For years, I have coped with my natural ability to repel all forms of technology.

My cell phones always seem to find water, my laptop battery randomly dies at 50%, my bread never toasts, and even when I put new batteries in a TV remote it doesn’t work.

It’s not that I don’t know how to use technology, I just don’t think it likes me all that well.

So, let’s just say that I found myself pleasantly surprised when I started working for a tech company about a year ago.

To share my new found knowledge, here is a list of 10 things I’ve learned while working for a tech startup:

1. I clear my cache.

Which I’ve learned is the less dramatic way to say that I cleared the stored data of a browser or an app. This helps to make everything work faster which in turn, makes me a whole lot happier because I have zero patience when things don’t load quickly. I’m a millennial, it’s pretty much in our DNA.

2. I know what UI and UX means. 

UI, or the user interface, is just the fancy way of talking about how users connect with an app or website, what they see, and how they interact with the software. Whereas the UX, or user experience, is more about the appearance of the site or app, the content of the UI and the response time of stuff.

3. I found out what coding is.

Before when I would think of coding, I thought it was just typing out a bunch of 1s and 0s. While I wasn’t totally wrong, I quickly discovered it’s so much more; it’s pretty much a completely different language. To put it really simply, it’s a language that gets typed out in order to translate instructions to a computer. There are a bunch of different languages depending on what you’re coding like JavaScript, Angular, JSON, Ruby, and Python that are used for creating websites, apps, and software.

4. I learned the difference between front-end and back-end developers.

Front-end is pretty much programming the interface so that the functions work properly. This means they work on analyzing code, design, and fix the bugs to better the user experience. Back-end is more on the server side, so they get to write a lot of code and worry about how the site or app works. To the Skrumble Dev Team, that’s right, I figured out what you do!

5. Which also means, I learned there are these crazy people who do both.

That’s called Full Stack.

6. I understand the meaning of a million abbreviations.

It’s very easy to get lost in a conversation when people talk in ‘abbrevs’, and I don’t just mean the LOL, OMG, and IDK basics. I’m talking about SaaS, UCaaS, PSTN, cloud PBX, HTTP, HTML, P2P, VoIP, and so many more. Before working for a tech startup, I had never even heard of these, but now I use some of them on a regular basis.

7. I found out how LIT the tech scene is in Toronto.

Everybody is talking about it! PwC named Toronto and the Kitchener/Waterloo area as the tech hub of the North. Companies are opening up shop here because the talent is amazing and the cost is cheaper. There are even tons of events in Toronto with the purpose of connecting people in the tech world and creating awareness of the amazing things people are doing. I had no idea that I would became part of a much larger community that is so supportive of one another.

8. I realized how incredible technology can be.

There are some insanely cool things happening with technology right now. From what Instagram is doing for branding on social media to what we are doing here at Skrumble HQ with growing online communities to the advances in AI like the new Amazon Go grocery store. I have a new found appreciation for innovations like these because I’ve had the opportunity to witness what goes on behind the scenes of something ground breaking.

9. I recognized the significance of company culture.

When people think of businesses with a great company culture, I feel like they always bring up Google. Stories of the Google office are so wide spread they have become legend for ping pong tables, nap pods, and unlimited vacation days. But I don’t think those perks of the job translate well into a company culture. To me, a company culture grows from the open communication of every group member and is nurtured by the relationships that begin to form. It’s all about having great people around that you want with you along the journey.

10. I drank the tech juice.

Tech and I might not be best friends, but I’ve decided we can at least be civil because I really enjoy being part of a tech startup. There’s always something new happening. It’s like an idea factory up in here and anything is possible. Everyone on the team supports one another and has the opportunity to work on things they are passionate about because there are no limits to what we can do. I think that’s an extraordinary vibe to be around every day and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Skrumble.

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Author: Shelby

Hi everyone! I’m Shelby.
I got pulled into the tech scene to write content for this really cool startup, Skrumble. If I’m not typing here, you can find me refilling my coffee mug.