Skrumble for Healthcare

Streamline team communications and turn-key your own flexible telemedicine practice.


Simplify workflow. With Skrumble you can make and answer calls through a professional phone number or extension from your existing mobile, computer or even a fixed in-clinic devices.

Patient Triage. Reduce waiting room volumes and the risk of no-show bookings by using tools to help you handle simple consults.

Increase Revenue. Skrumble brings together everything you need to communicate as a business for a simple, affordable monthly fee.

Save time. Reduce inefficiencies in your daily practice and enable additional consults, without spending too much time and funding travelling for home visits.

iOS + Android + Web + Desk Phone


Features of our Platform

  • Cloud Conferencing

    Video and audio conferencing with screen sharing

  • Schedule Meetings

    Plan and join meetings in your calendar.

  • Invite Guests

    Include clients and partners in your conversations and conferences.

  • Team Messaging

    Chat one-on-one or bring multiple people together to collaborate.

  • File Sharing

    Send and receive files on any device.

  • Full Phone System

    Answer your phone extension from anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a healthcare practitioner, how can I engage with my patients?

Through chat, phone or video our solution offers a robust suite of features to offer your very own telemedicine solution to patients.

I’m an administrator at a healthcare institution, how can this help me?

In addition to facilitating telemedicine, our solution can be used to replace outdated messaging systems (like pagers) – allowing practitioners to contact each other directly, their institutions to push emergency broadcast messages to all users and so on.

Our IT department is very strict – do I need to install any software?

No you don’t – Skrumble is available through your Chrome browser on any computer connected to the Internet as a web application. If you’d like you can install our applications on your Mac or Windows PC or even your Apple/iOS or Android smart phone or tablet.

If we use Skrumble for phone calling, can we use our existing office hardware?

Most likely yes – Skrumble works with most VOIP headsets and telephones.

How secure is this solution?

Very secure. Our cloud technology is HIPAA/PHIPA compliant and our transmitted and stored data is encrypted plus backed up and loads from multiple locations.

Our Motivation

Skrumble was built on the ethos that 'Together We Are Stronger'. By connecting teams to achieve greatness with advancing seamless collaboration we also help grow company culture through unifying communications.

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