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Take advantage of Skrumble’s innovative blockchain and communication technology to unlock hidden potential within your business and scale up faster.

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How To Utilize Skrumble’s Technology

With Skrumble’s technology, you can create private or public chains and empower your own game changing decentralized applications (dApps) and solutions. Use our ready-made infrastructure to process billions of transactions, bring revolutionary security and identity management with unique communication features. Whether it means using our scalable PoA, PoS and PoW consensus algorithms at record speeds, decentralized security protocols, advanced routing techniques or powerful communication and messaging stack, Skrumble helps you seamlessly bring the latest future-proof technologies to your ecosystem.

Consensus Algorithm

Established, scalable Proof of Authority, Proof of Stake and Proof of Work algorithms.

Decentralized Security Protocols

Provide serverless, end-to-end data encryption across a distributed network.

Advanced Routing

Methodology using AI algorithms to predictively route communication and financial transactions.

Communication Stack

Suite of unique, seamless communication protocols that are easy to implement.

Private and Public Blockchains

Rich peer-to-peer architecture for secure financial and communication transactions.

Identity Management

Private and public key management to ensure added security and user privacy.

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Our Licensing Process

Skrumble’s world-class executive and development teams work with you to plan and develop the industry solution that’s right for you.

Goal Review

Analyze your business goals and development expectations to gain project understanding.


Outline how our technology can elevate your current offering to meet your objectives.


Optimize development process by utilizing Skrumble’s expertise and technology.

Technology Use Cases

Power your business with custom, secure communication technology to connect in real-time and increase your bottom-line.


Offer game-changing security to your city

Enable your security systems with video streaming and IoT device integrations.

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