Cindicator is a project that is trying to merge artificial intelligence (A.I.) and human intelligence into one hybrid prediction system. Basically, the platform sends questions regarding financial and cryptocurrency markets to the people participating in this ecosystem and the answers are aggregated to help make market predictions. Those are then combined with A.I. systems that will analyze these responses and give higher weight to those that have been successful.

The Cindicator analyst pool currently includes over 150,000 analysts, including professionals, but also includes relatively new individuals to the market. In fact, you can subscribe right now and start making predictions, giving anyone the chance to monetize their knowledge of financial markets. And everyone will then get rated for the accuracy of their predictions. Those that get the best rating will receive either Ethereum or Cindicator utility tokens CND. After these analysts have given their predictions, Cindicator’s A.I. system will analyze the accuracy of these. The system will look at things, including patterns, mistakes, data, clusters, etc. This A.I. system will then combine all of this information into one sizeable predictive model. And finally, you have additional products offered by Cindicator, including the Cindicator BOT as well as crypto meter.

The Cindicator ecosystem has its utility token CND, used to pay the analysts and purchase services from Cindicator. It is an ERC 20 standard token that was built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The founders of Cindicator have experience in entrepreneurship, software development, data science and trading, to name a few. There are also some pretty high-level advisors behind it, including Anthony Di Iorio, the co-founder of Ethereum.

In terms of trading, CND tokens are listed on quite a few exchanges, but over 90% of the volume for CND tokens is currently taking place on the Binance exchange. Moreover, the daily turnover levels on the exchange books are pretty low. Both of these factors could pose a risk to the liquidity of the CND token and make it harder to execute large block orders.

To conclude, the concept of combining crowd-based wisdom with the scientific approach of A.I. is very appealing and worth our attention. It creates a unique ecosystem where analysts can put their skills to use for money, and investors can pay to use these A.I. augmented skills.

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