was founded in 2017 by Stephen Ehrlich, Gaspard de Dreuzy, Oscar Salazar, Philip Eytan, and Serge Kreiker. Voyager is a team of finance and technology industry veterans that seek to empower and service investors in the digital assets space. The founders have combined their decades of experience from leading global organizations like E*TRADE, Uber, TradeIt, Lightspeed Financial, and others to deliver an excellent crypto product with the Voyager app.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced in cryptocurrency investing, we recommend giving Voyager a try. The mobile-only crypto platform supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and allows HODLers to make commission-free investments with a few simple taps. The smart order functionality is the highlight of the platform as it ensures you always pay the best possible price for your cryptocurrency orders.

Regulation & Security

Voyager is licensed in the US and overseen by the regulatory authority FinCEN. That the company is publicly traded gives it further credibility. Furthermore, Voyager can pride itself on being partnered with huge institutional investors such as Google, Coinbase, Circle, AWS, Galaxy Digital, and many more. 

Regarding the security of funds and insurance, Voyager guarantees that US dollars held in a client account are backed and secured by the FDIC up to $250,000. 

Advanced anti-fraud technology is integrated into Voyager.  Voyager takes advantage of so-called cold storage; this means that most client funds are stored in offline wallets. This helps to protect client funds in the event of a security breach within the system.

We recommend that you do your own research regarding any financial services platform, but we consider the Voyager crypto app safe to use. It is also essential to understand that there are unique laws surrounding cryptocurrency in various jurisdictions.

Sign-up Procedure

Voyager is an established cryptocurrency exchange app available on iOS and Android supporting mobile devices. The platform aims to provide investors with easy entry into the world of cryptocurrency trading and investing. It is particularly popular with US users, as many major exchanges do not accept US citizens, which is not the case with Voyager.

As we mentioned earlier, the Voyager app is only available on mobile devices (iOS and Android devices), making it ideal for mobile oriented crypto investors who prefer to trade on the go. If you’re looking for a platform that supports desktop use, you may want to look elsewhere.

Setting up a Voyager account is simple and can be done in just 3 minutes.

Start by downloading Voyager’s free mobile app via the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store and submitting personal information through the app to create and verify your Voyager crypto account. From here, the Voyager app, which is quite intuitive, will guide you to funding methods and how you can enter the crypto market.

Voyager Crypto Trading App

The Voyager app has a modern and intuitive user interface that houses a range of professional analytical tools while maintaining a clean interface, making it accessible to crypto traders of all levels. 

The Voyager app is packed with full trading and crypto investing capabilities and easy-to-master features. 

Some of the best features about Voyager’s mobile app include:

  • Intuitive order placements through simple and straightforward customizable orders: Enter data, swipe up and wait for your order to be completed. Voyager has taken initiative to ensure that order placement is quick and requires only a few taps, unlike other online brokers. Voyager’s smart order routing system is one of the stand-out features of the Voyager platform.
  • Recurring Orders: Set recurring buys daily, weekly, monthly, or any individualised period to automatically buy digital assets automatically.
  • Custom chart views: Voyager’s trading app allows for both horizontal and vertical chart views. 
  • Standard Security: 2-factor authentication has been implemented in the Voyager app to ensure private and secure access to one’s cryptocurrency account. 
  • Real-time data: Real-time data for all available crypto assets is displayed on the app’s home screen, allowing for quick price referencing. 
  • Voyager fees; No trading fees: Voyager’s app is a commission free trading platform. This means crypto traders pay no more than the quoted price when buying digital currencies and receive the market rate when selling. Voyager utilises a unique Smart Order Routing system that takes advantage (arbitrage) of discrepancies between listed prices on crypto exchanges. When Voyager finds you a more advantageous price, it extends the savings to you and keeps a small percentage of the difference. Voyager withdrawal fees are very competitive, ensuring you only pay flat fees per token and a $50 fee for a bank account transfer. This is a win-win situation because the Voyager exchange only makes money when you do, unlike other cryptocurrency brokers.
  • Earning interest on crypto investments: The Voyager Crypto mobile app allows its users to earn interest on all their crypto holdings if they carry a minimum monthly balance. Interest payments are paid out each month, and are added to the user’s Voyager account balance. Everyone using the Voyager mobile platform is eligible for this interest program. Rates for each digital asset are subject to change but so far remain competitive interest rates. 
  • Voyager offers a built-in education section: this feature includes lessons that allow users to learn more about cryptocurrency and a news feed that is updated with the latest news from the cryptocurrency world.

