The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?


We have a problem: We drink a lot of coffee.

Like, a lot a lot.

It has become a part of our company culture.

We meet in the kitchen in the morning to grab a coffee, pour another cup before we jump into meetings, and we casually gang up on the one person in the office who insists on drinking decaf (cough cough… you know who you are).

As a startup, I feel like it’s a pretty standard thing that we have come to accept.

Therefore, it goes without saying that our coffee machine puts in some serious over-time on a daily basis. So much so, that we had to get a second machine to help support the demand and sheer volume of our habit.

Since before our launch in February of this year, we were solely functioning on a Keurig with a variety of K-cups to choose from. Blonde and medium and dark roasts, oh my!

But as our team continues to grow, so does our love of coffee. Which means we needed to get another machine; so we recently invested in a Nespresso machine, the Vertuoline to be exact.

Now we have 2 machines that help to fuel our caffeine addictions with two totally different experiences and we are actively using both. However, now that we have had a chance to experience both, I was wondering which one our coffee lovers preferred most.

So I asked!

I started a group on Skrumble with everyone on our team, made a few jokes as per usual, and had everyone choose ‘Which Do You Prefer: Keurig or Nespresso?’

Here’s what the Skrumble team had to say:

“Nespresso wins for best tasting, frothiness, and it throws away the used pod for you. But, it only makes half a cup!” – Matt

“Nespresso FTW!!! The main reason, now we have a choice to make espresso coffee! Also an awesome feature, we can tell the machine to stop in the middle of the process. I love the coffee caps garbage collector.” – Arnaud

“Nespresso has a lot of froth, which I like, and keeps the coffee warmer. It’s science!” – Jonathan

“I love that I can experiment with Nespresso’s variety of flavours and it gives us a quick and consistent espresso every time.” – Aleksandra

“Nespresso definitely makes me feel fancy, where as Keurig is more standard. I know what to expect when I go with Keurig; Nespresso surprises me sometimes. Depends on my mood.” – Nich

“Keurig is like front-end and Nespresso is like back-end. We really need a full stack!” – Michael

And last, but not least, “For me its all about precision, which is essential to a quality coffee extraction. The Nespresso machine uses barcodes on each capsule to load settings on the fly which guarantees the exact same quality every time you use the machine. The Keurig machine simply pours hot water through grinds with no variability to ensure the right type of extraction for the beans being used. Really, it’s just a lazy kettle.” – Qasim, A very passionate coffee drinker.


Well there you have it folks, a clear winner in a battle fought boldly on both sides.

Winner: Nespresso!

I’m definitely not very surprised by the results of my curiosity. The first thing I do when I show my face at the office is make a coffee and it’s usually using the Nespresso.

So, which do you prefer?

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Author: Shelby

Hi everyone! I’m Shelby.
I got pulled into the tech scene to write content for this really cool startup, Skrumble. If I’m not typing here, you can find me refilling my coffee mug.