Making profits.

Quality assurance.

Investor relations.

Customer success.

The list goes on.

When starting and growing a business, there is a long list of priorities that you need to focus on. They cause you to have stress and sleepless nights because you are constantly worrying about reaching your goals and being a success.

Open communication within a business often takes a back seat to what may seem like more important matters.

However, how your people communicate internally and connect with your customers and other stakeholders should be at the top of every list. Your team are the people whose efforts continue to move your business forward and they need to feel confident in the methods and guidelines you have chosen for them.

workplace study reported that the causes of conflict in the office all fell under the title of poor communication methods. The issues varied from conflicting priorities, lack of communication, and a lack of understanding about the urgency of different tasks.

Everyone knows that good communication is key no matter the circumstance. So, why do some people allow it to become so lackluster in the workplace?

Even more, how do you find what communication methods work best for you and your people? How do you come together as a team with people whose methods might be different from your own?


5 steps to bring efficiency into your communication: 


  1. Figure out what efficient communication means to you.What does it look like? How can you ensure that your daily routine incorporates these communication methods? Defining the communication methods that work best for you is the first step to better collaboration and a more more productive working environment.
  1. Speak with your people.How do they like to communicate? What works best for the team as a whole? Integrating your own communication methods with how your team works will help to open the lines of communication. Your people need to be able to get in touch, be informed and work together easily. When they don’t need to worry about how they are communicating, it leaves them more time for them to get their work done. Having a daily check-in or message strand where you can discuss what everyone’s focus is on will help to allow everyone to stay on the same page.
  1. Make it part of your core values.Including efficient communication methods as one of the core values of your business shows your team that you see the value in good communication. Your team, and any prospective hires, will see that you are acknowledging how important communication is and this can help you to develop a strong company culture. This also means taking a look into tools that are available to help you communicate freely.
  1. Practice what you preach. If you are in a position where the team is looking up to you; don’t let them down. If you have made it clear that communication is important to you, lead by example and communicate with your team openly and honestly. Transparency is key for building trust within a workplace, and people have to trust one another to have real conversations. Little things like having an open-door policy is a good method to ensure that your entire team feels comfortable coming to you or even just how you filter information down through your team can help you to build trust and lead your people.
  1. Celebrate when people show good communication.When your team is communicating well, having real conversations, and things are getting done, make sure that you let them how much you appreciate their efforts. Not only does celebrating this reinforce that they are on the right track, but it gives them incentive to continue. People just want to feel like they have a purpose and like that they are doing is appreciated.

Being efficient in your communications isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s really, really hard. But if you learn more about yourself, and your team of people, the communication process you choose can be made a lot more efficient.

When communication is clear and open, the job gets done and it gets done well, and who doesn’t want to do a good job?

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Author: Shelby

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