The Voyager Broker Model: Voyager connects to over a dozen exchanges and market makers and offers investors unparalleled speed, liquidity, and pricing via their smart order router system.

The Voyager Crypto app is compatible with Android and Apple mobile devices and is available as a free download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can begin trading and enjoy commission free crypto trading immediately after you download the app and finalise verification. No desktop version is currently available with this cryptocurrency broker.

Voyager supports bank transfers up to $5,000 and lets you begin trading deposited funds instantly. Furthermore, Voyager currently offers deposits and withdrawals of the following crypto assets: Basic Attention Token, Bitcoin, BCH, Dash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Tether, USD Coin, True USD, and Voyager Token. 

Similar to depositing fiat (cash) or crypto to your Voyager account, you can also withdraw any available crypto asset to an external wallet.

Earning rewards with cryptocurrencies on Voyager

Our Voyager crypto review highlights how users can earn interest on their crypto investments through their Voyager account by holding crypto assets via Voyager’s secure platform. Voyager makes it very easy and attractive to trade immediately after account creation and identity verification have been completed. Cryptocurrency traders and investors can take full charge of their personal finance with no commission fees on digital assets trading and the Voyager commission free fee structure on crypto investments.

In our Voyager crypto comparison, we confirmed that users can currently trade and earn interest on the following 60+ crypto assets:

ADA (Cardano), ALGO (Algorand), ATOM (Cosmos), AVAX (Avalanche), BAND (Band Protocol), BAT (Basic Attention Token), BCH (Bitcoin Cash), BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Version), BTC (Bitcoin), BTT (Bit Torrent), CELO (Celo), CHZ (Chiliz), CKB (Nervos Network), COMP (Compound), DAI, DASH, DGB (DigiByte), DOGE (Dogecoin), DOT (Polkadot), EGLD (Elrond), ENJ (Enjin), EOS, ETC (Ethereum Classic), ETH (Ethereum), FIL (Filecoin), GLM (Golem), GRT (The Graph), HBAR (Hedera Hashgraph), ICX (Icon), IOT (IOTA), KNC (Kyber Network), LINK (ChainLink), LTC (Litecoin), LUNA (Terra Luna), MANA (Decentraland), MATIC (Polygon), MKR (Maker), NEO, OCEAN (Ocean Protocol), OMG (OMG Network), ONT (Ontology), OXT (Orchid), QTUM (Quantum), SHIB (Shiba Inu), SOL (Solana), SRM (Serum), STMX (StormX), SUSHI (SuhsiSwap), TRX (Tron), TUSD (TrueUSD), UMA, UNI (Uniswap), USDC (USD Coin), USDT (Tether), VET (Vechain), VGX (Voyager), XLM (Stellar Lumens), XMR (Monero), XTZ (Tezos), XVG (Verge), YFI (Yearn Finance), ZEC (Zcash), ZRX (Ox).

All tokens on offer earn interest in kind at Voyager, which means that interest rates are fixed each month, without the chance to receive higher yields for earning in native VGX tokens. As a matter of fact, other than with competitors like Celsius Network or Nexo, the function to earn interest rewards in the native token (VGX in this case) is not offered. Still, the Voyager crypto token VGX offers attractive yields of currently 7 per cent pro-rata, subject to change. 

Plus, when you hold enough VGX tokens, you are entitled to receiving extra rewards, such as yield boosts for your crypto holdings, higher referral bonuses and even crypto back rewards when trading on the app. 

To qualify and start earning Voyager’s interest rates, Voyager clients must hold a minimum monthly balance. These balance requirements differ for each asset and are subject to change. At the time of writing, Polkadot is paying the highest yield at 12% APR, starting at 20 DOT balance, while the USDC stablecoin comes in second with a 9% APR and a minimum holding balance requirement of only 100 coins. 

