Founder & Director of Creative & Communications at Six Words Communication Co., Corinne Impey, sat down with us to discuss why she chose to work with non-profit organizations and small businesses.

This is part of our original series Team Talk, where we sit down and chat with entrepreneurs and hear about their experiences working in teams and how they have overcome situations to work better together.

Founded in 2014, Six Words Communication Co. has made it their mission to help non-profits and small businesses reach their potential through strategic communication and content marketing.

The name, Six Words, was originally inspired by a challenge Ernest Hemingway created for himself to write a story using only six words. He wrote, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn”. Hemingway used only six words to highlight how clear and concise communication can truly make an impact.

We met up with Corinne in the heart of downtown Toronto at Quantum Coffee where we drank too much caffeine and talked with her about the success of her business.

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Corinne talked to us about why she chose something she was passionate about for her business and what makes it all worth while. Some key takeaways were:

  • It’s the people behind the businesses you work with that truly make your efforts worth while.
  • You can make a large impact by simply helping others achieve their goals.
  • When starting your business, don’t limit yourself with your own expectations. Instead, remain open.

Being passionate about what you are doing makes all the difference when it comes to starting your business.

It’s the difference between doing mediocre work and not feeling like you’re even doing work at all. That differentiation is what sets most businesses, and the entrepreneurs who run them, apart from the rest.

Corinne uses her passions and her business to help make an impact. Whether it’s as simple as writing a really great blog post, branding a company, or helping to ensure a message of social and environmental change is widely spread.

When you are more personally invested every step of the way, so are your employees, investors, and customers. They see your passion and the commitment you have made to making your business work and it is infectious.

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