Please see below the current rates and balance requirements at Voyager:

Voyager crypto token (VGX)

The native token VGX (2.0) can boost clients’ crypto earning potential even higher by offering 7% staking rewards. Additionally, earnings on other cryptos can be increased, and crypto back bonuses received.

Here is a quick overview of the available loyalty tier levels at Voyager, starting at “Adventurer” when holding at least 500 tokens, to “Explorer” from 5,000 token onwards and lastly “Navigator” at holding 20,000+ tokens:

Voyager customers automatically receive staking rewards on their VGX holdings on the app. Still, a second way can benefit VGX holders to take advantage of the interest returns. Suppose a customer does not currently have a Voyager account or are an international VGX holder. In that case, they may use the web-based portal to stake VGX by connecting the popular MetaMask Wallet to the Voyager app.

Customer Support & Service

Voyager currently offers only a limited choice of customer service options:

  • Via email: To get in contact with Voyager’s customer service team by email, simply send a message to Make sure to give as much detailed information as possible and submit the request using the email associated with your account.
  • Via in-app messaging: The other option to contact customer support at Voyager is to open the application and navigate to the account page. Click on the “Help” tab to submit your request.

In addition to individual support, Voyager also offers a comprehensive FAQ section that provides a good overview of common queries and issues. Currently, no phone or live chat support is available.


Overall, Voyager Crypto is a straightforward and intuitive cryptocurrency investing and trading platform. 

Whether you’re new to cryptocurrency investing or an experienced trader, the mobile-only offering of Voyager has something for every taste. Crypto investors appreciate the competitive interest rates on offer, while active traders enjoy the app’s ease-of-use and advanced trading functions. 

Access to multiple exchanges for advantageous crypto trading and Voyager’s smart order routing are only two stand-out features. Traders save money because trading fees are low since they are spread-based, and no additional costs are charged. 

Unfortunately, Voyager is not available yet for any investor outside of the United States. The company is planning to expand its services internationally. 

The platform is also not currently available in New York, but a license application has been lodged. The mobile app is only available for download in all states of the USA (except New York). This includes the US territories Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, and the United States Virgin Islands.

Compared to other crypto investing platforms, Voyager’s interest rates are competitive but often lower than with competitors such as Celcius, ByBit or Nexo.


Is Voyager regulated?

Yes, Voyager is a publicly traded company, licensed in the United States and overseen by the regulatory authority FinCEN.  Any cash held in US dollars on the platform is backed by the FDIC compensation scheme up to $250,000.

What is VGX?

VGX is Voyager’s native cryptocurrency token. It’s tied into the Voyager ecosystem by providing liquidity, reward bonuses and other incentives. It is further a key component of Voyager’s loyalty tier rewards system and offers attractive yields for VGX investors.

How can I earn with Voyager?

Earning interest with the Voyager platform is simple: All you need to do is transfer/deposit any available cryptocurrencies into your account and maintain a minimum monthly average balance for each coin. All rewards are then calculated based on the investor’s average daily holdings and are paid out in the reward-bearing digital asset by the fifth business day of each month.

How can I transfer funds to my account?

Voyager allows for cryptocurrency deposits and intra-app swaps (trades). At this stage, 30+ digital assets can be transferred to the account wallet.

How can I send funds to other wallets outside Voyager?

Similar to the deposit process, withdrawing funds out of your Voyager wallet is simple:

Choose the asset you wish to withdraw, select “Send”, and add all necessary data. Please bear in mind that not all cryptocurrencies available on Voyager can be sent or received.

Do I need to be a crypto pro to use Voyager?

No, we believe that Voyager can be used by investors and cryptocurrency traders regardless of the user’s experience with digital money. 

Beginners will enjoy the simplicity of the app, while advanced traders enjoy professional trading tools. Earning interest is similarly straightforward. 

Advanced HODLers or crypto advocates also like the app’s simplicity and enjoy competitive yields.

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